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    I play mostly Dungeons and Dragons, now 5e. I've played every edition since 1980 and DM'd regularly since 1999.
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    Dungeons and Dragons 5e, heavy on the Lovecraft, though.
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    I'm retired, though back to work as a US Government contractor.

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  1. No, I don't think so, and I've made some more props myself, but I just finished the Peru prologue today. I'm moving this summer and I've already invested in the Call of Cthulhu information for Roll20 so I can continue to run the game for my Investigators remotely. We played today over Discord, and it worked fine.
  2. Speaking really only for myself, yes -- I think it is. I mostly use the pdfs for GM prep and I use them from my Surface Pro for gaming. But, the quality of the books is outstanding. I got the slipcase on sale while I was at GenCon last year. Not only are the books great, but I also liked getting the GM Screen and the handouts.
  3. My group is heading to the Ruins soon, and I'm not sure I understand the map. The description where the kharisiri disappear on the far side of the pyramid (to head into the Charnel Pit) seems to argue that the investigators climb down a cliff and over the wall, rather than down the precarious trail and through the gate. I'm just wondering what, if anything, I'm missing with that?
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