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  1. Quick stupid question, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere: The Rubble's walls are 25m tall. The attendant gatehouses were built by the dwarves, after the giants had pounded the immense wall slabs into the ground. Are the gatehouses as tall as the walls? That would make for some REALLY tall towers! On the other hand, I can't picture these dinky little (say 40' or 50' - 15m) towers adjoined to these massively taller walls. It would look silly. I'm running through some action that takes place in the good old Griffin Gate neighborhood, and it never really was something I thought about, in my younger days, but the older I get, the more I appreciate these little details. Any insight would be great. Maybe I just missed the info in Pavis & the Big Rubble/River of Cradles/ Pavis:GtA?
  2. Man, I've been wanting to get ahold of Wyrm's Footnotes 15. Thanks! I was looking for something a bit "canonical", and that's close enough for me. (and you're right about doing the research, but I am a bit lazy and so figured it'd be easier to just field the question).
  3. Hey everybody. Quick question; I'm planning a Northern Sartar/Southern Tarsh Campaign. I've done some research on Alda-Chur, but I haven't been able to find anything to explain why the city's walls are made of glass, or how that came to be. It seems to be extraordinary, even by Glorantha's standards. Any insights would be Greatly appreciated!
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