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  1. If I've previously bought the HQG pdf, can I still get the price of that off of the discounted hardcover?
  2. There may be some deep mythological connection that I haven't pieced together yet, but personally I think the connection is simply because they both look serpentine. Shapes have power in Glorantha, as demonstrated by the Runes, and so when two things both tend to have long slender bodies with wide heads and some teeth the cosmos is bound to say "ooh there's a connection", even if there's nothing relating them beyond said similarity of form (at least nothing that isn't also shared by most other animals).
  3. >Last post was from 2008 This isn't just normal thread necromancy, this is a full LBQ resurrection
  4. To be completely fair, KoS doesn't explicitly say that the connection is completely severed. Sure, several gods get killed in an LBQ (but is it a true death or can they get better?) and "the way that the gods and mortals communicated was altered", but the idea that the gods are just not a thing in the fourth age is, in my opinion, a rather unfounded assumption.
  5. Keep in mind you can train skills as well, which is more reliable than learning by experience at lower level. So yes, while a new spell would have a very low starting percentage, the expectation is that you'd spend a while practicing and training it.
  6. Earth Witch and Kolat are spirit cults in RQG so you could be an initiate of both Kolat and Orlanth, or a priest of Orlanth and an initiate of Kolat. It doesn't look like priests of spirits can be initiates of gods though.
  7. Does Dara Happa acknowledge/have the Golden Bow subcult of Yelm?
  8. Hykim & Mikyh / Korgatsu is the big shaman cult for the various animal peoples of Glorantha - the Hsunchen - but there aren't too many of them in the Dragon Pass save the Telmori, and I don't know how many shamans they have. Actually, I'm not sure if shamans worship Korgatsu directly or if they join the animal totem cults like the rest of their tribe. In any case, that'd probably be the best for a "nature shaman", though it really only focuses on beasts. If you want a plant shaman, Aldrya is pretty much the choice, yeah, but as you noted it's difficult for humans to be more than lay member
  9. Hi all. Over the course of Runequest's history, as I'm sure you all know, there's been a distinct lack of official Heroquesting rules. Hopefully that problem will soon be rectified, but in the meantime I'd like to get an idea of what all the community has come up with in the nearly 50 years since RQ1 came out. What homebrew systems were out there? Who made them and what were they like? Which ones, if any, did you use? And, if possible, where can they be found? I know we've recently been blessed with an excellent set of HQing rules via the Jonstown Compendium, but I'm just curious as to what el
  10. However, none of the HW or HQ1 stuff is considered canon, so I'd take that link with a grain of salt until we see the cult in the GaGoG
  11. No no that's not proper God-learner-ism. We perform a heroquest to prove they're the same and combine them, y'see! Then we get both phenomenal art direction and already-released Heroquesting rules!
  12. A sorcerer with bound demons just sounds like a powerful shaman or Gloranthan sorcerer to me. Just do some reflavoring and maybe a little restatting of the "demons" and you're good to go.
  13. Argan Argar is a husband of Esrola, Ernalda's sister/fertile aspect. I'm not sure whether that qualifies him as a husband protector, but I think it might.
  14. I would say that, as individuals, sure an elf and troll could be allies or even friends. It may be a little harder and could alienate them in the eyes of most of their peers, but the idea that enemies can cooperate was proven in the Unity Battle, where all races put aside their hostility to fight chaos. For a Troll to be considered an elf-friend in general though would take tremendous effort and probably some great heroquest, perhaps to right a perceived wrong the trolls had committed against the elves. You could have Tarndisi give your player something like a special flower to signify the hel
  15. Considering the number of henotheistic Orlanthi I'd expect sorcery would play just fine with him.
  16. Y'all just take it to PMs or something
  17. I think there's either something wrong with the search function or some data just got deleted. I was trying to search "Aeolian" and only got two results, both from within the last few days. I know for a fact there should be more hits for that word.
  18. That was supposed to be Argrath? I saw it outside the context of the Companion, tbf, but I thought it was a Grazer priest of some sort, probably because of the elaborate headgear and stars. Honestly though, looking it as Argrath, I could see that being some old ceremonial EWF armor he uses to enhance his dragon powers.
  19. Kolat is going to be a spirit cult.
  20. Maybe not officially, but they're so well done and in depth compared to what we had that they might as well be! My future campaigns will probably use your material heavily as a resource.
  21. Personally, I'd say they can just use them. Common spells are the most basic powers that any god can give, you don't need a deep understanding of a myth or much practice to use them.
  22. I forget where I saw it, but I heard that GGG would be a multi-book set, and RBoM may come with it since it's a pretty natural supplement for a book of magical organizations.
  23. The Red Book of Magic is a compilation of all published Rune and Spirit magic spells for RQG up to Gods & Goddesses of Glorantha (or whatever the name is right now). It will be released along with the GGG, possibly in the same box, and will not deal with sorcery at all AFAIK. Sorcery will be better covered in a future supplement focused on western Genertela, which I think is sadly no more than some notes at the moment.
  24. Martin, I just want to say thank you so much for taking the time to put together these amazing, informative books with such excellent and detailed art. I personally cannot wait for MotW to hit shelves.
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