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    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    Honestly, my opinion is that if it would be fun for your players than let 'em at it. I would recommend requiring something like a DEX roll to avoid getting burned yourself, and of course they can't command it without the right spell, but creative and unique uses for magic are how Argrath and the Lunars both rose to power so I don't see any real reason to not let your players try the same. YGMV and MGF. In all honesty, I wish my players would come up with stuff like this. Sometimes its like they don't realize they have magic. Edit: a thought. If the players figure out a potentially overpowered idea, well, there's technically nothing from stopping the GM from using it on them too... 😈
  2. Richard S.

    Runes for your Questing...

    Cow head is Eternal Battle or Anti-Chaos, Urox's personal rune. It's used in HQG. The "g" is Sartar's personal rune which represents the holder's right to rulership of Sartar. Most of his descendants have a connection to it as shown in S:KoH. Edit: plant and stasis are available on the redbubble, just not as part of the grid. Plant also has a green instead of white background for some reason.
  3. Richard S.

    Sartarite Greetings

    I thought they used "Yo!"
  4. Unless they had awakened their Draconic consciousness, no. They'd intellectually understand the parts of it comprehensible to humans, but lacking a dragon mind they are physically incapable of fully using it.
  5. Richard S.

    The Material Culture of Dragonewts

    While this has never been confirmed, there is the possibility that some are the results of newer clutches laid during time, possibly even around the time of the EWF. The Mongoose book interestingly mentioned the Dragonewt/IK being able to produce eggs by virtue of being a True Dragon in a lesser body, but I doubt this as it has no mate and no real reason.
  6. Richard S.

    Fate of the ship if all Dormal initiates on it die

    "Any ship going out of the sight of land would be lost to unknown forces: including the sea monsters, weather and Triolini." Quote from the wiki. It doesn't mean it sinks necessarily, though that's probably what happens most of the time, the ship just never returns. Also according to the same source, the closing was broken in 1624 by the reappearance of the Boat Planet, not by the cradle.
  7. Richard S.

    Fate of the ship if all Dormal initiates on it die

    Giant magic.
  8. Richard S.

    Fate of the ship if all Dormal initiates on it die

    You'd probably have until the ritual wears off, since IIRC it's an enchantment on the ship itself, not something directly caused by the presence of Dormali. I'd also think that most sailors would be Dormali to some degree, though I don't know for certain as I've never studied Gloranthan sailing, so if they all died I think there'd be much more pressing problems than the closing.
  9. Richard S.

    Why are Pelorians so (comparatively) culturally diverse?

    Perhaps semi-related: "Peloria" is actually the name of a process through which normally irregular flowers become regular through repetition of the special irregularity. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/peloria I wonder if Greg and later authors had this in mind when designing the land. To me, it seems perfect as an allusion to the idea of all these unique cultures gradually being absorbed into a larger classification.
  10. HOLD UP If the Abiding Book's appearance in 635 was a manifestation of the Devil then that would put the next Devil birth at 1235 or so... which is suspiciously close to the birth of the Red Goddess!
  11. So does that mean the Abiding Book is false?
  12. Yeah, that was my other theory. But really, I do think it's kinda stretching it to say there are these cycles when all we know is the first through third ages.
  13. Another possibility: there is no cycle. We have three ages of Glorantha which we know about, that's not a lot. Just because the third mirrors much of the first could mean nothing, and in all honesty most of the third age, historically and culturally, is completely different than the first or second.
  14. Well, if the devil is indeed reborn every 600 years or so like Argrath claimed, were there any important events that happened around 975? Considering that Nyaslor was born in 375. Or course, you could claim that the devil really appeared sometime after Nyaslor's birth too. All in all, I think the second age isn't a part of the regular hero/devil cycle. It was an intermediate age between the first and third, an age of mortals like Argrath claimed the fourth age would be, unrestricted by the godtime and defined by humanity's ambitions. In fact, it's my theory that the fourth will be a repeat of the second, the fifth a repeat of the third and first, the sixth the fourth, and ad infininitum. An age of gods and an age of man, cycling for eternity until the day when Chaos finally reclaims its own.
  15. Richard S.


    The book burning/sacrificing thread got me thinking on what types of books exist in Glorantha, specifically novels. I know that in most of Glorantha literacy is very rare and so most of their entertainment is oral stories and plays, but in more civilized regions like the Lunar empire and Kralorela, where literacy is more widespread, I imagine reading could be another common form of entertainment. And if there are books produced purely for entertainment, would they be completely fictional or would they be retellings of popular myths and the like (or is there a difference)? On a related note, would knowledge cults like IO and LM collect and preserve works of fiction?
  16. Richard S.

    The Gloranthan "Astral"

    Pah, your speak as if dreaming and waking are different, self-absorbed dream as you are. The world is a perfectly truthful lie with OUROBOROS at the center and the outside and nowhere and everywhere all at once. Self and reality are not, all is subjective as all is illusionary but oh so perfectly real. I am a dream but by my awakening I know I am dreamer as well and am split in half, and so all of the dream is of me and I of it. Only the fools know there is a barrier between dreaming and waking. They do not know the true secret of OUROBOROS so they see with both eyes but still hold one shut for fear of illusion being illusionary. Alright, serious answer. I think people's imaginations in Glorantha are pretty much like their own otherworlds. IIRC there are even Vithelan sorcerers who deal with dreams much the same way Shamans do with the spirit world. They can have their own denizens, environments, and such which are just as real as the other otherworlds but contained within one person (or multiple in some cases. Hell, Glorantha itself technically only exists in the imagination of people :P). On dragons and dreams, one of my personal theories is that dragons, their kin, and draconic mystics view the world and themselves as the dream of the Cosmic Dragon, the concept/being of Ouroboros, or some other entity we don't know. Due to this, they can cast magic by basically treating reality as a lucid dream since, if they're a dream, then that means by extension they are a part of the dreamer and thus the dream is really their own. The EWF masters believed the Cosmic Dragon was the source of reality and so everything within their dragon dream began to take on draconic characteristics which could not exist beyond, which is how they could have all their unique animals and crops which disappeared after their fall.
  17. Richard S.

    The Material Culture of Dragonewts

    That makes sense, though I wonder how that works out for barbarian nests whose rulers are mostly dead/trapped in the egg dream. That would also mean that all the nests except for Dragon's Eye probably disappeared after the Golden Horde was through with them, which could have some interesting implications.
  18. Richard S.

    The Material Culture of Dragonewts

    Most dragonewts eat regularly, like normal people, and many tailed priests have developed a reputation as gormets. I seem to remember an example of them using human skin leather, but most of their leatherwork is made from dinosaurs iirc (maybe dead dragonewt bodies too?). They likely make much of their material goods via singing or dreaming it into the proper shape, like they do with dragonbone, however they also probably have advanced knowledge of stone and wood working which lets them build some of the impossible architecture they're famous for. I think I may recall something on them using dragon eggshells for some buildings, but I can't remember a source so it's probably just something I made up. On the topic of dragonbone, I believe that dragonewt bone serves the purpose just as well so most dragonbone weapons are actually made of that. The high quality stuff, though, is real dragon bones mined or recovered from dead dragons.
  19. Richard S.

    RQ4:AiG Character Sheet

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a character sheet I designed a few years back for the unreleased 4th edition playtest of RQ: RuneQuest: Adventures in Glorantha. I'm just putting it out here as a curiosity or for if anyone has the playtest and wants to use it. The only major things missing are an equipment section and base skill percentiles. The first page has mundane skills, characteristics, most derived attributes, attacks, and skills. The second page has all the magic skills and is subdivided into three separate parts for the three types of magic. I'm thinking of tweaking it for RQG in the future, since I'm not totally a fan of the official RQG character sheet.
  20. Richard S.

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    Yeah, we were talking about the actor with the mask, sorry for the confusion!
  21. Richard S.

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    In light of the recent solar threads, I was wondering where the Golden Sun Dragon fits into the whole mess. I know (or think I know) that it was an EWF mystic-turned-true-dragon (though not actually ascended, just physically transformed) who usurped the imperial family of Dara Happa and impossibly became the next emperor. I have also heard that it was the hidden draconic aspect of Yelm or Yelmalio, and was worshipped by both Dara Happans and Sun Domers under EWF control. Does it have any other importance beyond the EWF's time, or was it just a constructed god of theirs? Also, was it actually a god capable of providing Rune magic a la the gods its worship replaced, or was its cult just a path into the EWF's draconic mystic schools that didn't actually provide magic in-and-of itself?
  22. Richard S.

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    If you look at it closely I think it's pretty clearly supposed to be a dragon. There's even scales detailed on the cape.
  23. Richard S.

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    While technically non-canon, Dara Happa Stirs says the Sun Dragon is the human mystic Hurarbargarten who unlocked a dragon form through the Yelm Dragon cult and his elevation to the Eternal Dragon Ring. Interestingly, it also says that the Sun Dragon as embodied by Hurarbargarten isn't actually a True Dragon at all but is just the body of one still with the mind and soul of a human. The Red Dragon was one of those present at the Dragonkill and presumably existed before as well, so I wonder how the association could exist without a red moon to speak of. Of course, it could be a pre-existing connection from the godtime or just an example of dragons ignoring boundaries like death or time. It also seems to me that dragons are largely antagonistic to at least the empire if not the moon itself, considering how they aided Argrath against it and also how the dragonewts in the first age initially tried to resist Nyaslor, who the moon undoubtedly is tied to, until he enslaved them.
  24. Richard S.

    What was the Sun Dragon?

    Stuff like this has always been curious to me, as a major part of the dragon path as practiced by the dragonewts (and presumably their human students in the EWF) was that elemental connections were something to be avoided at all costs, yet many true and ancestral dragons seem to be associated with if not rulers over certain elements (GSD with the Sun, Green Dragon with Earth, Aroka with water, etc.). My personal theory is that True and Ancestral dragons are close enough to Ouroboros that they can interact with the illusion/dream freely without losing themselves in it, and their bodies reflect a personal preference or self-inflicted duty rather than a true affinity.