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  1. Does the clan ring or Orlanthi priest have a say in whether a divorce can go ahead? It seems that the clan is involved arranging marriages, and it is sanctified by Orlanthi, so I was wondering if they might be involved in any separation. I imagine that these could often be acrimonious, and usually one partner will want it more than the other. i get the sense that although divorce might be common, it is not casual, and will involve property at least, but also possibly other issues such as status and sentiment.
  2. So when women marry do they 'officially' join the new clan and leave their old one behind? Thereby coming under the authority of their new clan hierarchy. I can imagine some being divided in terms of clan loyalty when there are inter clan disputes such as over land or raiding. Lots of interesting story possibilities here. The children born of the marriage are presumably of the husband's clan, at least in Sartar. If the wife decides to divorce is she free to return to her old clan and how easy is that to do? In fact as a general question I'm wondering how easy it is to change clans,
  3. Hi guys - thanks for the replies, very useful and interesting. The reference about Orlanthi sexuality comes from S:KoH page 29: 'Compared to many Gloranthan cultures, the Orlanthi have relatively few sexual taboos. They prohibit sex with people who have not been initiated as adults; with married people; with members of their own clan; and with not-people such as foreigners, Elder Races, animals, rocks, and the dead. Even those few taboos may not apply to members of certain cults or during certain religious rituals.' So the picture I'm getting here is that basically all of the cl
  4. I've been reading around the background material and wonder if any of you have more knowledge of this. S:KoH indicates that while Orlanthi are fairly free sexually they have taboos that include no sex within a clan. Is this right? I can understand why there would be a taboo within bloodlines (of which there are often many within a clan), but within a clan of 900 or so that seems pretty restrictive. Is there a reason for this? My sense of a clan is that it's a cohesive social grouping and although there was intermingling with other clans, that clans would live in focused areas. If thi
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