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  1. God Forgot people's dead god is really Genert, not Malkion. They were Earth-worshiping Logic people, and now pretend brithni. Zistor was just a effort to reconstruct Genert. Unfortunately, machine was not solution.
  2. Very impressive. But I cannot go to Gencon... I hope there will be a preorder preview version like Shards of the Broken Sky of Pelgrane press(another 5 years-waiting book).
  3. I'm somewhat tired of waiting for GGoG... Of course, I'll wait again next year or next-next year. Already waited over 5 years. But if I had GGoG preview copy, I woud have waited more happily. Has anyone a extra copy and sell me it?
  4. Fonritian pantheon and Artmal. Regional variants of Orlanth. Many Arkats.
  5. There isn't Pure Horse Tongue(and Pentan?) on Languages of Dragon Pass art at p.172.
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