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    Been playing for a few years as both player and GM. Since I'm a bit of a powergamer, I tend to go for high-powered games. CoC would probably be the exception to that
    Played: Star Wars (Saga Edition, FFG), D20 Modern, Pathfinder, DnD 5e, Call of Cthulhu 7e, and Deadlands: Reloaded (Savage Worlds)
    Ran: SW Saga, Pathfinder, DnD 5e, CoC 7e
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    Star Wars Saga Edition - Pre-Force Awakens
    Star Wars FFG - Age of Rebellion
    Deadlands: Reloaded (Savage Worlds)
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    Big genre movie fan (action, sci fi, b horror)
  1. I can at least help with some of the handouts. They're linked on the product pages for The Two-Headed Serpent and Doors to Darkness. Two-Headed Serpent: https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/CoC/CHA23125 - The Two-Headed Serpent/CHA23125 - The Two-Headed Serpent Keeper Resource Pack.pdf Pulp Cthulhu Sheets are here: https://www.chaosium.com/cthulhu-character-sheets/ Doors to Darkness Handouts: https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreePDFs/CoC/CHA23148 - Doors to Darkness/CHA23148 - Doors to Darkness Handouts.pdf Doors to Darkness Pre-gens: https://www.chaosium.com/content/FreeP
  2. If you're looking for some extensive list of scenarios/suppliments, I'd recommend these two Yog-Sothoth wiki pages: Scenarios: https://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/CoC:Scenarios Suppliments: https://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/CoC:Supplements Since I came to CoC in 7e, I can't definitively speak to the completeness of these lists, but there is a ton listed on there. The tables can be sorted by year, title, publisher, and setting era. Not everything has descriptions on their respective pages, but checking the category for Scenarios allows you to look at scenarios by tome
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