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  1. Hmm. They could be twins, of course. That wouldn't, mythically, prevent them from being mates at one point.
  2. On the Galanini: We find here: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/the-enerali-circa-130-st/ - a list of communities in Ralios in 130 ST (post-Dawn) "Galin Hill fort village, temple complex 800 humans, called Vustri Another 3200 members in scattered semi-nomadic camps between Doskior and Irimb rivers Matrilineal, ruled by hereditary queen Pastoralism (horse herding), hunter-gathering Galana, Erulat, Marat" Note that the horse god is here represented as Galana, and is associated with a matriarchal, hereditary queendom. Galana is the mare-goddess, and therefore I think is Hippoi/*Gamara/Arandayla, who is a female divinity. Galana is likely the Sun Mare and Galanin is the Sun Stallion, or rather 'consort-god of Galana'. I find the gender of Hippogryph particularly questionable (in the Yelmalio myth), though I am influenced by the RW medieval belief that the winged griffons were female and the wingless were male. Yelmalio myths tend to hypercorrect towards patriarchal authority; with Elmal we find the horse goddess as Reydalda who is obviously connected to Arandayla, the Grazer Sun Mare. The reason, of course [me extrapolating, to be honest], is that just as with the Irish accession rite for the kings of Ulaidh and the Vedic horse-ritual in India, the king (Little Yelm) must actually mate with a mare (or worse, an autonomous female priestess who impersonates a mare) and this wasn't really something they wanted to enact ritually. Compare also the 'riding/mating' metaphors in the sacral consort rite of the Feathered Queen.
  3. jeffjerwin

    Yinkin Shadowcats god, where is it's animal part

    I have generally thought of the whole notion of Cat Witches (there are at least two of them...) as telling... the term 'witch' in Glorantha generally indicates some sort of non-standard form of magic, usually spirit-based. I think it highly probable that Yinkin has a shamanic subcult, like Kolat to Orlanth. It is, however, probably a secret, non-social, aspect to Yinkin. The cat-witches live outside of society, like shamans: they are the feral aspect of Yinkin. So I think theist Yinkin is by far the most common or overt form of Yinkin worship, but I don't believe it to be all of the worship.
  4. jeffjerwin

    On Argin Terror and Tinaros

    Corpse-eating and the name Argin both suggest trollishness (and thus, of course, Arkat) This doesn't necessarily mean he isn't chaotic.
  5. jeffjerwin

    The Zaranistangi in 2nd Age Ralios and Slontos

    So did Manannan mac Lir (the chariot Scuabtuinne).
  6. jeffjerwin

    orlanthi cults in Umathela

    The warrior woman (Phausia) therein looks like Yelorna/Sun Daughter, rather than Vinga.
  7. jeffjerwin

    What price for Dune?

    In medieval legend (and in Italian dialects even today), Orc[h]i meant a kind of wild man or satyr.
  8. jeffjerwin

    Elder race passions

    Being the favored consort (though there is no marriage per se) of an Uzuz would be the pinnacle of male Troll ambition (unless you're one of those nasty Zorak Zoran boyz).
  9. jeffjerwin

    How to translate God Learner?

    I like this... see my attempt below. I think in French Les Divineurs or Les Savants-Divins? 'divin' = divine, but also divine in the sense of a priest.
  10. jeffjerwin

    Porscriptor the Cannibal

    Like trolls. (pun intended)
  11. jeffjerwin

    Porscriptor the Cannibal

    Is it just me or does the name "Porscriptor" sound un-Theyalan? He sounds foreign. Thus the by-name might indeed reference an unacceptable custom he had to abandon? Maybe they ate their dead out of reverence, like trolls (and certain human cultures in our world).
  12. jeffjerwin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Fire makes smoke, which is a kind of hot darkness (like, I dare say, ZZ). ZZ is what trolls fear. Argan Argar is literally surface darkness - shade - cool and welcoming, the opposite/counterpart/twin to ZZ.
  13. jeffjerwin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    I've argued this before (relative to Zolan Zubar), but Shargash ~ *Zar-k-az = definitely a Hell divinity, who is associated with fire and necromancy. Edit: *zre-, 'light' The parallels in names, portfolio, and outré fearfulness/the "Other" in the pantheon seems awfully similar. Also, the site where Orlanth and Shargash struggled as Orlanth went towards Ralios on the LB Quest is close to the Hill of Gold.
  14. jeffjerwin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Certainly it was the intention for the writers of the HeroWars and HeroQuest material (Sartar:KoH, p.153) that Elmal = Antirius, as an aspect of his is in fact called Anatyr the Chieftain there. That's obviously the same name. Though for all we know, Antirius/Anatyr is a description too, like "Little Yelm"/Yelmalio. Edit: indeed, it's plausible that it means chieftain.
  15. jeffjerwin

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    We can see some misattributions and misnaming in the Gods Wall in the Guide... What if the god now called Yelmalio (which pretty likely means 'Little Yelm') is not the same god as the original? Certainly Yelm had more than one son, and the function of being the 'Little Yelm' (i.e., the Sun's vicegerent) could have shifted.