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  1. In modern comics she is almost as powerful as Superman, and like Shazam is powered by magic.
  2. Already working on something. It has a lot of copy-pasta stuff that I have nicked, that will be re-written at some point.
  3. You asked if he could flay Mr Blobby right?
  4. Behold the true terror, the true Lord of the Sith. He should be feared, the most powerful dark lord that all try to emulate from Voldermort to Morgoth. Next his power all are insignificant and should tremble before him. Notice how all Sith Lords attempt to copy his yellow eyes
  5. You're not relying on primary source material, you're ignoring some in-universe evidence. A photon torpedo destroys and asteroid and we can know what it is made of, or its size we can determine yield required. We see part of a city destroyed and we know the size, see a crater we can determine some of the effects. We know the size of something moved by a tractor beam, and composition it would allow us to work out its capabilities.
  6. We can calc yield based upon visuals, what we know of objects being destroyed. For instance their density, mass etc. You're relying purely on one source when a plethora exist. Don't limit yourself that way. Use everything at your disposal.
  7. Feat threads use stuff from canon sources, upon which to drawn a conclusion Right and this tells us a whole lot about the technology involved. That they really are not flying very fast, and yes your are spot on about Lucas making a decision to have dog fights taking place that mimic WW2 stuff. If you want a real laugh go look at the Phantom Menace fight with the Gungans and the Droids. A blaster beam bounces off the ground and hits something. Does this mean that blasters do that? Heaven's no. It was an effect fail, but a funny one. Yes, but usually it is enough that we can
  8. This is indeed true, but considering Hakwmoon is set in the future, Earth post cataclysm, the likelihood is that it isn't. Feat threads on the internet where the stars were described as light, or something like that. I'd have to find it. True, but for this to work, again we need to have some conceits. If anything, Moorcock's cosmology is paralleled in current DC Cosmology, with the Sphere of the Gods. There are tiers and levels, but essentially, ranks within the Lords of the Higher Worlds. This is a strawman argument, yet again. At this minute you're hitting the straw d
  9. This is true. But if we're actually doing an multiverse Elric game, then we have to maintain the conceit that they do. We know that in LoTR that the stars are not really stars. So we know as a fact that they are not more powerful. Feats from the series tell us this. Now if i was evil, as i am also including the Mythos I might make Eru, Nyarly or Azathoth. Also true. But Lords of Chaos or Order can be made. This is actually false. Sure some of the stuff breaks physics, but that does not mean it all does. And what we can see, can calc'd. Star Trek may have lots of things
  10. D'know what is even worse? Arioch is a servant of Shuma-Gorath.
  11. It was purely done from a narrative perspective, or some very form of simplified game angle.
  12. I referred to whether Law or Chaos was dominant one or more posts back as to whether SB had any powers. Also immovable object vs unstoppable force; we're not playing friggin' Exalted. It is reasonably easy to resolve.....now if you wanted to make it complicated then we could go this route. Are the Valar Lords of Chaos or Order in disguise? Now that would really throw a cosmic monkey spanner in the old theories Personally, i wouldn't go that route, and keep all the deities from each setting as being less powerful than the Lords of the Higher Worlds. Now there are three Superman ex
  13. Okay on lunch and replying on tablet. 1. There is no apples or oranges, ermm..I meant spoon. I did mention about whether that realm is order, chaos or balance dominant. Quite frankly dragon fire is irrelevant, that is kind of like the Judge from Buffy that cannot be harmed by any weapon. At which point she shoots him with an RPG esque weapon. 2. Correct, but that is one method. 3. Using LoG is my preferred multiverse engine game anyway, and all too easy. I want this to be a little bit of a challenge ya'know. 4. Traits I think will become necessary to add LoG elements, but
  14. Well on the Magic World link below feel free to join the discussion about a combined D100 Elric Basically using D100 stuff only, make a combined setting. Thought experiment, and for fun. May turn it into its own thread at some point too.
  15. On tablet so replying to each point individually is tricky. Now the Stormbringer issue is easy, can its inherent chaos overcome those of the local gods? Now RQII has bits that can help, honestly it doesn't matter. Is the universe one of order or chaos? If the latter, and the ring is not protected by a god or lord of chaos it can be hacked in half. Now crossovers from other systems are not that hard. For instance BRP angels are around peak human, based on stats. But I would take principles, not the figures. This way you get a more narratively driven system. Or convert everything
  16. Has this stopped or is it ongoing?
  17. Well Stormbringer pretty much cuts anything from what I recall, so I would not see an issue with it chopping the One Ring in half. Lightsaber, not so much. There was a time they cut anything, but in the EU (now non-canon) there was loads of stuff to counter it. Same for Adamantium from the original X-Men movies. It cut anything, but in Wolvie Origins it had trouble with katana's. Anyway slight rant over. lol Okay so the simple way to do it would be use some external sources, e.g: https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Lords_of_Order In the end I decided that would be too easy. So in some wa
  18. True, but the thing about Elric was that in order to fight them it was not something that could be accomplished on one plane, an eternal champion. Any recommendations for which part to use?
  19. Elric is by definition a multiverse game, he travelled to different planes. That is what he did. Now that I will start a thread for in a moment. In this forum or another? Like in Elric, or Hawkmoon - rules change from universe to universe. Same as in Lords of Gossamer, all of a sudden your powers might fail. Technology may no longer work. It is why in Amber all the nobles carried swords. Physics can only change so much that sticking someone with something pointy always works.
  20. That's kind of the point, if I am doing a multiverse game you're playing big damn heroes, a planeswalker, not someone who is easily cut down.
  21. Okay you have the same problem I had. What I did was define magic, and then types of casting and then players could pick any one to suit. Sorcery (Excerpt taken from Elric) This is the ability to control the energies of the Multiverse and, through that control, create powerful effects. As such, it has no allegiance to either the powers of Law or Chaos, and indeed is used by both in their eternal struggles. However, magic is is dangerous to sanity, soul and life. Invocation (Mythras): It uses formulae, both written and mentally envisaged, to achieve magical effects. These variab
  22. @Atgxtg If you want more ready to find detail on Moorcock stuff, I recommend going to spacebattles.com, go into vs and search on Stephen King vs. There is a plethora of detail in there, like tons of it. If you cannot find it, shoot me a PM and I'll give you a link. Yeah I know he didn't do Elric with Arrow crossovers in mind, but like I said in the CoC thread over at rpg.pub, I want my heroes / characters empowered to do crazy things that are impossible in the real world like shoot three arrows through the eye of a deep one and kill it dead. I don't want depowered heroes, but empower
  23. Really....cool. Thing is I love the metaphysics and the fluff, and other stuff, in D100 systems but until you have said that, they have lacked the ability to give me the type of games I want to play. It has resulted in me doing Lords of Gossamer type games, which are incredibly high level, but are not so good at the low or intermediate type games. So you may have just solved my problem, assuming I can understand the system.....time to go visit Drivethru
  24. @Atgxtg I think maybe perhaps what you say was true once....but not so much now. If you're doing a multiverse setting, it is pretty much like Faith said, "Go big or go home," kind of mentality. I want the cosmology explained, like they do in Pathfinder. But we need how the multiverse is put together, its gods, and its metaphysics. Sure that can change, or get more refined as time goes on. And that is totally fine. As to the system thing, I suspect D100 would struggle with the tv series Arrow. i mean how would it cope with him shooting three arrows at once? At best I could see if a percen
  25. I don't wholly agree with this, unless we are talking at cross purposes? They didn't really cover what was in the Elric books though, the cosmos / multiverse was immense, like really huge - each plane of existence being totally different in that some were tree-like, and others of different shapes. Thing is, at the minute, the D100 engine can only handle gritty games. For example, Elric has encountered Conan, who has also met a plethora of other beings, one of whom is Judge Dredd; who has in turn fought friggin' Batman. If memory serves....? Now Batman fights superhumans toe-to-toe and com
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