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  1. Bit of a spoiler...I was kind of surprised that they were able to just walk into a large-ish temple of the Lunars with not a single entity or defence around. No wards, wyter, active temple guardians, priest/esses, spirits, guards? No wonder the Lunar Empire is going downhill.
  2. They could be the same end result, just for different reasons...
  3. Aha, I knew I'd seen it somewhere: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/8399-runequest-core-rules-questions/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-129421 I agree that the wording is weird though!
  4. p366 says "Spirit Combat may occur between two discorporate entities or between a discorporate entity and an embodied entity", and later "Any number of discorporate spirits may attack a single entity at a time" - so I guess multiple embodied entities can't engage in Sprit Combat vs the same foe at the same time. p368 "Resolving Spirit Combat" says "Tie: A tie (same quality of result) means the situation is temporarily unresolved. If both participants rolled a critical success the result is a tie. Both parties do spirit combat damage to the other". I find that a bit oddly worded but I thi
  5. Maybe that's why Orlanthi don't wear Air rune underpants - too difficult to untangle yourself from.
  6. I would think they can hover? Stall speed is only really relevant if you need to keep moving in order to provide lift - unless there is some Motion/Air rune element to a hippogriff that requires it to keep moving? There seem to be no Bonnacon in Glorantha, (although there really ought to be), and I can imagine they would stall if their jet propulsion failed or they hadn't eaten enough beans...
  7. Would be really serious if you swapped two grain goddesses and became a cereal killer.
  8. I think the axe doubles up as a bottle opener
  9. I happened to watch this the other day re cuir boilli: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RO_nG6OpCKg
  10. Maybe they only take one hand and one wang from each enemy?
  11. 11 HP in Abdomen means 31+ GHP though, so not easy. Berserk is one way, I guess enchantments another, although RQG seems to say that won't be as relatively easy as it was in RQ3. 0 GHP = not dead is a funky house rule!
  12. Ouch, that's gotta hurt. No worries I was just interested to see how on Glorantha he survived and that I wasn't misunderstanding something!
  13. Spell says attack is doubled and berserker is protected by Countermagic 4 vs Chaos, nothing about double HP. The part about 50% extra CON (not +50% HP) is a separate bullet point which happens whenever you cast the spell, vs Chaos or not. Besides, how would that work if you were fighting a mixture of Chaos and non-Chaos?
  14. A question here - how did the Berserker survive? Even if they had 21 HP, Berserk would give them another 11 = 31. This would give them 10 hit points in the Abdomen. So 30 points to the Abdomen should kill them as per p148 - "instant death" so not even dying at the end of the round. Berserker doesn't stop you being cut in half, it just stops incapacitation, shock, unconsciousness, exhaustion. Being dead is none of these AFAIK. I guess if you had 21 CON, 21 SIZ and 21 POW you could have 26 HP, which would give +11 from Berserk = 37 HP? But that seems really unlikely. (BTW, just checki
  15. Agreed, and that's fine in a story (and the names you quote are explicit as they say "somewhere else" and "different"), but if players are potentially going to interact with random person/god/place X it's nice to at least have some idea of what it's meant to be, and its powers. Myths are not allegories? I thought that's exactly what they are supposed to be?
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