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  1. He can still augment with his water rune I think.
  2. Well that's cool. It looks great so far, I can't wait to see the finished product! (but I'm probably gonna have to wait a bit more)
  3. I didn't even know there was a companion! Someday I'm gonna have to buckle down and buy all this old stuff just to see what all I've missed.
  4. 👀 are these actually pages from Questworlds?
  5. It's not RQ, but there was a (semi?) official writeup for HQ1. You may be able to pull some from that. Serdrodosa.pdf
  6. Oh, you're right. I got Wildday and Godsday flipped, my bad.
  7. It's a full moon at sunset on wildday. From there it goes to full half on freezeday, then crescent going on waterday, then to dying on clayday. Following dying is black on windsday, crescent coming on fireday, and finally empty half on godsday before it gets back to the full moon.
  8. By Issaries please no!
  9. I wonder how Oakfed shamans would feel about it. Would they encourage the blaze or help with the efforts to stop/control it? How would worshipers of the other lowfires or gods like Veskarthan feel? Surely there are gonna be some people who have different feelings about a whole bunch of fire spirits in one place than that they need to go away. Edit: this is honestly one of the most interesting threads we've had here imo. Talking about how people would deal with more real-world issues in Glorantha is really enlightening. And talking about how issues like this could be used in-game is even better.
  10. Probably only the very large, advanced cities like Boldhome, Nochet, Pavis, and most Lunar cities would have a permanent, organized fire department. In areas where sorcery is practiced, like the empire, I bet that there's probably a few minor ones kept on call with water or rain spells. Cities like Pavis or Nochet which are by large bodies of water probably employ water email, and in Boldhome they may use rain or storm magic.
  11. I'd like to see some more Solar cults like Lodril or Yelm. Your writeups so far have all been excellent!
  12. Iirc, Chaos Sense in "canon" is a passive ability that lets a storm bull know when chaos is nearby. It doesn't point out any one specific person, it just gives the Uroxi a sense that something is wrong. Of course, this is less something like Spiderman's spidey-sense and more like "Hrng, Khan, I'm trying to get drunk and bang cows, but the scars from my initiation are burning like the fires of hell and the pain keeps alerting me to the presence of chaos." Of course it can also manifest as a bad smell or taste, a red haze over the eyes, or something more exotic.
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