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  1. Okay having had a quick read through, I can see a few problems such that the author tried to cram as much in as possible, without thinking about effects. Now instead of using normal vampires, they would have been better using the Nioth Kiorgi - which were essentially the vampires from Lifeforce. Same too goes for the demons and angels etc, draw upon a more Babylon 5 approach as we see a supposed demon in one of the additional tales which would have worked better.
  2. There seemed to be bits and pieces from Eldritch Skies in there too. Looks pretty good actually, all the grim sci-fi franchises together. My curious thought is why do demons, or fallen angels from the God-Machine (CoD) like Lucifer have the same POW to Outer Gods? EDIT: Unless it is using the power levels from Raiders.....
  3. You're missing the point, OCR is how it is scanned, not how they produced it. What you're aiming at, is that the French have not produced it in pdf - which nowadays seems to be a rare thing.
  4. The Chaosium version was okay but once you start reading the French stuff you see how much better it really is. So i really hope they do.
  5. 4th Edition had a Selenim, Ar-kaim and normal Neph books as I acquired pdf French copies. None of which were not OCR - thus making translation rather painstaking. Why can't they do OCR? as it means I could at least use Google translate too aid. sorry had to have a slight rant there 😀 Do you have a link for Neph Legends? You did not say how they combined both Highlander and Neph btw?
  6. Honestly i would certainly incorporate Champions Mystic World, which is essentially similar to the realms from Gurps Cabal, just more detailed. Next I would certainly think about including Grand Grimoire for 7e, for magic, and perhaps, even Cthulhu Pulp to make the characters more cinematic, and interesting. As I am thinking about incorporating Nephilim, as well as Everlasting Davea (Supernatural Pagan deities are a carbon copy really), and Highlander into a Buffy type environment - I certainly want different kinds of Nephilim. So the Highlander immortals would essentially be em
  7. There was the 4e, 20th anniv version: https://rpggeek.com/rpg/24724/nephilim-20e-anniversaire I absolutely love the French edition and started to translate it myself. This was when I was between jobs for about 6 months, but then I got another job and had no time to continue the project. Who do the French have the best ideas for rpg's? And also develop the lines in the most neat ways. I would love to get a translation of Trinities as well as Nephilim. How do they combine both Highlander and Nephilim in Trinities?
  8. Do you have a link or more information on this one? Yeah I think I vaguely remember that, wasn't it rpg.net? I have said it before, and will say it again, we desperately need a full translation of the 4th edition which could bespoke into system of choice.
  9. My thoughts was that you could actually have the Mythos be both universal and multiversal. Some versions of Cthulhu could be advanced space aliens, akin to those seen in Star Trek, Babylon 5, Halo etc. In the same way I would make the lords of the higher worlds being of pure energy, but split into various factions, one being order, another chaos, and another the void. Within this there are various different beings, some of which could be called Elder gods, Eternals (Doctor Who), hell you could even have something akin to the Endless from Dc comics if you wanted. My plan was to
  10. Interestingly when Elric draws runes they seem to flow into other dimensions beyond sight, so it all smacks of eldritch magic. I agree, and on the cosmology side that would make perfect sense really. Oddly, from looking at the Great Ones, Karakal and Karatal seem identical to me. Plus we have animal gods (not the ones from Egyptian mythology) but deities that are the animal in all its forms. To me, and this may be controversial, I would relegate Yig to being Lord of Reptiles or something like that (I know one in mentioned) but there is no reason there could not be both? As such Yi
  11. Has anyone tried to put the two together? How did you manage it? Howe did you work out the deities and the cosmology?
  12. New & old stuff, usually Drivethru although I am sure it is may out there...somewhere.
  13. Coolio, still slowly digesting Revolution but slow going due to work and exercise are killing me.(in that order). It is good know tthis is included though.
  14. If you wanted to add extra bits to it you could adopt Gumshoe's skill improvement system where once you reach (8?) in a skill you can pick a set of special abilities. This would allow you to incorporate arete from BRP Advanced Magic. So for evel x% after 75% you can pick a particular arete ability, e.g. Oliver Queen shooting three arrows at once.
  15. Firstly Heroquest is just period for a narrative game, so just switch it to Diceless. Secondly, Torg Eternity, is not great. There is some good stuff for it, but the original game was better. But it is a good addition to an old game, and it even has Torg Paratime which is essentially a massive alt. version what if a particular event happened (modeled after someone else's game).
  16. That is one of those situations where common sense should take over though. Anyone with a ranged attack should attack first if outside of 21 feet.
  17. I did find Ninja Crusade in French on D-thru. I presume this is the same item?
  18. Thanks that is great. Only because I know what some of the players are like, and what kind of things they will ask for. I will digest this in detail shortly.
  19. I have only just purchased from Drivethru (had about a month) but work been hectic so no chance to read until this weekend. Are the rules on stunts and stuff really easy to understand so that others without the rules can understand? It will be a PbP game, so I need to be able yo use simple explanations, and tables to get the stuff across. Wanting to do an Elric type RPG so figured an engine that can simulate higher powers useful.
  20. Are there simple rules for creating something like Iron Man armour as an example? Or for creating science fiction armour that is highly resistant to damage?
  21. Is this still available on Drivethru as i cannot see it, anywhere. Unless I am missing something?
  22. Yes it would. In fact there was a series based upon that fact, Myth series of books. There was a scaly 'demon' called Aahz that was in fact an inhabitant of another universe. They could be summoned and although not supernatural, were treated as demons.
  23. in actual fact I am playing with just using combined D100 stuff to create an Elric setting. So i got to thinking how it would relate if i used examples from media. Ancient Ones which I called Deiwos could easily be Tolkien Maiar Olympians from HPL story could easily be Xena-verse gods. Jinn could easily be Supernatural Pagan gods. Mythras gods could easily have been Tolkien Valar before becoming corporeal, at which point they could easily be Clash of the Titan Olympian or Buffy-verse Old Ones. These are all termed Lesser Ones. Greater Ones included Elric's Lords o
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