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  1. Well, there's the Comparative Weights table on page 224 of Mythras, but SIZ on creatures gets a little odd. It's not as easy as just grabbing a chart and saying "SIZ 1 = mouse", or something like that, as SIZ interacts differently with the overall frame and build of the creature. For example, if we look at humans, an infant might start at SIZ 2, a toddler SIZ 3, and children moving slowly up in SIZ until they hit adult SIZ in their late teens. A Basalisk is described at the size of a "large rooster", and has an average SIZ of 5. I would say look for creatures with a frame and build
  2. I messaged Loz about it, it's only the thumbnails that are showing as that. The original cover blurb will apparently be present upon purchase. Regardless, I'm posting it here for posterity/interest. Trapped in a mountain vale as the winter snows bite deep, Intuosa the Elven scholar talks of Guenever, her bloodline, and how he intends to trace her lineage through the village of Rovsgood. And he whispers the name Darksong, a wizard in search of immortality who became a tyrant and paid a dreadful price. Will the adventurers aid Intuosa? What of the legends of the Mad Wizard?
  3. I have a serious love for tragedy in fantasy, so I'm certain an awful lot of that shone through in the backstory elements.
  4. I would not stand behind my formula as perfectly representative at all, but I think it would do in a pinch to judge the strength of two groups "on paper". It doesn't work as well at simulating creature strengths as well, though. My thoughts on how to best capture the scores above 100 is to not use this formula long before you enter that part of play.
  5. Looking at your original post, one thing I encourage is to analyze the output of your group of player characters. Mythras (and most BRP game imho) do not follow the "balanced encounter" trend that D&D 3 and onwards attempted to utilize. This isn't a criticism of D&D's method, as there are uses for having some methodology to how to balance encounters. Off the top of my head, something like this: [ (primary attack skill % /10) + ( median damage result) + (average armour value) ] x Action Points = Score Sum the score of all player-characters, sum the score of all opponent
  6. Looking for GMing advice can give you plenty of extremely contradictory examples. Youtube it up and you'll find examples, but many of them are D&D-centric games, or employ techniques that you don't need at the tabletop at all. If we assume you're going to be running at a tabletop, here's a few recommendations from my own experience (GMing for 25+ years, and still learning). A lot of good GMing advice is similar to good leadership advice, when you get down to it. Be Prepared: This one is important. Very important. In your free time, prepare material. Have the setting fleshed out
  7. The group did not contain any significant science focused characters, mostly because myself and my friend are not very scientifically inclined. All told though, I've put the idea on hold to get LA and do some reading. The ideas presented here have been a big help though!
  8. Aside from seeing the book in the banner, I've never heard of LA. This prompted me to take a peak at what the game was about, and it sounds like it might address the character generation question overall.
  9. My friend and I wrapped up our last solo campaign, and while brainstorming for the new one I knew the idea would work in Mythras. I've just hit one snag. The concept is a group of high school students, typical but full of personality, end up going through a portal into an iron age fantasy world. The idea is to have them start in the wilderness and survive on their own for a while, and much of the drama will be based on that survival. Eventually they will find nearby civilization and have a chance to upgrade gear, find new teachers, etc. My question is this. Trying to model modern a
  10. I was going to refer you to a few Toronto stores, or directly to Lion Rampant to see if you could either order from them or if they could point you at a local store. You may still want to email them and look into it.
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