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  1. Crucible of the hero wars, Elder secrets of glorantha and Gods of glorantha is a lot more material for Glorantha than we ever got for 2. I'll agree the cult write ups in Gods was pretty lame, but on the upside, we also got material that 2 never even dreamed of.
  2. And if the answer is "well, we didn't use that options", that's fair but there's only two methods for generating starting skills in the book. If you specifically chose the one that makes it harder for a player to become an acolyte and then complain it's too hard to be an acolyte...that ain't nothing any rulebook can save you from But even without it, training goes fast enough and is cheap. Chaosium is saying now that Runequest should be one adventure per season, right? So 50 hours of training every week for a year and you'd be there in no time!
  3. One might suggest that most GM's would do better in getting rid of as many opposed rolls as possible, rather than trying to add more of them. Letting the player roll, only for their success to be taken away by the GM rolling and saying "Sorry, the bad guy did better, so that good roll was wasted" is not overly fun. 99% of situations where you think an opposed roll is needed, just have the player roll and move on. If the opponent is much better than them, make it a -20 or so.
  4. "Rune levels" is nothing, honestly. To be a full-blown priest, all you need is 4 skills at 50, plus 50 points of ritual magic. You don't even need to commit to priesthood. Acolytes get re-usable rune magic as well. If you use the freeform character creation, you can easily start off at that rank and even if you don't, if the campaign is such a meat grinder that getting four skills to 50 is literally impossible, the problem is not the system but the GM. Like, everyone understands that the priest rules in 2 and 3 are different right?
  5. BRP based systems can run just fine with surprisingly little of the rules in play. Roll to hit, roll to parry, roll for damage. The rest is gravy 🙂
  6. Given that the passions came from Pendragon, it'd be rather easy to port them to anything BRP, including RQ2 if so desired Personally, I feel like the Rune stuff is a bit too too much, but I;'ll admit that I prefer the somewhat grittier early views of Glorantha, so that's 100% just me being difficult. The Pendragon style background generation is very cool, though it's pretty campaign specific. Then again, given Pendragon 5, it seems that's the way Chaosium is choosing to take its games and I think it has its own advantages and disadvantages. 3 was "broad but shallow" in a lot of way
  7. Thanks Bill. That and some fries would be great Seeing how people do things is always helpful.
  8. I don't think it's a problem that temple maintenance is a strain on the community (if a modest one): After all the temple is the core of the community's survival in many cases. It would also help explain why "adventurers"tend to be tolerated, because despite their tendency to cause trouble and draw in enemies, they also tend to acquire large amounts of loot and potential sacrifice animals (if they win a victory over a rival clan f.x.). Of course being Glorantha, there's no doubt ways to make a cow grow faster or something. As far as the repeated upselling of RQG - Thanks guys,
  9. Yeah, we'll have 5 players and with my luck, nobody will want to play the same deity We just finished a Harn campaign and it was a bear to track there, and that was just for regaining a few points of piety, not for actually recuperating spells. I do like the idea of using the calendar and having them struggle with decisions based on it, but I can already feel a headache coming on, and I have a one drink maximum when I GM (okay 2.. maybe 3 but you know)
  10. You could probably just assign a single attribute to each category and make the bonus equal to that. I like the category bonuses, but in playing Stormbringer f.x. we never missed them.
  11. Assume average stats for their species. If they are generic soldiers, guards or whatever, I just give them HP, a weapon /armor set and a single skill. So a squad of average soldiers get "Soldier 60%". They have a 60% chance of doing any soldier-thing. If they do something a soldier might know but not be great at, roll at a suitable reduction (-20 is usually fine). If its really unusual, give them the base chance.
  12. I like that solution too. Keeps it from being too easy but doesn't require tracking a calendar either. Hm. I'll do a bit more musing on the topic.
  13. Appreciate the feedback mates. I already own RQG, so I'll switch to that when I feel the advantages for a specific campaign outweigh the advantages of 3.
  14. Being able to cast at double cost without sacrificing does make a lot of sense. There's a lot of handy spells that players might not be inclined to take, because there's usually something else that's more important.
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