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  1. Thank you, he is better now. I agree with both of you about Uleria in Esrolia/Nochet.
  2. Sorry, is she fine now? That's true ! And by the way, the official title of the pope is "maximus pontifex", the same as the former hight priest of Jupiter ! But it was court dress, not day to day dress. Event in late roman empire, priests wear another costume. So, my question stay : do you think an Ulerian wears something diffrerent in Temple and outside? I think yes, may be a more conservative dress outside (like p 244 for Pavis:GtA) and something more light (like in the paint you posted) inside. yes, that's my question : do you think costumes can vary from country to ano
  3. Thank you all fo you for answering to my question Sorry to being absent for a while but my father was at hospital, heart attack, he is 85 yo, but he is home now. I think they wear theses specific costumes only for holly days, and another costume for going out, like catholic priests the only one official source i got is Pavis GtA, page 244, about the specific costume weared by a Ulerian who go out with a body guard : white linen underdress and white silk dress, no barebreast but the dress is splitted to see legs. That's remember me "les merveilleuses", a fashion sty
  4. Uleria is worshipped as Esrola in Dragon pass, so maybe the priestress wear a costume like others Esrolan preistress? In Esrola, if i had understand, Uleria is worshipped as himself, not a subcult. So perhaps the priestress wear a distinctive costume, like the one in Pavis. Like you said, silk is not a product from Pavis, it must be imported from Shadowland in Kethaela. (trolls are great producers of silk because of aranae & gorakiki cults) So, is this distinctive costume like you can see page 244 in Pavis GtA, the same all over genertela?
  5. Haimji


    Nope. But i ran the "battle of auroch hill". my players were in charge but not command a unit, only a group of warriors.
  6. Yes, the distinctive costume weared by Ulerian at pavis may be a pavisite one. So an Ulerian priestress in Boldhome wears an other one, because of weather for example.
  7. Hi ! I use my own allocate rules : 1) each stat starts at 8 (for a human) 2) you can up Stats with 40 Points : 1 => 1 until 12, 2 => 1 until 14, 3 => 1 until 16, 4 => 1 until 18 3) you can down a Stat to get more points (1 for 1) but INT & SIZ can't been downed. ps : there is 7 Stats not only 6 in RQ2
  8. I found this in "new pavis encounters" from "pavis : gateway to adventure, p 244 : "When outside of the Uleria temple, Samha wears exotic and titillating clothes of silk and linen, and a grand golden necklace." I don't know if i can post the picture or not (because of copyright) but if you got the book, check page 244.
  9. That's what i thought. But on "Pavis : gateway to adventure" : "Uleria priestesses are easily recognized by their distinctive costume." So, what is this costume? Do they have another one for anothers coutries? And yes Dave, that's why i'm thinking costumes are not the same in all countries. But i still wondering what is the costume they use in pavis?
  10. hi ! i'm wondering if Lhankor Mhy initiates will be full sorcerers or if they still can use runic magic like before in RQ2/RQ3? thank you
  11. Thank you. I checked but its not a write-up but a preview from "gods of glorantha". i 've got another question : what is the official costume for an ulerian priestess? does she wear a green dress like a esrolian priestesss? a white dress? a yellow one?
  12. "If i pay thee not in gold..." (like in Piers Anthony & Mercedes Lackey novel)
  13. Thank you A trader may offer the elder boy a job as apprentice. The trader sells some meat to wealthy people on the Hill. What if the boy find the trader has a patron? What if the patron is a morrokanth? what if the meat is human meat? What if if the younger boy find that severals orphans disappear since the trader works there? ok its creepy
  14. I can imagine that Lord Pavis may give informations about past, for example. After all, he was there when Pavis was founded : he did it. This kind of informations may be precious if you want to explore the big rubble.
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