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  1. Would have been nice to know about it in advance though and I would have turned up. From what I can tell it was promoted on Facebook? Or did I miss a mention here?
  2. Isn't at also likely that the presence of magical healing, limb reattachment and resurrection are likely to make violence more common? Not that I've got anything against running NV scenarios/campaigns.
  3. I agree, but it might need a bit more than that as you still won't know, without a reference, if it's something defined somewhere else! Ideally (but it would be a lot of work and so probably impractical) to have references to a list at the end of the book, or maybe even just a sentence about whatever it is. When I write scenarios or campaign stuff I don't plan everything out as that's way too much work, but usually if I put something in I have some idea of what /where it is/might be, and that's fine, because I can then fill it out later on if needs be. If I let someone else run games in t
  4. What's it for? It looks to be stretching a Gloranthan year to a terrestrial year - but why?
  5. Well true, but if you don't know if it's a real (i.e. defined somewhere) place or not then that's just a bit annoying TBH. It's not just really not knowing where it is, but not knowing WHAT it is either. I know a lot of it is just passing references to things that maybe weren't ever defined, but even just knowing that is a better than no information at all. As you say, if it's cropping up a lot in people's questions, that's surely an indication that it's a problem of some sort?
  6. Well it's a bit of a stretch I know, but the dice you are talking about maybe? (Yes, I know a link has since been posted)
  7. I always read that bit about "cannot impale" to mean that a rolled impale was a normal hit, but a critical still did extra damage and ignored armour. Don't think I would ever have arrived at that interpretation TBH.
  8. And non-thrown missiles don't get a damage bonus...
  9. Just checking - I can't see the bit about Sever Spirit being 2 points. p97 says "Rune magic cast based on these Runes costs 1 less magic point than normal..." - magic points, not Rune points. Is it mentioned somewhere else that I've missed? I'd agree though, the stats for Gloomwillow do seem OTT, not much armour or HP so if you can close great, if not you're dead...
  10. As an aside on maps, am I alone in that I really don't like the style of map in e.g. Smoking Ruin p 10-11, Pegasus Plateau p 4-5? They look nice as pictures but I find it almost impossible to read some of them and to actually find some of the places mentioned. I would much prefer clear B/W maps and the nice pictures to be separate.
  11. 36 m/s climb rate seems high, especially if carrying a rider. Also how does the rider feel about being on the back of a winged Stuka? Hippogriffs have a MOV of 12, so 36m/round if they do nothing else, but climbing I'd expect maybe half that at a maximum. Not quite sure why falling damage is used - after all the Hippogriff has got to pull out of its stoop, so it's not coming in at full speed to do so or hitting the ground in an uncontrolled manner. I can't see it would really get more than a fly-by claw attack, maybe plus a little bit more. 138d6 is...well I don't know what to call it - w
  12. Bit of a spoiler...I was kind of surprised that they were able to just walk into a large-ish temple of the Lunars with not a single entity or defence around. No wards, wyter, active temple guardians, priest/esses, spirits, guards? No wonder the Lunar Empire is going downhill.
  13. They could be the same end result, just for different reasons...
  14. Aha, I knew I'd seen it somewhere: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/8399-runequest-core-rules-questions/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-129421 I agree that the wording is weird though!
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