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  1. Always assume the players will circumvent things...
  2. The Yellow curry could have included Elves, they are vegetables anyway...
  3. I haven't seen mention of hijacking the Dragonnewt ley lines yet. Mind you it does tend to annoy them.
  4. Sure, sorry I was only responding to the query, not intending to hijack the thread!
  5. Apart from tekumel.com also here: http://chirinebakal.proboards.com/ Chirene played with Prof Barker for many years and is very approachable in replying to questions. He also has a blog here: http://chirinesworkbench.blogspot.com/ I'm also hoping for a Tekumel resurgence one day. I'd love Sandy P to do a large scale game a la Cthulhu Wars/Gods War based on Tekemel. There are lots of pdfs available on DrivethruRPG. There is also a huge thread on the RPGsite where he answers questions: https://www.therpgsite.com/showthread.php?32577-Questioning-chirine-ba-kal (he continued the thread on the forum above when he started that up) EDIT: I forgot, there is also the Blue Room Archive, hosted now on tekumel.com that has the contents of the venerable mailing list of the same name: https://www.tekumel.com/blueroom_list.html
  6. Also the tribal elders of the Baboon tribe featured much more heavily in early Glorantha (Glorontha?) board games, as the earlier name WHITE BEARD, RED MOON shows...
  7. We always used to call it "Spot the Bleedin' Obvious"
  8. Is there a list of changes/updates/errata between first printing and second anywhere?
  9. With this sort of spell e.g. Axe Trance in RQ3 I always used a house rule that you couldn't more than double your base skill.
  10. So if PC1 is over the range for Ys arrow shot before the round start, Y would have 50% of skill to hit. But PC1 moves into range in the unengaged movement phase. Does Y fire at full skill now?
  11. Ok, so PC1 starts to move towards target X which will take (say) 4 SR. NPCs Y and Z shoot a bow on SR 2 and a spell on SR 3. But PC1 still gets next to X before these are resolved?
  12. The problem has always seemed to me that the PC moving then adding SRs onto what happens is not the problem, it's all the other PCs/NPCs around who could have done something in that time. It practically forces you into SR by SR counting which is OK for players but a nightmare for the GM, I've always found.
  13. Sure, where do you go after that? But we played the defending Apple Lane scenario the other day, and I was a bit worried about the Tusk Riders, but the PCs did pretty well in taking them out because they have no missiles and not much offensive spell ability (at least outside of melee). Mind you it didn't help that two of them (including the leader) fumbled rolls badly enough to take themselves out of the fight.
  14. I feel it would be more consistent to say that Special = Special Damage, Critical = Ignores Armour + Special Damage. Not sure it really needs to be maximised as well.
  15. (Also posted to Rules thread): Do projected missiles get a full, halved or no damage bonus? The section on p 213 says that thrown weapons get DB halved, which is fine, but I can't see anything explicitly saying whether projected missiles get a DB or not. The box section on p200 just says an attack gets weapon damage + DB. None of the example PCs have a DB listed for their missile weapons. Firearrow, however says "damage bonus still applies, halved for missile weapons as normal" but it could just be referring to thrown weapons (it should probably distinguish between thrown and projected weapons if so). Hendroste the Horsemaster has a DB listed for his bow, but the other PCs in Apple Lane don't. A quick look through the Bestiary didn't come up with any DBs for projected weapons. So on balance there are lots of examples which seem to indicate that they probably don't, but enough counterexamples to make me slightly unsure. Presumably you could pay more for a special bow that does give you your DB (or half DB). RQ2 doesn't seem to say explicitly either, but it does have the half-DB rule for thrown weapons. I guess it makes sense if you are buying an off-the-shelf bow that as it's doing the projecting it doesn't give a DB.
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