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  1. We play mostly tabletop wargames, so I'm planning a Gloranthan adventure for the 7th Voyage system. It is a perfect fit!
  2. Exactly! I've had a great deal of fun over the years with my games even when the players knew very little about the setting and learned as they went. But I certainly understand how a newbie can become overwhelmed just reading the comments...
  3. The last several posts of this topic are exactly why a lot of folks think Glorantha cannot be played w/o encyclopedic knowledge of all the twists and turns. I've been playing in Glorantha for 30+ years, and I've never heard of half of what you are talking about!
  4. I've got my girls hooked on Moana, and I never really thought abt why I like it so much, and now it makes perfect sense!
  5. Well, I guess the impending approach of Christmas and the timetable for the Guide pre-order AND Khan of Khans are going to be in conflict. Getting a bit late for spending...
  6. Finally! I've been kicking myself since I passed the first time. I'm in.
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