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  1. No-one told me that! Does that mean I have to get rid of 17+ Billies?
  2. Thanks for the summary. I ended up with a Zoom call that ran on until gone 8 PM GMT, then was interrupted by something else so I managed to miss most of it...upcoming stuff sounds good.
  3. Any chance of an Errata/Update document? I see there was a lot of conversation on reddit at one point, some of which seems to have disappeared, but something that collected together changes/suggestions etc would be quite helpful!
  4. C'est vrai! Je parle un peu le Francaise, mais je connais espagnol plus que francias
  5. Shame - the English translation of the French RPG for Vance's Planet of Adventure was cancelled due to not enough interest.
  6. Any chance of an English version?
  7. A few things I noticed on a read through. Not sure if there is a specific forum for questions other than here? Some general typos but not major ones e.g. "Encumbrance" vs "Encumberance" p52 : Weapons "Light melee and ranged weapons", I assume this is Light melee and light ranged weapons"? p52 : Light weapons gain +1 Clash point due to speed - this ought to be mentioned elsewhere either under Fighting Styles (p66) or Clash points (p69) as it's easy to miss here. p53 : Armour says "Soft armours provide less Protection but are less fatiguing to wear (p 74). p74 doesn't see
  8. Mine arrived yesterday. Looks nice. I noticed a few typos especially "Encumbrance" vs "Encumberance" a few times. Haven't had time to read it in detail yet though.
  9. I found it very difficult going and in fact I still haven't managed to read all the way through it - as you say too many NPC interactions at the start, and I felt too much vagueness about the actual site. I can't imagine running it as written. It felt too much of "Here are all these wonderful NPCs for you to portray having interactions with your PCs" and not enough of "Here's actual description of the situation for you to run it".
  10. The above posters have covered it much better than I could. There's also the saying (and rumoured God-Learner secret) "It's a game"
  11. The thing to remember is that our world runs on physics. Glorantha doesn't, it effectively runs on Mythology. The bronze dug up is actual bones of dead gods, it's not necessarily what we call bronze. The Sun really is a guy in a chariot riding across the Sky (well, depends on who/what you believe). There are rivers that run uphill. You can go to the Sky, descend into Hell, and meet gods. This changes a lot of the way things work and perceptions. It's not this Earth, but it has internal consistency (well until somebody changes the rules under you...)
  12. Would have been nice to know about it in advance though and I would have turned up. From what I can tell it was promoted on Facebook? Or did I miss a mention here?
  13. Isn't at also likely that the presence of magical healing, limb reattachment and resurrection are likely to make violence more common? Not that I've got anything against running NV scenarios/campaigns.
  14. I agree, but it might need a bit more than that as you still won't know, without a reference, if it's something defined somewhere else! Ideally (but it would be a lot of work and so probably impractical) to have references to a list at the end of the book, or maybe even just a sentence about whatever it is. When I write scenarios or campaign stuff I don't plan everything out as that's way too much work, but usually if I put something in I have some idea of what /where it is/might be, and that's fine, because I can then fill it out later on if needs be. If I let someone else run games in t
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