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  1. Found some errata for this book (the printed book, as well as the latest PDF): Page 41 - Bind Animal (Folk) - Change ”Deeper Magic:” to ”Deeper magic:”, since it is written in that way in all other spell descriptions. Page 50 - Brew Space-Mead (I) - This has the icon for Dreamlands, but it isn’t listed in the Dreamlands-spell list on page 23. I’m guessing this shouldn’t have the Dreamlands icon, since there is also the spell ”Brew Space-Mead (II) (Dreamlands variant)” on page 51. Page 51 - Brew Space-Mead (II) (Dreamlands Variant) - This has both the Dreamlands and the Travel and Tr
  2. So I just tried downloading from Bits and Mortar, the Keeper Rulebook, Investigator Handbook, Keeper Screen Pack, Pulp Cthulhu and also The Two-Headed Serpent, since I had seen that all these had now been updated over on DriveThruRPG. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to download the Investigator Handbook and the Keeper Screen Pack, since I have now reached my download limit for those two. However, the ones I was able to download, the Keeper Rulebook, Pulp Cthulhu and The Two-Headed Serpent, none of them were updated. They are still the versions from back in the beginning of April of last
  3. Forgot some errata in my last post: Page 40 - Key - Change the order of Cost: and Malfunction:, to better match the order in the tables. Page 40 - Key - Date: - This has been reported before, but perhaps remove the Date-row, since none of the weapon-tables contain a Date-column? Page 41 - Rifles - I’m no Gun expert, but I find it strange that when comparing the two Winchester Rifles and their Carbine versions, the normal version of the .44-40 has 18 Bullets, while its Carbine version has 7 Bullets. And then the normal .45 version has 14 Bullets, but its Carbine version has 17 Bu
  4. Recently flipped through my copy of Down Darker Trails and found some things for the errata. Page 15 - Table 7: Cash and Assets - This table should be either Table 3 or Table 4, not Table 7. Also in the Key at the bottom of the table, change the order of ”Spending Level” and ”Assets” to better match the table. Pages 10-29 - A table is missing from these pages (or something hasn’t been labeled as a table, that should have been), either Table 3 or Table 4. Depends on what number the Cash and Assets table on page 15 is supposed to have. Page 36 - Horses, Other Mounts, and Cattle -
  5. Got the zip-file for Reign of Terror from Bits and Mortar a while back. And I was recently looking through the updated Investigator-PDF that it contained. Saw that the Investigators had been updated, compared to the Investigator-PDF that is available for Reign of Terror at Chaosiums website. Found that one of the Characters is now missing its Ideology/Beliefs section, which made me look through them and found some things for the errata. So the following errata is for Reign of Terror, but the errata for Pages 120 - 123, is for both the PDF of Reign of Terror as well as the extra Investigat
  6. Any new information on if there is supposed to be newer versions of the different PDFs available? Also, I’m wondering if the Keeper Resource Pack-PDF for The Two-Headed Serpent will be updated with the missing Handouts and Map? The stuff that is missing can be found on the following pages in The Two-Headed Serpent: Page 54 - Handout: NYC 5 Page 55 - Handout: NYC 6 Page 200 - Handout: Calcutta 6 Page 214 - The Map on that page
  7. I tried downloading the PDFs of the Keeper Rulebook, Investigator Handbook and Pulp Cthulhu from Bits and Mortar again. They haven’t been updated. I also downloaded the Keeper Screen Pack again, but I’m not sure if it's supposed to already be updated or if it will updated soon. When checking the PDFs and when they were updated last, I get the following dates: Keeper Rulebook - April 4, 2017 (Last updated on DriveThruRPG: April 4, 2017) Investigator Handbook - April 5, 2017 (Last updated on DriveThruRPG: January 2, 2018) Pulp Cthulhu - April 4, 2017 (Last updated on DriveThruRPG:
  8. I’m hoping I could get some answers for my questions in my post above this one.
  9. I was just checking to see that I had understood the Burst Fire rule correctly. Which seems to be the case. Even in the description of Burst Fire on page 114 it says that it is ”considered the best combination of accuracy and conservation of ammunition”, which I don’t agree with, rule-wise. Burst Fire is just a very limited version of Full Auto, where you only get to shoot one volley per round, with a set volley size of 3. It has no advantages over Full Auto, only disadvantages. Attercop, your suggestion to add to Burst 3 weapons, that a hard success would make 2 bullets hit, is a po
  10. I downloaded the Keeper Rulebook, Investigator Handbook, Pulp Cthulhu and the Keeper Screen Pack from Bits and Mortar. But only the Keeper Screen Pack seems to be updated, the zip-file now contains the updated reverse side of the Keeper screen, and also new versions with new layouts of both the Keeper Reference Booklet and the Scenarios book. Has this newer version of the Keeper Screen Pack with all the updated stuff been printed and been made available in our FLGS, or is just as PDFs for now? And if so, can one tell from the packaging if it's the updated version? What about the Keep
  11. I’m wondering if there is any new information about the PDFs being updated with the missing errata. Mike mentioned that they were to be updated sometime in the middle of November of last year, but they don’t seem to have been updated yet. I did try and download the Investigator Handbook from Bits and Mortar during the weekend, because I saw that the file had been updated at DriveThruRGP on the 2nd of January. But Bits and Mortar still had the old version of the PDF. (And I don't know what changes the new version of the PDF at DriveThruRGP contains.)
  12. I’m wondering if the two versions of the DDT character sheets is available in Non-Fillable PDF-versions, where you don’t need Acrobat Reader and the sheets don’t have a profile picture where you’re supposed to draw your character.
  13. Diving for Cover doesn’t care about someones DEX Order, right? It is used as a response to when someone is shooting at you? So even if you have a lower DEX Order then your opponent, or if you have already shot at your opponent during the current round, you can still choose to Dive for Cover when your opponent tries to shot at you? And then you just forfeit your next attack/action? And how does Diving for Cover work if more then one person is shooting at you? Does the first Dodge roll apply to all attackers, or do you make separate rolls for each attacker? Or you can only choose to Di
  14. What are the ”positives” to using Burst Fire with one of the few listed weapons that has Burst Fire as an option? Have I understood it correctly? Is it as bad as I think it is? Because rule-wise, why would you ever choose a Burst Fire weapon over a Full Auto weapon if you can? We have only three weapons (three assault rifles) listed that can be used with Burst Fire in the Keeper Rulebook. And they are all Burst 3 weapons. (Even though the Burst Fire rules under Automatic Fire on page 114, talk about both 2 and 3 Bullet Bursts, there are no Burst 2 weapons listed in the book.) On
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