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  1. Hi Jeff, did Sestarto also come from the spike like Panaxcles?
  2. I am using mongoose rules for heroquesting too. chaosium rules better be really good and detailed with examples of known myths or i will not but it. sartar book yes, God and goddesses of course i will buy it.
  3. And what is the diference between LIGHT-BQ and LIFE-BQ ? Same stations? Is posible to repeat the LIFE-BQ? or was the knowledge Lost?
  4. They are the guys with a soul-destroying Monster.
  5. kalidor

    Kero Fin

    Hello, I need some help with my campaign, what are the runes for Kero Fin in RQG? earth+life? Earth+harmony?. Also, i actually understand that Kero fin is worshiped as a subcult of Ernalda in dragón pass, is this correct?
  6. Just see the final reward for defending the Grove in sacred time. Smoking ruins pdf
  7. Maybe some of those points are stored in God time.
  8. If we dont get the rules to doing heroquest in RQG, then we dont need to buy the GM sourcebook when Chaosium release it. Most of us will adapt, personally I will use the moongose rules instead.
  9. thank you, thank you and thank you, really!! best explanation never read. I will buy it even if it changes later.
  10. Well i was not thinking about undone what was done, just that the life-giving waters just heal the " life stealing" effects of that zone on those who go there even if what it is left is only desert.
  11. Sorry David it was my mistake, I meant "The dead place" in prax. Will it be healed?. Thanks.
  12. So David, what will happen when the waters reach the Dead Bottom? Thanks.
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