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  1. I did contemplate at one point of making CoC magic the force, just to make crossovers with Star wars easier. Could be kind of fun.....
  2. I would love to see a new version, fully embrace the multiverse, and various settings etc. We do not need all the gods statted up, like Agak etc, which is pretty pointless. Their abilities are whatever the GM needs them to be at the time. Oh..and some decent art.
  3. That is actually quite interesting to be honest, and actually to some extent psychic powers from the Pliocene Saga, where they have psychic programs IIRC. Plus we have the below from Doctor Who- https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/Magic https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/Block_Transfer_Computation https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/Quantum_mnemonics Not sure if that helps with any ideas or not? It is always interesting to see opinions on how CoC 'magic' works, and see what good ideas other people have.
  4. It does kind of depend. If the enemy is right there then you are not putting any armour on. But if they are a couple of minutes away you can handwave it. Well I would anyway.
  5. But as a whole it doesn't really matter then. I mean this is a hobby, not live re-enactment, so there is only so much realism required tbh.
  6. Thing is you are in a cinematic world of high magic. So really does it actually matter?
  7. I believe this was how magic worked in Mongoose RQ I actually....plus Gumshoe Rough Magick did mention this as one option. But how do you envision the alien science working? How does casting a spell translate to effect?
  8. Forget the lore, it just has the rules needed to play a Magic World type of game. Or just go Mythras core and Mythras Companion and go from there. You could even make your own world up.
  9. Are not a lot of Magic World type stuff covered in the recent Runequest releases? That is essentially a magic world esque environment; or use Mythras, which also has Pulp and Paragon rules.
  10. Okay so you see a lot of Lovecraft based fiction, and rpg's, and they mention magic, but never actually what it is or how it works. So how do you describe, or how does it work within your CoC games? Discuss.
  11. Well hello Captain Obvious! It is about making a cohesive, structured world, and having magic split like that makes absolutely no sense.
  12. Thing is magic is magic, just the source is different. So have the power of the clerical spells be 10% of Pact skill. So someone with a high level, say 90% is calling down some serious heavenly power. Those with lower levels can call on less. so mages have Shaping, clerics have Pact. All other classes are essentially using Heroic abilities to boost their abilities, or gaining access to Folk magic.
  13. This puppy https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/206774/The-Grand-Grimoire-of-Cthulhu-Mythos-Magic
  14. Cold Fire has only two powers, but it is a while since I read it - it being mainly an adventure. Actually, know what, in hindsight I was being rather stupid - why not use Achtung Cthulhu - Elder Godlike, which incorporates super powers in Cthulhu? That may be the best way to showcase pulp stuff?
  15. Yeah i[ have never seen the point in this - magic is well magic; just the source may be different. So to use the example from PF Deep Magic, mages are using Vril, while Clerics have a divine source. But the spells remain the same.
  16. Yeah I was going to do exactly this. You could nick some Heroic abilities from Legend, such as tireless for those that can run for a whole day, or wall walking if you wanted? Or just co-opt advantages from Cinematic Unisystem, or Chronicles of Darkness, e.g. Danger Sense, Dark Vision that kind of stuff.
  17. I would have given most Pulp characters stats from 12-15, and then to use Mythras parlance Paragon characters (Batman etc) would be from 15-20. But then again, for a Pulp game I am not so interested in stats and would just give a media example of the type of character being played and let the player have fun. We all want Indy to use the Ark of Covenant and blast Cthulhu in the face with it. Honestly, for some pulp stuff for characters like the Phantom I would certainly look at Con-X Paranormal Sourcebook for various things like Telepathic illusion and that kind of thing - unless you are u
  18. This sounds pretty fun actually. I have certainly found that with Amber / Lords of Gossamer, that the game is very Magic the Gathering in nature, such that the players are travelling the multiverse seeking fun, fame, profit -and of course power (unlimited POWA!). So having them use both swords and a phaser works quite well as the laws of physics change in each adventure. Currently toying with combining M&M and LoG stuff to create a Supers across the multiverse type game at some point. i think you absolutely should indulge creativity, but in your second comment you are right
  19. I never saw the need to have magic separated into arcane, divine etc, DnD doesn't. The spells are identical, just the source is different. It would be easier to assign a level to the type of deity, then make the intensity / magnitude be based on 10% (could be more) on Pact skill.
  20. This underlies some of the importance of communication to be honest. Or the great idea above is having one as a simultion. Have them as different universes, working under different laws. Perhaps Runequest is part of the Realm of Dreams, connected to the Dreamlands? Grand Grimoire includes such an idea. The main thing is indulge your creativity, ensure everyone has fun!
  21. What Mythras does not have, that older RQ & Legend had, was Heroic Abilities. Fireball the hero with a decent heroic ability (Black Waltz), which he may well use to dodge then shove his sword through your face. These made for a great equaliser, and in conjunction with Gifts could easily cover all the basic abilities from DnD / PF classes. The other thing BRP needs is a more intuitive magic system. So if a magic-user has fire control, or the more powerful fire manipulation - anything they do with it would be subject to shaping rules. So if they want to make a fire shield, they shape
  22. Awesome, that sounds like a hoot.
  23. Look forward to seeing it when it comes out Mike.
  24. If you have one set of timelines running on magic, and others running through science, it is not being MADE to fit at all. Then just have higher planes residing over both of them (like in Elric). In fact this idea was in Champions: Mystic World, M&M, Age: Threefold. It is a very easy way to solve the problem. And that is kind of a problem....as it is utterly lacking in imagination
  25. You are right about Hero Designer, it is simply too expensive to shell out on a friggin' hobby, another example of overly expensive was Invisible Sun. M&M does have some good parts in there, I do like the cosmology, in that it helped me put my own together following some of the ideas in their books. There is some good community in M&M Discord, one thing I do like is that one of the Power Level X villains is basically called Quirk, in essence their own Q Continuum expy (kind of made me chuckle). My only gripe with BRP is lethality, such that I am tending to go freeform, and al
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