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  1. Glad I mentioned this then, I will snag this today methinks 😀😀
  2. Hi all, i was looking on drivethru today and came across this. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/324775/APOCTHULHU-RPG-Core-Rules Has anyone got this yet? What were your thoughts etc?
  3. I will only agree to that if we include Mythos Lore: Evil Bastards Honey Badgers
  4. That is why I prefer Pulp Cthulhu, far more fun. Lol
  5. Never saw the point in that to be honest. Playing the victim gets really old, real fast. It is okay now, and again, but long term boring AF.
  6. Just have a Mythos: Lore (General) skill, then have another one: Mythos: Lore (Old Ones), Mythos: Lore (Aliens) etc. Is that what you had in mind? So if someone read a book on Mythos Lore (Abhumans) they would only get mythos knowledge related to them, and whatever may have been detailed without dealings without outside agencies, e.g. skirmishes with Migo, or whatever. But it would be very limited knowledge.
  7. This bit is easy to get around, use Pulp Cthulhu, players are essentially Indiana Jones - punching Deep Ones in the face then running them over. Plus if you want a multiverse spanning CoC / Million Spheres type adventure - and I did mention this years ago. But Cthulhu does not need to be same beast in every universe. In some he would be a space alien, in others more akin to a god (Into the Void), but when all is said and done, in a full Million spheres adventure, he is from a higher dimension, and could easily be Pyray's brother. For each different set of timelines, have magic work in a p
  8. Thanks for that, it is brilliant. To be honest, there doesn't need to be Great Old Ones, but as we're looking at Lovecraft through an Aquelarre lens, so we're kind of looking at utterly inhuman angels like we see in the OT.
  9. Before I start this, as this is Aqurlarre inspired we are technically talking active religions, so to anyone who is actively worshipping this is not meant to offend. With that said (in the words of Khan), Let us begin. I am currently reading through this and not only am I pleasantly surprised, but also how easily you could run a Lovecraft type rpg through the Aquelarre lens. There are so many angels statted up, many of whom would be Earth's feeble gods. Plus it has exactly the right feel to run a Robin of Sherwood campaign too. The setting is perfect, and so too is the magic. Th
  10. You are right about film Highlander, unless you make it some alternate universe, kind of why, as we all know, the series continued and called the film a Mini-Gathering or something. Then we have contradiction between book, film and series. In the former immortals were covered in scars Oliver Queen style; film was implied to heal from all wounds, and in the series we know that body parts do not grow back. But yeah, millennia old immortals would outclass all other swordsman, which is okay, and I guess this was shown in H4 with both Macleods soundly trashing half a dozen others without effort. I
  11. Highlander is just problematical to be honest, like we agree and makes it difficult. Working together, various mechanics is too much headache. On a side note, I did start writing a story, it would have been a crossover (B5, Highlander and Trek) where an immortal was on Vulca chopping wood, only to encounter a Vorlon where they had a rather heated conversation. Never did finish it. It was why I wanted to go Man of Earth type idea, players have no reason to kill one another, and the fact that historical figures could be alive today is super cool. In Holocene Man John actually says that Budd
  12. I am actually quite looking froward to doing this over the next few months, or so. If I did do Highlander, it would be closer to the series. Those seen in the film are too powerful. But it would be with a twist, the elder gods obliterated an Old One, body, and soul - the latter of which shattered, spread across the Earth, in space and time. The shards are embedded in humans, creating immortals. Now the reason they seek to battle, is to unite and form the old one again. Trouble is it would require some form of beheading quickening mechanic, and I cannot be overly bothered. So as to im
  13. I was just thinking about Pendragon, then another idea occurred to me, I could also run an arc in Robin of Sherwood too. To be honest this is very much inspired by the Old Guard film (& Highlander to some extent), if anyone has seen it on Netflix?
  14. I have 7e Invictus, and the updated Dark ages.
  15. Darn it, that is one game I do not have. Any others?
  16. They will be travelling through time sequentially, although there will be time skips - obviously. The eras are only important in that there is stuff written for them, and have material that I can use to create a story arc for the players to use. And yeah it will be used to illustrate immortality and they have lived in different times and places. The players are just human immortals - although the mechanics, or rather the template, is still work-in-progress. To be honest my only worry was insanity-, but then being immortal would involve a certain of insanity by default - whether
  17. Thanks, but that is not what I am after. I am after Str X can lift weight A etc. I know it was in one of the books, but now I am looking for it I cannot find the darn thing. lol
  18. Okay so essentially my idea is that the characters are immortals travelling through the ages. The first time period would be obviously be Rome, likely followed by the Dark Ages.
  19. Is there a lifting chart anywhere in one of the books somewhere? If so, what page?
  20. What kind of archetypes would work do you think?
  21. I have both of the above actually. But would you create new Cinematic / Pulp templates or just use the ones from Pulp?
  22. Hi Folks, If you were to run one in Rome using Pulp Cthulhu as a base - would you just use the Archetypes etc in there or make your own for an RP set in Rome? Just cannot decide how much work to put in at the moment, so your thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.
  23. Looks solid enough from the full preview on Drivethru - may well put this on my list.
  24. Top banana that is what #i was after 😀
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