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  1. go out and throw some torches and then measure the distance
  2. what im working on will be a Gamma World clone
  3. yes, i have to get the Cydoria one myself, everything i have seen of it i thought was great.
  4. How many people would want a BRP compatible % based RPG set in a Gamma World/Mutant Epoch/Mutant Future type setting? Mutants,Cyborgs, Sorcery,Androids,Robots, Mutant plants and animals...Radiation...you know the setting. Im trying to get an idea of how much interest there is for something like this. It would be a core rulebook with several chapters. Rules, Characters/mutations/Cybernetics/Nano-tech/Spells, Setting info and World maps, Equipment, Weapons, Vehicles, NPCs, Organizations, Creatures, Random Adventure Generator and a few Adventure Scenarios
  5. Head over to Kickstarter and check out Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition.
  6. they are super busy with multiple projects,its a good thing
  7. theres a dead tree version of Operation Ulysses as well..but they put it in the "Monograph" section, not the BRP section.
  8. ive run many Zombie Apocalypse games, that horrorish.
  9. wow, this is awesome.Thanks EvilSchemer. What program do you use to design your maps?
  10. Noble Knight is selling two used copies of Worlds Beyond..$50. If the game really uses BRP as its ruleset i may have to buy a copy....its got starship rules, new alien species and equipment.
  11. has anyone looked at the Combat Example in the BRP Quickstart rules? It doesnt use the -5 DEX action rules at all. Characters move and attack on their DEX ranks. Call of Cthulhu does things that way as well, with a few tweeks, such as ready to fire firearms going first regardless of the weilders DEX rank. My group was used to CoC so when we started using BRP to play diffrent genres we kept certain things the same, DEX rank was one of them, we never used the -5 DEX action rule or statements of intent. Since CoC Movement's description was vague and movement in combat was never discussed we made up our own rules. A character could move up to half his movement rate and still perform an attack or action...anything more than that and he cannot attack/act. If something didnt make narrative sense the GM(me) just disallowed it. "no you cant run around that gaurd and stab the princess, you can try but the gaurd gets to attack as you run by....etc" having a higher DEX makes the character faster and more agile, it doesnt make him superman......unless he has DEX 40 or something....then i guess it does.
  12. After i finished Operation Ulysses i was paid right away, but i took my pay in Chaos Bucks so i cant say how things would have gone if they had to cut me a check. I have been working on a Zombie Apocalypse monograph for them for the last year or so. Periodicaly i send them an email to let them know how its going but i dont think ive received a reply from Dustin in around 8 months. I was a bit worried but if the same thing is happening to everyone i guess they are ultra busy working on the Orient Express set or god forbid 7th ED.
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