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  1. Yeah, I too hope it continues with RQ6 as well. I have the BRP version, which is pretty cool, but would like the setting fleshed out more.
  2. What has yet to be explained is why anyone at Chaosium thinks that there is a real demand for a fourth version of RuneQuest in less than a decade. Especially given all the positive reviews and support for RQ6. Sure there are hardcore RPGers who are happy to read a new version of a game every month. But most gamers are not like that. And RQ is a niche game within a niche hobby. (It seems like the MD is determined to make RQ a marginal RPG for the sake of achieving Glorantha "purity" amongst its players, or something…)
  3. Spot on. This decision has destroyed my confidence in the "new" Chaosium. Any public statement that they make in the future about their plans should now be viewed with scepticism, given that they may change their minds shortly afterwards.
  4. So "BRP essentials" will be a setting-free system that can be used for non-Glorantha settings like "Mythic Iceland"... …But there must be a brand new version of RQ (not RQ6!) for the sake of Glorantha?
  5. Well AiG was written for RQ6. Do we have any reason to think that AiG "didn't work"? I don't follow Glorantha myself, but my impression (from others) is quite the opposite. (I know that Loz ran a RQ6 campaign set in Glorantha. My understanding is that that campaign 'worked' just fine.) Moreover, there is a 'setting-free' version of HeroQuest and a 'Glorantha-ized' version of HQ. I'm baffled why the same could not have been done for RQ. I own RQ2 (it's still in pretty good condition and sitting on my shelf). It was easy to use the system in settings other than Glorantha, and the rules would've been quite easy to reproduce sans Glorantha. In fact that happened. Hence BRP... So I'm sceptical of the notion that a new version of RQ (a fourth version in less than 10 years), a version with some kind of Glorantha special sauce, is absolutely essential.
  6. Chaosium abruptly changed directions concerning RQ. So they may have a 'plan' now, but it's a different 'plan' than the one they had only a couple of months ago. And the new plan: a. Introduces a fourth version of RQ in less than a decade (and so squanders any 'momentum' that the game and brand might have acquired under the DM). b. Throws fans of RQ who are not fans of Glorantha under the bus (because Moon Design apparently cannot comprehend the possibility that there may be fans of the system but not the setting). I had high hopes for the 'new' Chaosium a couple of months ago. But now I have no interest in their future RQ products.
  7. You don't find the combat system, and specifically its use of "special effects," innovative? Personally, I find RQ6's combat system to be decisively superior to all others. (Not that I want a detailed combat system in all of my games, e.g. CoC, but if I do want one, RQ6 wins hands down.)
  8. I think that this is horrible decision on the part of Chaosium. Why would they want to split the RQ fanbase yet again? Now I could see Chaosium opting to use the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition rules as its base for BRP and the new re-Glorantha-ized RQ (even though it's not as good a system as RQ6, and has been somewhat controversial amongst longtime CoC players). That would at least 'unify' all their RPGs under one system. But what they're doing instead is baffling. I will continue, of course, to play and support RQ6. And while I prefer a setting-neutral version of RQ6, I regret that RQ6 will not enjoy the additional exposure and distribution that it would have had it been part of Chaosium's line. As for Chaosium's "new" version of RQ: I have zero interest in it now.
  9. I've run 7 sessions of 7e CoC over the past year (our first session was last Halloween) for three players (only one of whom had played CoC before). While I initially disliked the change from 3-18 attributes to %, the new players found the latter scale more intuitive ('80%' intelligence made more sense to them than '16'). The party has completed 3.5 adventures, and has suffered one casualty (so far!). I've relied primarily on the Quick Start rules, dipping into the PDFs for additional support when necessary. The games have been great fun. Flavour-wise, I can't discern any difference between 7e and 6e. While I'm not a fan of all of the changes, some of them have been very helpful (e.g., the removal of the RR chart, the slight downgrading of the importance of EDU, the changes to CR, etc.). My players seem reluctant to use the 'push' mechanic, but perhaps they'll warm to it over time. The advantage/disadvantage mechanic has been fun in play (players like rolling dice!). I'm a great fan of earlier editions of CoC, and would gladly run 6e again for a group that preferred it. But in my experience of running 7e, it is a fine game. I look forward to running more of it!
  10. I'm very happy with this news. A simplified RQ6 for BRP Essentials sounds great. And I'm glad that BRPE will serve as the core for all future Chaosium (and DM, of course) games. I'm looking forward to checking out the new version of Mythic Iceland (even though I already own the earlier version). It is a pity that CoC will employ a somewhat different system. I like 7e well enough (I've run 7 sessions of it, and it plays just like good old CoC to me). But it would've been nice to have all of Chaosium's games sharing the same BRPE core. Oh well. CoC is a big enough game to be somewhat discontinuous from the rest. And after all the troubles that have been involved in getting 7e out, I can't imagine that we'll be seeing a new version for many years to come. So Chaosium's RPG future is: RQ6-based BRPE, BRPE-based games like Mythic Iceland, RQG, and CoC 7e. I can live with that!
  11. I’m especially interested in The Book of Quests, Monster Island, Mythic Briton, Mythic Greece, and the hardcover version of RQ6, although I certainly will check out the other products as well!
  12. Nice! I take it that the first scenario is the one that you'll be running at OSRCon II? I shall resist the temptation to read it...
  13. Is there a way to vote without logging in via facebook and giving them my e-mail address?
  14. Just a minor question of clarification: I take it that these "3 major campaigns" are all situated in the same WWII setting?
  15. Akrasia


    Great post. Which of the magic systems to be included in RQ6 do you think would be best for a Hyborian campaign?
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