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  1. Mass combat rules

    Pendragon has also had various versions of Mass Combat. The Boy King has a good one that I quite like, as does the Book of Battle. They are different but each is fun in its own right. The Boy King one had the army commanders chip away at each other's Army Value while also tracking the fate to the PCs. The Book of Battle is more focused on the PCs and requires tactical choices each round, the results of which affect the outcome of the Battle. Slightly different mechanic but transferable.
  2. Mass combat rules

    Mythras has Ships & Shield Walls.
  3. LIteracy

    Yes. Setting is important. I suppose I my original question was really setting specific. In 15th - 16th C Italy, for example, should Gentry and higher get Literacy as a free skill? I would say yes but maybe only at half base value (Intx2). In general in play, I wouldn't roll Literacy much. If you can read you can read. Perhaps one might roll for particularly dense texts or to glean some subtle piece of information that isn't obvious from a first read. One thing I think is useful, is to set some bench marks. CoC and old BRP stuff used to have some basic benchmarks for skills. Something like: 25%+: Capable. You can read standard stuff. Don't need to roll for most stuff. High school education. 50%: Base professional level. You're a good writer and can read technical stuff at a low level. Professional scribe. College level education in the field. 75%: Skilled professional. PhD or literary professional. Experience scribe, high level. 90%: Master. Or something like that. NT
  4. Bronze Chainmail

    My only rather lame point being that Marius' Mules were iron age, not bronze age. So, not an example of bronze chain mail. I would remove chain mail for a more bronze age feel, if that is what you want, YGMV.
  5. Bronze Chainmail

    Yes. But they would be using iron, not bronze.
  6. LIteracy

    How do you treat literacy in your games? For example, in a non-automatically-literate setting, would you allow it as a Lore Skill during chargen? Or, only as a Hobby Skill for those characters with professions w/o access? Would you allow it as automatic for some social classes? For example, a 15th or 16th century Gentry higher character might be expected to be literate in the real world. Is such a setting would make a noble character buy Literacy or just automatically have it? Just curious.
  7. 16th century Europe campaign

    In general I like the ideas. However, I would suggest that Marozzo (1536?) the Dardi school more appropriate for a 16th century setting than dei Liberi (1409). I've always been a bit mixed on combining ranged and melee weapons into one weapon style. Just doesn't seem that being a good crossbowman would also lead to being good with a short sword. YMMV.
  8. What setting licence should Mythras get

    RE Mythic Greece. You also have multiple, very different time periods to deal with. Homeric (~bronze age) Greece is not the same as the Persian wars in terms culture, political systems, military technology, war, etc. I would love a Mythic Greece set in a Homeric Greece. Happen to be re-reading the Odyssey at the moment. Fantastic read in the Lattimore translation. I was just reminiscing about Star Frontiers recently. In reality, you could just play Mythras out of the box for SF pretty easily. Use the old books for flavor.
  9. What setting licence should Mythras get

    Star Frontiers...always liked that setting.
  10. Strike Ranks in RQ2 and RQ3

    In Briefe, Pendragon wraps everything up into one roll (well two). The combatants don't take turns. Each round both fighters roll at the same time, and there is no initiative. Pendragon uses d20s and skills will be something like 'Sword 16'. Like RQ, armor reduces damage. If you roll higher than your opponent, but under your weapon skill, you Win and score a Success and roll damage against your opponent. If you roll your weapon skill or less, but lower than your successful opponent, you lose but score a Partial Success, which allows you to add your shield armor points to your total armor points (Shield Bonus). If you roll over your weapon skill you fail. If your opponent was successful, he/she hits and you do not get your Shield Bonus. NT
  11. What setting licence should Mythras get

    I would also do the Black Company!

    Yeah. I went in on the Kickstarter. I always liked WHFRP2. Zweihander looks fun. Can't wait.
  13. My Maps and art work.

    Yes. Should look nice.
  14. My Maps and art work.

    Very true. I couldn't understand how he was going to use a lump of beef to make an axe or whatever.
  15. What setting licence should Mythras get

    There is a BRP Pirates product, which I have. Pretty good. Dune would be awesome. I wouldn't mind Talislanta with Mythras mechanics. Could be quite fun. NT