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  1. Ok thanks I'll see if I can find the lords of terror
  2. Does anyone have the list of devouring diseases from the drastic resolutions book?
  3. thats great thanks for your help. Going to use this on the group for something like the watch stones in the middle earth creature download
  4. That's great, many thanks. I'm going to throw this in as a resistance roll when the pc's encounter something menacing
  5. It's not in any of the Runequest editions, but uses Runequest rules and stats. If you look at the downloads and the middle earth role playing creatures. Some have aura attacks which it says to look a page 214 of the BRP
  6. It's not in any of the runequest editions. I've downloaded the middle earth creatures from the site. In there it mentions aura attacks I wondered if anyone had any ideas. It says to look at pg 214 in the BRP rule book but there's only a quick start download and there's nothing in there
  7. Hi, I'm currently playing the old version of Runequest and I've noticed some of the new rules in some of the downloads that crossover. Can someone tell me how aura attacks work. I can see that it is POW vs INT, but how is aura determined as a figure? Is it the attackers current power level? Or a combination of stats? Thanks
  8. Hi, I've been playing Runequest since the mid 80's and I've been looking for various sources of ideas etc. I'm currently DM with a group who are used to playing D&D 5e, so they are really appreciating the more realistic play of Runequest. I'm still using the old version, so reading some of the downloadable material I've noticed aura attacks. I can see that it is POW vs INT, but how exactly does it work and how is aura determined? Is it the amount of power that the individual possesses? Thanks
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