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  1. I want, and have just put this puppy in my basket. Mmmm...i suspect I will be running a CoC campaign fairly shortly and I know exactly what to do with it. Are there any Rome CoC guides?
  2. What is Aquelarra? Never heard of this of product.
  3. This is such a good book, and briefly mentioned it on RPG.net. I love how the gods did not really have stats, and those stat blocks that do appear are more geared towards it being an avatar, and not the actual being. I would really love to get the hardbacks, but just lack the space nowadays. As an aside, i really do prefer the brown paper background instead of plain white. Good job Chaosuim.
  4. Where does it say in the Chaosium version that they are humans with past lives? i thought it stated that the Kaim were incorporeal beings forced to possess humans, and have an anchor in order to prevent discorporation or something?
  5. 1. I called you stupid because you totally ignored evidence from a feat thread full of Lovecraft quotes calling it fan fiction. 2. There is no canon policy for Doctor Who I'm afraid. Literally none, of any kind. Now if you have your own 'head' canon like I do, that being Tv and EU as being totally different. 3. Lots of things in Trek are things man was not meant to know, and seem blatantly supernatural - we have Organians, various weird energy beings or sentient parts of space, Douwd - all of which accomplish various actions without technology. Plus we have psychic powers too add on
  6. Rubbish. I have very patiently tried to explain my point of view, and no I do not need 'get a clue.' You finally have it, hooray! You can call them Old Ones, Lords of chaos or order -you just don't need to use the same names. In some cases you can get away with an expy. This particular story had nothing to do with Elric - it just so happened a Lord of Chaos, and servant of Shuma Gorath was called Arioch. They didn't it is part of EU Lore. Star Trek universe may be rational, and in many ways is the same, in principle to Call of Cthulhu. It has things that man was
  7. Rubbish - you are confusing game system with feel of the game. They are not the same thing, stop doing this! Unless you are going to be able to bench press 800 pounds, and be 6'8" then this is just dumb. Make it a trait modifier to whatever stat you want. You don't need a stat for it. If you are doing a multiverse game, unless it takes in account different types of settings it is worthless garbage! DC has done it. The fictional book Transmigration of Souls did it. Doctor Who has done it. On the grounds my previous post said Legend - Glorantha is not rel
  8. Well not really, it uses D100 BRP system AFAIK. Not sure if you being genuine here or not? Stats are direct measures of things, strength, dexterity, endurance, things that cannot be role played. Charisma can be. Not technically before you jump in here and go well appearance cannot be role played either. Who actually really cares about it? Sorcerers tend to use two stats though don't they? WP and Int. Sweet Jesus! It is called role playing for a reason! If you want to practice sword fighting or boxing go down your local gym or dojo. It absolutely can. But as a w
  9. How crunchy or simple will this be?
  10. RogerDee

    Sabre rpg

    Not sure if this is something you need to address, but it does state about using part of Mythras engine in the blurb still. But yeah can post thus elsewhere on this site if need be.
  11. Just because another engine runs it, it does not cease to be Stormbringer. I can put a VW engine in a Porsche. It still has the chassis, tyres, windows, engine making it a Porsche! Again, it does not need to be a stat, it can be a trait - nothing more than that. As to using this it affected category modifiers - you can easily add that if need be. Doesn't matter, use WP instead. Easy peasy. Using the analogy of role playing sword fights is a little silly mate. Charisma can just be a trait again, and use WP. to create a modifier. That is exactly what I would do. I
  12. RogerDee

    Sabre rpg

    This is a great new rpg based upon Mythras. It has some wonderful art, and special talents which are clearly influenced by Savage Worlds Edges. I consider it a great addition to the family. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/305892/Sabre-RPG-2e-Fantasy-Basic The basic fantasy version is completely free, although the full versions are not all that expensive, so if you wanted to expand your Mythras game, this could be the extras you want. Thoroughly recommend this.
  13. Pulp Cthulhu as already been mentioned. New Malleus Monstrorum which was discussed on RPG.net. Recommend Grimoire, as it all the spells in one place. And Cthulhu Horrors is great too.
  14. Didn't Runequest or one of the D100 engines also have point buy, fairly sure they did.... Anyhow, look at Revolution dropping Siz, pointless attribute and not relevant and replaced with Build now. App is a nothing attribute either really, and can be covered in traits. Cha - well this is irrelevant too, as how well you come across is symptomatic of how you role play. And should it come to contest, a simple WP would cover that, or skill in oratory. The skills levels are as you mentioned, to demonstrate % levels in skills, just removes the in between values, and yes to streamline charg
  15. What is not BRP for you anymore in this?
  16. Honestly, why make it all super difficult with tons of skills etc? It just needs to be points build, all the way. Stats, trim them down you only need: Str, End, Dex / Reflexes, Willpower Then have players pick certain traits, positive and negative which add or subtract from certain things. Skills, well this is easy, players can pick them via professions, depending upon the setting; e.g space opera, fantasy etc. So for fantasy you can have Monk, Assassin etc, make it easy and fast. Anything extra can picked up and call it Knowledge , e.g. Physics, Chemistry etc. Both of thes
  17. 1. Yeah, it is a good book, but unfortunately it is a mish-mash of stuff and needs to be brought under one umbrella / centralised theme. What I mean is this - we have the Black Oil from X-Files, the Engineers (and their black oil stuff), and Shoggoths. It would have made internal sense to tie them together in some way. 2. Say the Elder Things found a pool of black goo containing complex DNA & RNA strands that would be easy to modify. Say one hundred million years later the Engineers found it too,and experimented upon it. First thing they did was create weaponised servants (black oil X
  18. As a stand in you could always use some of the stuff from Elric with the varying levels of dream.
  19. @Mike M and I have a few good ideas how a Lovecraft multiverse could work too.
  20. I think because rpg.net would get more responses, allowing it to be posted here. A Cthulhu multiverse setting book would be great 😀
  21. @Mike M Not sure if anyone at Chaosium saw this in rpg.net. https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/call-of-cthulhu-wishlist.865608/ But yeah, more Pulp for 7e please.
  22. Wouldn't we all lol Yeah, LF vamps make more sense tbh, and fit better. Plus the physics is bit screwy when talking about other universes.
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