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  1. I'm running a pseudo-historic 9th Century PbP game on my own forum, it's a low fantasy, sandbox setting with a storyline. At the moment there are four active players plus the GM (me!), and one inactive player. I'm currently looking to recruit one or maybe two new players. VIKINGR SETTING: 9th Century, Pseudo-Historic SANDBOX: North Western Europe (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Frisia, Denmark & Norway) FANTASY: Low, pervasive & mysterious NATIONALITY, RELIGION & CLASS: Danish, Norse-Paganism, Karls (freemen) RULES: RuneQuest 6e [or Mythras] + Ships & Shield Walls EXPECTATIONS: Mature role-players who will post in character, at least 4 times per week WHERE: foxhole53.org (dedicated, unlimited gaming forum with secure dice roller) DETAILS: Read this thread If you're interested PM me here or over at foxhole53.org. Tell me a bit about yourself, like where you come from, how much PbP experience you have. I look forward to hearing from you!
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