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    I mostly played D&D in high school and college, but also dabbled in Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, Top Secret, and Gamma World. I'm not a fan of 4E D&D, I find it appallingly pro-munchkin. I'm big on Dark Sun and Planescape. You can see my article on psionic ninjas for 2E D&D and my winning entry for the Design a Sheen contest in Dragon Magazine. I co-wrote Unorthodox Rogues for The Le Games.
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    Not currently in any games, looking for one to join in my area.
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    North Hills, California, in the San Fernando Valley
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    I'm Samuel M. Wright and you're not. I'm a telephone psychic, writer, philospher, and sex symbol. To know me is to love me...

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  1. How do you derive height and weight from Size or determine Size for objects you have measurements for? This attribute seems too abstract, I cannot visualize it...
  2. Generation ships, slower than light vessels that take centuries to travel from one star system to another, would develop their own cultures. Trade unions may have their own fleets of ships and other resources. Criminal syndicates can exist on a single world or span a galaxy, just look at the Orion Pirates in Star Trek and the Hutts in Star Wars. Theatrical troupes and USO tours could liven things up, providing entertainment, spreading gossip, getting into scandals...
  3. Here's a link to a story I wrote inspired by the monster Faer, a living Phantasmal Killer spell dwelling on the Ethereal Plane. It's in a modern setting, actually the West Los Angeles neighbourhood I grew up in. I think it could be a good start for an adventure, especially a modern Cthulhu tale. http://www.bukisa.com/articles/220546_nightfox-reports-1-screamers This is something of a sequel to the above tale, with the same narrator, but a bit more gruesome. This story was inspired by the Mi-go, Josef Mengele, and my crackhead ex-girlfriend. It's set in the San Fernando Valley, land of porn studios, hookah lounges, and Valley Girls... http://www.bukisa.com/articles/220981_got-brains I'm interested in what people think of this style of story and looking for suggestions as to where I can take this story thread.
  4. I usually drink Guinness, but any dark, thick stout will do...
  5. I refuse to reply on the grounds it may incriminate me (and reveal my real age). But it was in 7th Grade.
  6. The BoEF's rules center around the skill Perform (sex), it has lots a material that could be converted to a non-D20 game with relative ease. A good Courtesan should speak several languages and have a knowledge of music, art, literature, politics, and religion. A Courtesan is not a hooker, she is a professional mistress, with all that implies, being able to entertain her client and his friends in public as well as in private...
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