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  1. Depends. If they are near a big city, generally yes though a skill check may be required to figure out the true value or to get full price. If they are in the boonies, many items simply cannot be sold, because nobody wants them, has a need or could afford them.
  2. My personal take in BRP games is that blood loss kicks in at around 1 HP per minute or so and requires first aid. You will die without help. If using a CON check of some sort, I'd make the CON check every combat round unless the character is sitting still and clutching their wound. Purely personal takes though.
  3. Also fair. Though Malory fights tend to either be over in one go or last all day. The introduction of a "Knights sword" in the mid/late eras that does +1D6 damage would work in my opinion.
  4. This is true and fair, but it's also what should happen. Once the heavy armor shows up, characters should be switching to great swords / halberds on foot and hammers on horse.
  5. Oh sure, I was just thinking out loud since we're all speculating and theorizing 🙂
  6. With the 6e preview seeming to indicate that each passion is usable once per day, and mostly removing penalties for lower rated passions, that may also have effects here. If the roll is indeed for one round / melee, nobody is going to be risking that "Hate Saxons 8" at the end of the day, but with the new rules maybe they would? I will say that rolling once and then claiming the bonus for the entire battle "felt" wrong last time we played a battle (Lindsey), though less wrong at +5 than +10. I'll definitely be musing on this.
  7. My gut feeling is that "rounding up" for weaker characters in terms of what they can be expected to carry is probably fair, in the spirit of playability, especially in games where characters like ducks, hobbits etc. are likely to be around.
  8. Additional question: Passions and battles. I've seen it mentioned that in Book of Battle, a passion roll is said to be one round. Is that stated anywhere in the main book? Do people use that?
  9. Okay, so for the uninitiated, Drakar och Demoner (DoD) was a derivative of Chaosiums Magicworld which basically became the norm for roleplaying games in Sweden in the 80's. With the "Expert" expansion it moved to a D20 but remained very BRP-adjacent. If you ever wondered why Trudvang and the original Kult and Symbaroum are all D20 roll-unders, there you have it. Anyways, encumbrance. First, ENC values for a few assorted weapons. As mentioned, 1 ENC is meant to be roughly 3 kilo but weapons are rounded up quite a bit to account for "bulk" in carrying them. Most standard swords, maces etc. are 1 ENC, an axe, spear, bastard sword 2 ENC, pole weapons 3 ENC. Armor uses a SIZ table similar to RQ3, but for a SIZ 12 human, you'd find armor "weighing" f.x. 1.5 ENC for studded leather greaves / vambraces. 1 ENC for a roman helmet. 4 ENC for a mail shirt 2.5 ENC for metal chest plate. 6 ENC for a mail hauberk. And so on. In the basic rules, you can carry ENC equal to STR and thats it. No penalties, you just can't carry any more. So a STR 12 human could have a mail shirt, broadsword and helmet and still have 5 ENC left for torches, backpack, packed lunches and rubber ducky. Expert added a "proper" encumbrance table. Carrying up to 0.5 x STR = no penalties. Carrying up to 1 x STR = -20% movement speed, -1 DEX Carrying up to 1.5 x STR = -40% speed, -3 DEX Carrying up to 2 x STR = -60% speed, -7 DEX (and dex skills are impossible). The DEX penalty is applied to DEX based skills (D20 roll under, so -3 is equal to a -15% in BRP) I hope that helps? It always seemed to be a decent balance because to an extent you can count "things" without being as simplistic as some slot systems. If desired, I can dig out more numbers and such.
  10. The Swedish Drakar och Demoner (BRP derivative) assigned Encumbrance points to items which corresponded roughly to 3 kilo's but with larger objects often rounded up a bit (so weapons typically "weighed" a bit more than they ought to to account for bulk). In the basic rules, you could carry ENC equal to your STR. The expert rules added penalties for heavier loads. If anyone is interested, I can write up a few typical weapons and the penalty table.
  11. A guy with 6D6 damage does 22 on average. Which means a knight with 16 armor is going to get hurt a bit and needs to roll for knock down. At 10D6 (+4D6) he is doing about 36 damage, so the knight is taking a major wound, likely to hit unconsciousness and is likely to be auto-knocked down. Throwing 2 more dice of damage on top of that isn't really making the situation any more interesting in my opinion. Your mileage may vary.
  12. Yeah, the game system definitely makes a big difference to how people act. I always try to showcase enemies fleeing, surrendering or negotiating when beaten, so the players can realize that they can get away with it as well.
  13. Hang on, calculating the weight of individual coins for realism!
  14. From experience, women at the table will 100% kill a fool, regardless of the appendages said fool might have 🙂
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