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  1. Hi Nick, Many thanks for the feedback, just to be clear I'm not looking for any material unless it is strictly legit, I am however interested in public domain/free assets as well as substitute token packs as you have suggested with your very useful links and I'll be looking through those in detail as the app you suggest for making tokens. I'm relatively new to Roll20 as a GM (been a player for a while) and I haven't gotten to grips with creating character sheets, so am looking out for a SB3 and/or Corum character sheet with the dice rolling mechanism embedded as I have experience du
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions for material, tokens maps etc that could be used to run EC games on Roll20. I was looking for Stormbringer 3e as I am hoping to run the old White Dwarf's Madcap Laughs (have any really techie folks have created one?) A Corum RPG one would be good also πŸ˜‰ I've just checked and the following character sheets are available - Stormbringer 4e Elric! / Stormbringer 5e Hawkmoon Hawkmoon (Mongoose Publishing) Any help appreciated, but I hope this will be useful to others too πŸ™‚
  3. Great find, sad though that many of the old sites are gone to silicon heaven , BOBT was good resource back in the day.
  4. I think it would also be useful to have products that would make a good transition to the Virtual Table Top as well as physical books/pdf, as these ways of playing are increasing in popularity in the current environment and are likely to remain in use now that folks are familiar with them. Maybe official Tokens as well as cardboard pawns in appropriate art, hopefully with a stylised feel to them in a similar but not identical feel to TSR's Planescape art by Tony DiTerlizzi.
  5. Is there any chance that the RINGWORLD RPG will ever be made available in PDF or even a reprint ?
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  7. Stormbringer 3rd Edition was my favourite πŸ™‚ I was (and still am) so drawn to the cover of that book and the art really helped draw my friends and I into the setting, it was also a departure from the AD&D and Tunnels and Trolls that we had been playing. Buying the game then lead to my discovery of Michael Moorcock's books and it still maintains a place on my gaming shelf even though the pages are very loose (needs rebinding) next to my Cthulhu collection.
  8. It would be great to see Stormbringer return especially given the interest in retro games and for those discovering Elric through the forthcoming Amazon project. It would need new products and some actual plays on YouTube would help get the word out. I personally saw a rise in cthulhu games amongst local d&d fans after Critical Role did their CoC game with Taliesin Jaffe as KeeperπŸ‘
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