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  1. "Ehem" is "any news about this?" A year after the last comment. Hardly impatient. Your responses to our comments seem more impatient to me (no need for the scolding). I also think Chaosium can speak for themselves. You don't need to act as their (angry) spokesperson.
  2. As others have said before: it's very difficult if not nearly impossible. FAQ: What issues did Michael Moorcock have with Chaosium? https://www.multiverse.org/forum/fabulous-harbours-%E2%97%A6-welcome-to-moorcock-s-miscellany/faq/15384-faq-what-issues-did-michael-moorcock-have-with-chaosium
  3. And here it is again, a rare thing to achieve: a cover that can sell a book. I hope they don't change it. I had the exact same thoughts. We'll see.
  4. And that's the power of good art! I was also sceptical because the setting seems a little too nonsensical (and why limited to the USA? ๐Ÿคจ). But with the right pulpy eighties tone that the cover captures so well maybe... They need to nail the airship travel mechanics and vehicle combat though.
  5. Great job and entertaining reading! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
  6. I agree with Ahti2: the majority of CoC Spanish fans are not happy with Edge for all the reasons already stated by him (and a few more). In essence, we think Call of Cthulhu is not being treated as it deserves. Mainly by their slackness, they have failed to build a community around the game and to make it grow and bigger than it was before they got the license, in fact the opposite is true. Edge's pride and lack of communication just makes things worse. If things don't change dramatically, Runequest RiG will sadly follow the same fate. Eight years ago, with Edge's CoC first edition in 201
  7. Nice! Interested in the bonus and penalty dice. Will they become available in the future?
  8. I agree, An approximative realease list would be great.
  9. I prefer the first one too. This one is too "realistic" (It really is a giant lizard!). The first one captures better the original spirit, in my opinion. But both are fine. Pale skin, blue eyes. Not very greek for a hoplite, that's for sure.
  10. Hi! Loved the green Chaosium t-shirt you weared at Gen Con this year. Any chance we could get it through redbubble? Thank you. On another note, are the Chaosium's website RSS feeds working well ?
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