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  1. Has anyone run it? Advice? Enhancements? Pitfalls?
  2. That’s really interesting, thanks. I know nothing of LOTFP other than a glance at well produced books. Any particular titles you recommend?? I had a lot of fun in the tainted lands also. The preacher was memorable and the strangers in the night in the village! I had a player whose character was fascinated by ghosts and so sat and watched the whole of naseby replayed. Then I hit em with a witch hunter straight after. Let us know how it goes..
  3. Cool. It’s fun isn’t it? I think the clothing was the bit that was unclear? I think I remember that the rooms locations etc didn’t quite add up. Enjoy the rest of the journey - some great bits to come. As I said I had a great time in Cambridge with the bun seller etc. Makes me want to run this again thinking about it. I’ve been running dark streets which I love but there is not enough adventure support, so I’m nearly out of ideas. mid I have one complaint about C&W it’s that they pout out too many games with not enough support. I’m also looking at clockwork and Cthulhu which is good but I just prefer stuff without ‘Thulu as it’s so ubiquitous and can be a bit obvious.
  4. Davenant’s Doggerel Poem. The debtors song. When you must pay for what you owe Tekeli-li tekeli-li And debtors know what you don’t show Tekeli-li tekeli-li In Rh’leh they don’t delay Tekeli-li tekeli-li They look to find the outside way Tekeli-li tekeli-li Up above the star filled night Tekeli-li tekeli-li Is set askew and lit up bright Tekeli-li tekeli-li From above the fair folk come Tekeli-li tekeli-li Buzzing like the listing drum Tekeli-li tekeli-li And they the say to pay in blood Tekeli-li tekeli-li For what you’ve done is raise the flood Tekeli-li tekeli-li And open up the hidden door Tekeli-li tekeli-li To allow the service of the paw Tekeli-li tekeli-li What you owe is so much more Tekeli-li tekeli-li Than you could pay with your lords lore Tekeli-li tekeli-li Tekeli-li tekeli-li Now come forth through the door.....
  5. Signs and portents material?
  6. Thanks for the update Peter. I remember meeting you at Dragonmeet Kensington town hall (not sure which year - edit - think it was 2011 as I think we spoke again at continuumIn 2012 but could be wrong about that one) , having a great chat and then buying C&C. Haven’t looked back, bought pretty much everything and had loads of fun playing and running. Wishing you all the best. would love it if you could just “trickle out” the odd adventure for C&C/DS etc. best Jeff
  7. I’ve run this twice and it’s gone really well both times. one was a proper full on investigation (talked to all girls separately etc) and resulted in the correct conclusion. The second was with a group that liked role playing the characters incompetence. So they got the main plot points but missed some stuff Oh - think the investigation through carefully before you run as there are a couple of bits that don’t quite add up - or at least are a bit unclear if I remember. it’s one of my favourite bits of that excellent adventure (I LOVE) Cambridge too...
  8. I’ve been running Gin and St Giles on roll 20 I’ve got hellfire too but that may not be suitable for the family group I’m running for. I’ve also got pdf if Case of Missing prof ( I hate running from pdf - will do if I have to - can’t print it because of grey background layer means too much ink - does anyone know of a printer friendly version??) so - does anyone know of any other adventures out there? I know about the seeds in the book. Anything?
  9. Further - I would love to run C&C in Roll20 but the number of variants in the rules (factions etc) make it a difficult game to set up online. oooohhhhh. Cool. But I have to start again now!!!😀👍🏼
  10. Further - I would love to run C&C in Roll20 but the number of variants in the rules (factions etc) make it a difficult game to set up online.
  11. I’ve been planning a Dark Streets game on Roll20 (we use zoom for voice/video). Been busy uploading stuff, it’s a lot of work. The BRP default character sheet On Roll20 is *just about* usable. Any techies our there want to make a renaissance character sheet for Roll20??? ill chip in a bit towards crowdfunding someone’s time...
  12. Annual prod. More F&I war scenarios. Please.
  13. Thanks! May be worth pointing out that he won't have much of career if he waits until the French and Huron arrive. At very best, he may get a job as a snail garlicker.
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