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  1. Sabueso

    Call of Cthulhu Metal Dice Kickstarter

    Nice! Interested in the bonus and penalty dice. Will they become available in the future?
  2. Sabueso

    Release list

    I agree, An approximative realease list would be great.
  3. Sabueso

    Upgraded Rock Lizard

    I prefer the first one too. This one is too "realistic" (It really is a giant lizard!). The first one captures better the original spirit, in my opinion. But both are fine. Pale skin, blue eyes. Not very greek for a hoplite, that's for sure.
  4. Hi! Loved the green Chaosium t-shirt you weared at Gen Con this year. Any chance we could get it through redbubble? Thank you. On another note, are the Chaosium's website RSS feeds working well ?