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    I have been roleplaying since 1976 beginning with D&D and then onto RQII and Traveller.
    I write wargames and rpg rules as a hobby and publish them on my wordpress blog - gawdelpusgames.
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    I do play D&D 3.5 but mostly my own creations.
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    Mid-Wales, UK
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    Older but not wiser, tall enough to see well in crowds and wide enough to leave a wake and lift small children into a stable orbit.

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  1. Craig


    SG1895 Improved Equipment Col. Sir Angus Fraser (Retd), MC, VC, KCBE. Royal Armouries - Special Operations Division, Woolwich Arsenal, London. The Seventh of May 1895. Sirs, I have been asked to report to you the status of our supporting unit with regards to the equipping of the Explorer teams. We established the division two weeks ago and have taken over the underground ranges at the Arsenal. There has been some unhappiness amongst the Arsenal's chain of command, but nothing a note from Horse Guards and Mr.Holmes has not been able to solve. From our examination of the capt
  2. Craig


    Certainly, you'll need an air ticket though
  3. Craig


    Well done that man! I shall make amendments immediately!
  4. Thanks Thalaba. The avatar represents my usual state of mind
  5. Craig


    OK Guys, here is the next piece of fluff, setting up the game: In the beginning Arrival The exploratory team have been fully briefed by Holmes’ second-in-command, John McKay, on the train journey to the Conway estate in Yorkshire. Nothing though prepares them for the actual sight as they alight from the carriages that brought them up from the small station. In a deep quarry, behind Lord Conway’s large gothic mansion, a military camp has been set up, far from prying eyes. The quoit has been re-erected in a 60’ deep pit at the centre of the quarry and the rim of the pit has been fortifie
  6. Twas but a moment's effort to join this noble establishment, and so I did
  7. Craig


    This is a setting I have been developing simultaneously in four of my RPG engines, and also in my variant of Microlite D20. I was wondering if any of you might find this interesting. If so I shall elucidate further, if not I shall drive it back into the shadows from whence it came... Introduction. In November of 1893 the renowned Egyptologist Lord Conway made an amazing discovery in the Qattara Depression deep in the Sahara desert. It was in a previously unsurveyed temple complex, buried beneath the floor of what appeared to be a great tomb. In his journal he described the artefact as ‘a
  8. Hi All, This seems to be the forum I have been looking for for years. A whole gaggle of games designers swapping info and ideas... paradise nine indeed Hmmm.. some background eh? I've been roleplaying since '76 when a Canadian kid turned up at my school in the UK with these three funny booklets. I would probably have been a millionaire or finding the cure for cancer if it wasn't for him. But then I wouldn't have half as much fun. Right from the get go I've never found a set of rules I didn't tweak, add to, refine, bend, fold, staple or mutilate in some fashion. As a result I h
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