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  1. jeffjerwin

    Something interesting about the map of the Middle Storm Age

    Darkness does still contain gender-fluidity, as we can see in Varzor Kitor.
  2. jeffjerwin

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    Truthfully, avoiding melee combat with Humakti seems like a decent survival strategy. Of course Humakti are not immune to missile weapons (there's only so much Parry can do), nor are they immune to Sunspear, nasty Sorcery spells, or Mindblast, etc. In fact, RQ even in earlier editions was much more survivable if everyone learned how to shoot a bow (particularly against Chaos and Trolls). From what I've seen of real European sword fighting, a skilled master can make short shift of a less skilled person, and the results are rarely in doubt - except versus multiple opponents, or when there's some serious disadvantage to the master. In skirmishes and battles, no doubt the strategy with Humakti is to isolate and overwhelm them, probably aided by magic.
  3. jeffjerwin

    Best Rules for Comparing Successful Rolls

    It sounds like this PC needs to meet a properly kitted out Yarnfil Tarnils Rune Lord, or be challenged by another Humakti to a formal duel.
  4. jeffjerwin

    Devotee Plot Obstacles

    Orane got the necklace at the Feyghost River, which is not (now) a particularly safe place - it lies between Beast Valley and a Dragonewt City. Reminds me of the story of the Brisingamen: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BrĂ­singamen and the Nauglamir in the Silmarillion.
  5. jeffjerwin

    Eleven Lights

    HQ is extremely rules-light in its setting and campaign books. The work will be in making RQ stats, which are pretty easy to extrapolate. My practice with HQ > RQ (or any other system) is just to borrow an NPCs stats that mostly fits from some other published material. The GM Pack, for instance, or RuneMasters, or many other sources... Minor characters can be hand waved as 30% (apprentice), 60% journeyman, 90% master or some such for relevant skills.
  6. jeffjerwin

    Battle of Hender's Ruins

    The latter demon was actually a Darkness/Hell spirit that the Kitori sent after him. Clearly not chaos. Its remit was to punish those who didn't pay the Shadow Tribute.
  7. jeffjerwin

    Stafford Library - Arcane Lore

    It's really a sketch of different hero quests. More useful for writing an adventure based on them than anything else. It doesn't provide a functional system for running them, but does give a sparse sense of what components a hero quest ought to have.
  8. jeffjerwin

    Additional Sorcery Spells

    Ah, the Sorcerer's Apprentice spell...
  9. jeffjerwin


    I posted this on the facebook thread but the DenegEria myth [daughter of Lodril and Oria ~ Voria] in Entekosiad shows signs of being about menstruation being the result of the Third Error, of bringing Death into the world. I also intuit that the Moon and menstruation are connected, for the following reasons: 1. Spelelkirt means 'Poison Blood', which may indeed contain a root Kor/Gor ~ Kirt relating to blood and earth. 'Unclean Blood' sounds a lot like male fears of menses. The Cyclical pattern is also suggestive. 2. Natha, the blood moon goddess is clearly connected to shedding blood and 'balance'/purging. 3. Hon-Eel. Red-headed fertility goddess who fertilizes the soil with blood. The whole mystery of the Red Goddess, the Turner, Sedenya, smacks of Pelorian women's mysteries that are ignored/suppressed by the Dara Happans. I suspect that the DH would have enforced menses-based taboos, as do many real cultures, and the resulting isolation of women's magic would be an ideal focus for understanding menses as an abeyant power, perhaps even the power to make life without Men. Among the Earth gods of Kerofinela, of course, we see the Kor/Gor motif of holy bloodshed, one marking 'not motherhood', but that capacity, again deferred, in abeyance.
  10. jeffjerwin

    RQ Sorcery

    I personally very much like the idea of inscriptions because of the RW techniques of mandalas and magic seals. I see them as the same thing. They focus the buried 'imago' of the spell in the mind's eye, where it has been lodged in the Memory Palace. A compromise could be made where a spell is learned through an inscription (i.e., a grimoire page), perhaps? Perhaps there's an undescribed form of Sorcery where the medieval 'recipe' style is used, but not memorized. I don't know. But a grimoire in real life is a lot like a cookbook.
  11. jeffjerwin

    Swords of Central Genertela

    There's reference to the King of Tarsh, Orios, failing to get an augury prior to raiding the Empire and ending up in Tork in the Sourcebook, p.16. The implicit criticism that all good leaders take the time to do so.
  12. jeffjerwin

    Theyalan-centric history.

    When I was young I discovered Graves' summaries of Greek mythology, with all its variations and so-called contradictions, and I was very happy.
  13. jeffjerwin

    Gloranthan Slang.

    I always assumed 'meldek' was a term of abuse.
  14. jeffjerwin

    Gloranthan Slang.

    Orlanthi > 'Windbags' Argan Argar cultists > 'Rats'