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  1. 4th Edition was a mess from my perspective, in many ways. Too much of a video game on paper.
  2. True. The bonus of level-based systems is, of course, that you can keep everyone's power levels similar. You can throw some light damage fire spells around at single targets in DnD at low levels, but Fire Ball is a higher level spell. I do think that 5E is pretty well designed in that way. Certain classes can be pretty powerful under certain circumstances, but that just means you have to think a little. I played a bit of 5E with a Barbarian. He was a total tank in melee...unless you stayed away from him and only attacked every other round, which meant he would lose his advantages from R
  3. Sorry...the 35% chance of doing damage above isn't right. It is more like ~50%, but you get the idea.
  4. It is possible that I don't really understand the Mythras sorcery rules (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, which is frequently), but it is useful to consider the whole casting process. I also understand that you are not using Mythras, per se. I also understand wanting to tailor the magic to your preferences. Perfectly reasonable. However, Assume a beginning caster with Invocation 70%, Intensity 7 and Shaping 7, for simplicity. Wrack = with extended range and targets to create a Fire Ball like effect: Range ~15 m = 1 point shaping, 1 MP Targets 4 = 3 points shap
  5. Ah yes. I see what you mean. I suppose it all depends on how common and powerful you want magic in your world. Changing the casting costs is an easy approach. You could also increase the rate of recovery so that wizards would get 'winded' during a fight but recover quickly for the next. One of the things I do like about 5E is the cantrips - relatively small spells that you can use all the time. The damage spells are good but do less damage than a weapon because you don't get a damage bonus. The cantrips are obviously specific to a high, common magic setting with powerful wizards and
  6. Or perhaps Wrack combined Palsy for Ray of Frost...
  7. Fireball is just Wrack with the fire damage and Shaping spent on range and # of targets. Many of the spells can just be re-skinned this way. Ray of Frost is just Wrack with ice damage and one target. However, I understand your comment. There is a certain flavor provided by having the spell description in the book.
  8. Talislanta is one of my favorite games/settings . I have often thought of a BRP version. I think the Mythras rules would work quite well. I would certainly buy a Talislata-BRP conversion. As for DnD, I think 5E is a very well done game if you want larger than life heroes etc. If you like that style, it is great. My preference for the BRP-family is more a question of setting and style than broken rules. BRP tends to be a bit more real-world where a dagger can actually kill you in one round.
  9. For Arthurian knights, you cannot do better than Pendragon. However, if you don't want to play a knight, you don't have many options. Pendragon has several advantages: (1) An 80+ year campaign (Great Pendragon Campaign) setting the PKs within the Arthurian time line. Fight the major battles; witness the great events. (2) Explore what type of knight you are based on your traits. Are you Just or Arbitrary? Lustful or Chaste? A Huntsman or Courtier? The trait system leads to adventure choices that define your knight. Are you Just (kill your opponent in a duel to the death) or Merciful
  10. My experience from fencing (Italian sabre) for the last few years is that Initiative doesn't really exist the way we model it in games. Of course, in the game, we need to order actions some how. But in my experience, some one decides to attack. The first attack is just a set up to draw a specific reaction (parry, riposte), then a counter riposte etc. It is more strategy than speed. Games like The Riddle of Steel or Burning Wheel do combat more along these lines. Pendragon has no initiative and just opposed weapon skill rolls. As for action points (in BRP or Mythras), I think they shou
  11. Re the original question, I'm for both modern place names and older ones where relevant. I don't really care which comes first, as long as both are there. The modern place names just make it easier to locate place on a map and are more intuitive in terms of my mental understanding of geography. I absolutely hate having to look through the appendices of BoEstate, BoWarlord etc to figure out the modern name of some location so that I can figure out where it is. If I were writing the game, I'd base the core rule book and most other stuff off of Malory, which is familiar to most people.
  12. Ah. OK. I don't have CF.
  13. I agree. For one, if the hunt is organized as a chase, you should chase. The knight doesn't get to alter the "rules" of the hunt. I think we all agree that (at least in KAP) they would never use them in battle or against another knight. However, the idea that a knight would never touch a crossbow or have no knowledge of archery doesn't work for me. RE Gaston, it is often noted that if one is railing against an activity...it probably means people are doing it! Apart from hunting, the Pope outlawed crossbows for use against Christians, but plenty of soldiers still used them and kings
  14. When he and Isolt are living the Cave of Lovers, he certainly uses hound and bow to hunt for food, although apparently it wasn't necessary as he and Isolt were sustained by love (how nice). Certainly, going Dagger-a-Tusk with a boar is more Valorous, but I think the point is that the text implies that knights (or at least Tristan) were perfectly comfortable owning and using bows for hunting. Again, knights would never deign to fight with them, but hunting is just fine. Plus, in most cases, the hunt is going to be a big event, and the lord is going to decide what type of hunt is conducted ea
  15. I think it would be +30%. +15 from their cultural skills and +15 from the bonus points. Could be wrong.
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