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  1. They'll have access to the Balk Brood spell after the fact. Regardless, I'm pretty sure they'll enjoy the adventure. I've been running various RPG's for this group for over a decade now. I know what their boundaries are.
  2. My group isn't squeamish, thankfully. Although I played a character who made the bargain once. The GM just glossed over the whole thing. Which to me, made if feel less horrific. I've never read the source material by Ramsey Campbell though. So even I don't know the mechanics of brood implantation. The imagination conjures horrible imagery though. LOL!
  3. Hello everyone. I don't have my previous editions handy. I'm currently preparing a 7th ed adventure and was wondering if there is a spell to banish Eihort's brood from an investigator who has accepted "the bargain". I seem to remember one in a previous edition, but can't be sure. I don't see anything in 7e like that.
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