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  1. While the dragons were definitely sad that so many dragonewts died, I don't think they'd willingly produce immature eggs. They'd be much more likely to lay true dragon eggs, I feel, replacing the dragons that could have been, rather than replacing the poor, stunted things that were born before they should have been. If any new dragonewts were born at the dragonrise, they would've been laid by former dragonewts who'd ascended quite recently, and somehow found the feasting ground of the dragonkill a good place to mate.
  2. Since the Green Dragon reportedly only settled down around 1469 or so, it's possible that the aforementioned Lord Green Tongue may have been laid by it if he was born in 1450. Maybe the 19 year gap is a little big, but time probably doesn't matter much to dragons.
  3. While it's generally been implied that the remaining dragonewts are the "bad" ones, I don't think it's ever been explicitly stated that there have never been new eggs. Personally, I think it could make for an interesting adventure seed, if the PCs come across an immature dragon egg (which will soon hatch into a dragonewt) and have to figure out what to do with it. New clutches of dragonewts could also serve as an origin for dragonewt PCs, removing the pressure of one player having eons of life more than the others.
  4. iirc, Jeff confirmed in a Yelmalio thread that this is a Polaris spell. Kargzant also gets it as an associate.
  5. I was extrapolating from the fact that wyters use POW to fuel most of their magic, and replenish it with POW sacrificed from the community. Now, to be fair, wyters don't need a whole lot of POW (relative to the size of the community) to get back to full, but I'd imagine that over the course of a year it'd use enough magic that most adults would need to give it 1-2 points.
  6. While you certainly can do that, as BRP is a magnificently adaptable system, the intent behind RQG is that you will be playing in Glorantha, and thus there's no reason for the rules to be written with the expectation of playing outside of it. If you want to play something like RQ outside of Glorantha, it'd be much better to just use the big gold book.
  7. Though let's be honest, this is trying to extrapolate Gloranthan reality from game rules, which we know never works. The fact of the matter is that the world isn't inundated with MP enchantments, regardless of how we could interpret the rules.
  8. Only god-talkers and higher get more than 1-2 POW gain rolls a year without training or fighting, and regardless of who you still need to make a worship roll in the first place, which for the vast majority of people probably isn't too high of a chance. Even priests will probably only get a chance once a month, and they're probably more concerned with spending extra POW on rune points, heroquests and temple rituals, feeding the wyter, and that sort of thing.
  9. There's the pretty big downside of losing around a tenth of your soul every time you make one, at minimum, with a decent risk of making something nearly worthless unless you pump some more into it. Plus, anyone who's not a shaman or regularly adventuring has a relatively tough time recovering Power.
  10. So it's open to Lunar magic manipulation, probably
  11. Perhaps, but if that is true it obviously hasn't happened yet, as there is no surplus of MP enchantments (though I wouldn't say they're exactly rare either). Maybe that's something you could explore in your own games.
  12. 1 POW isn't an insignificant sacrifice, especially since you can't guarantee how much value you'll get out of it. On top of that, it's a fairly rare spell. No cults in the core rules teach it, and my assumption is that, in practice, it's pretty much just a toy for shamans if they can hunt down a spirit to teach it, and they have better things to spend POW on than mass producing these things. Edit: what you should really worry about is the Rune magic variation of this, since A) nearly every cult teaches it and B) there's probably more rune priests than full shamans in the world.
  13. I'm assuming it's because the crater makers encompass several different magic traditions, and so by making it a spirit spell it can be used by all members without messing with their existing magics. If it was a Rune spell, they'd have to basically join a whole new cult with new sacrifices and a new rune pool. Also, assuming Lunar magic works the same in RQG that it did in RQ3, spirit magic can be manipulated by Lunar magicians in a similar manner to sorcery.
  14. Angry wind spirits are getting involved because you're busy sucking up their homes/friends and turning them into magic juice. Nothing to do with taboos or cultures, they just don't like you. It may also have something to do with the fact that LM is friends with Orlanth and you, by destroying the air using LM's knowledge, are violating that friendship.
  15. They can still use all the other archery spirit magic though, so losing one spell isn't a huge blow. I don't see a problem with that. The geas on Yelmalians is just that they can't learn spells like that.
  16. Y'all are getting way too worked up about this. You're all making assumptions based on a single piece of art and an out of the way comment, in a document that's probably not even in its final form, for a ruleset that won't be out for months. Chill out, geez. It's not the end of the world regardless of what happens. Also, this has really gone far beyond the supposed topic of this thread...
  17. This all looks really cool! Could someone more familiar with the system give a rundown as to what looks different in this edition? Off the top of my head it looks like the skill list is smaller and passion bonuses are smaller, but I'm not the most well versed with Pendragon so I'm probably missing some stuff.
  18. This reminds me of how I've heard Ringworld worked, with a broad skill that you can train up to a certain percentage and then have to branch out into specializations of. This has a lot more branches though. It looks interesting, and if your players are cool with it I think it'd be a neat experiment to use, but I also can't help but think that it seems a dreadful lot to remember.
  19. Man and Beast start at 50% too, in a pair like the power runes. But really, it's best not to try and infer Gloranthan reality from one set of game rules.
  20. Most people would have Fertility 50%, I would think. Sure it ain't high, but it ain't low either.
  21. Isn't he the source of Kallyr's star brow though? Or at least the star gives her some connection to the pole star.
  22. If I've previously bought the HQG pdf, can I still get the price of that off of the discounted hardcover?
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