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  1. Many of the conversions would be lay members - no spirits of reprisal. As for initiates or even priests or rune lords, I wouldn't be surprised if Lunars offered "assistance" with dealing with spirits of reprisal, at least for influential, valued influencers who converted willingly. As for the rest, who knows what horror the Lunars would inflict, to make an example of them. If despite seeing their family marched in front of them with scimitars to their throats, important conversion targets still refused to convert, any sadism is conceivable; forcible ingestion of chaos ooze on Lunar temple
  2. Unity is never a problem when trickster is present. Eurmal’s Harmony: Causes everyone in the meeting to talk over each other and leave with the understanding that everyone else agrees completely with whatever they said.
  3. Maybe the ships are undead, boats built from green wood which has not quite died, with "create vampire" cast on them. That would explain the secrecy around the "sorcerous ritual", and Belintar certainly had an unusual relationship with death, so he might have passed on a trick or two. Vampires don't have to be human, and possibly don't even have to be intelligent, so the ritual might work. A solution that bizarre, perhaps even someone as intelligent as Zzabur might have overlooked the possibility. You could imagine Dormal running short of ideas, noticing the wood in his latest boat is sti
  4. Interestingly a few years ago I wrote to the author and suggested a third movie based on an unstoppable ancient disease, which emerged from a corpse buried in permafrost which melted due to global warming. Only one person’s blood has the antibodies, because the immortal is the only living human who ever encountered and survived the ancient disease. So to save humanity he has to reveal his secret. Author liked the idea but sadly the third movie never got made AFAIK.
  5. Make it less obvious the bodies were eaten, misdirect everyone into thinking there’s a horrible disease loose. Make it a big town. Town goes into quarantine, enforced by the army (quarantine was deadly serious back in the days of smallpox and plague). Your bad guy could be one of many selling patent medicine cream containing exotic herbs to ward off the sickness.
  6. Not quite that long ago 🙂. I had a Mac LCII. Owned a Mac II for a little while. Very different environment from today, everything was low level PASCAL and low level API calls, or Hypercard. No Swift or Objective C. It was actually a lot of fun - smaller, more compact environment, programmers from that era really have a sense of mastering the entire machine.
  7. The Apple published programming manual (an actual physical book) contained lots of examples centred around writing a word processor. We all tried, turned out to be surprisingly difficult.
  8. Obviously you can interpret CM however you want. One thing I noticed reading the original stories (and nobody has to use them as a guide), the times the characters appeared to gain insane insights, the insights were usually not very complete, though occasionally they recalled useful passages from some book. I don't think you should just like hand over a monster sheet when someone rolls their check, more maybe give a hint that "perhaps fire could hurt it", or "run this way, it seems safer" or "that altar is important", that kind of thing.
  9. I think the risk is if your immortal can just fling magic about without personal risk, what kind of plot could you provide to make things seem dangerous? You could maybe tone down the power a bit. Your "immortal" could be a wizard who lost their memory and somehow regained some sanity, and has no idea why they don't get older. All sorts of plot lines possible, the peril of regaining memory, strange skills popping into their minds, disturbing nightmares if they encounter the mythos, old "friends" who know more about what is happening than the PC, ordinary folk trying to kidnap the PC for med
  10. Yet there are strange underlying symmetries in maths and science. For example, take the Fibonacci sequence - Wikipedia lists 17 diverse applications of this one simple sequence of numbers, and there are no doubt many more. Or Euler's Number, useful for continuous compounding interest calculations (in which instead of paying interest on a bank account yearly, monthly or daily, the calculation assumes an infinite series of compounding steps over any arbitrary time period), and a bunch of other mind bending uses. Imagine we have only just scratched the surface, and the entire universe
  11. Hehe - "good" and "useful" are not always the same thing. They eat sentients. And are cruel to weaker races. And their mother is a giant shade, they worship fear and horror and senseless violence. So I think "evil" is a reasonable description. Of course that is not the same as "unplayable".
  12. I think a troll who was openly friendly to an elf would be accused of being an illuminate and killed on the spot. Everyone knows making all cults associated with each other was what Gbaji tried to do, what the Lunars are trying to do right now. An elf who tried to befriend trolls would just be an outcast, maybe an exile, unless someone took particular exception to them ("trolls ate my seedlings!"). You would need an especially strong reason for trolls and elves to set aside these prejudices, such as having to band together to defend their homes from a huge chaos army. Remember trolls
  13. Maybe he invented the compass. In a magical world you don’t need a compass, you use magic to sniff out the right path. But with regular path finding magic confused by the closing, a compass which works by other means could be the solution. Glorantha doesn’t have a North Poll, so what would a compass point towards? The answer could be Magasta’s whirlpool. Enchant a drop of water at the end of the needle to try to seek the whirlpool extra hard, then perform a complex calculation based on say the path of Yelm and other heavenly bodies and you would have a very accurate po
  14. Seseine surely - some dangerous Seseine worshippers started as slaves. https://glorantha.fandom.com/wiki/Seseine_Kallig
  15. EricW


    Illumination makes occlusion possible, by giving illuminates a free pass to steal power from the gods, without fulfilling their end of the bargain. Its like giving people a card they can show if they want to steal your stuff. "'I'll have your car now thanks". Some people might be disciplined enough to keep that card in their pocket. But the temptation to help yourself to things you really want would be too much for most mortals. My question - why support the existence of that "your stuff is mine" card? Illumination is bad.
  16. EricW


    Illumination is the preparedness to risk the end of the world to achieve your personal goals. Consider the description of the Lunar Chaos Gift spell - normal people involuntarily resist it the first time it is cast, even if it they cast it on themselves. Illuminates only resist if they choose to do so. Chaos gift is normally relatively harmless - a mild power up to give the caster the edge in a battle. But going by the rules there is a remote probability every time chaos gift is cast that the world could end. The possibility is you could roll on the wild chaos table, roll two cha
  17. EricW


    From Cults of Terror; The Birth of Chaos The growing instability worsened conditions for gods and men who craved peace and security. The initial disruptions were hastened by Ratslaff, god of Disorder, and his race of creatures called Boggles. Some blame everything on Ratslaff and his followers, but sup blame only shifts attention away from the real culprits, the gods themselves, who persisted in acting against their own welfare. Gradually there came to to be other things in the world. At first these creatures seem to have seeped through the cracks in the world's logic, oozing th
  18. I live on the edge of the tropics, very wet conditions promote the growth of clover like plants.
  19. EricW


    Napalm was invented because latex, the original WW1 flammable gelling agent, became unavailable after Imperial Japan captured Asian rubber plantations. So although Napalm was invented in 1942, substances very similar to Napalm had been in use for decades before the invention of Napalm, likely a lot longer, maybe dating all the way back to Greek Fire, which was invented in the 7th century.
  20. Your darkness shaman could learn illumination from a slave. Put something fascinating in their path, like saving an abused lunar slave from random violence, then the slave offers to teach a great magical secret in thanks for their salvation. The slave does not reveal the exact nature of the secret, they explain you can only reach understanding through self realisation and careful coaching.
  21. Gloranthans were fighting a war of mutual extermination which had long since gone nuclear, in the sense the destruction of the entire realm hung in the balance. The idea of genteel rules of war are a 20th century deceit practiced by people who have no concept they could possibly lose, a deceit which I suspect will rapidly wither away in the coming genocidal super weapon wars of the 21st. If the price of failure is having your family traumatised and abused at the hands of the conquerers, there is no weapon too terrible to imagine using, to prevent that from happening.
  22. EricW


    It used to be a lot easier. My grandpa said he once got half a stick to blast a tree stump, not sure where from, probably the hardware store, or maybe a roadwork crew gave it to him. I don't know if anyone would simply carry it around though, some of the formulations got really unstable with age.
  23. The pieces of Gbaji could be the souls of Gbaji's chief lieutenants. For example Ralzakark could reasonably be seen as a piece of Gbaji who was awakened by the God Learners in the Second Age. So each "awakening" would have terrible consequences; the awakening of Lokamayadon might stop the initiation of new Orlanth initiates, or suppress Orlanth spirits of reprisal. The awakening of Pelangio could cause Yelmalio to be fully integrated into the Lunar way. Each awakening would introduce terrible new powers into the world, and bring the end of the world a step closer. In the spirit realm such
  24. EricW


    Of course you don't have to embrace chaos if you are illuminated, the problem is when liberated from cult obligations or social conscience a lot of people do embrace chaos. There is the example of Laughing Talor who "cursed" the Telmori. More likely he forced a resolution on the Telmori, stripped away the glamour, revealing them for who they truly were. I wonder if Dorastor was the same thing on a larger scale. Under the dazzling light of Nysalor/Gbaji it was perfectly reasonable for your neighbour the vampire to invite you for dinner and sip a little blood, while providing good foo
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