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  1. I chated with some folks who read the blog and we talk a lot about how we started our adventures and how important it is to tie and motivative the Investigators at the beginning of a scenario or campaign. I thought I deserved to post the ideas in the blog. How do you do? Lovecraft-style, throwing investigators into a whirlwind of strangeness, or in other ways? http://invasiveprocedure.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-to-start-lovecraftian-adventure-in.html
  2. I liked the way you tell your stories. This is the best part of talking to other Keepers. You made me imagine several ideas for my next sessions. The best part of improvised games is the players' decisions and the unpredictable paths in which anything can happen. Even when I use a pre-made scenario, I tend to improvise or find places in the plot where I can include my own ideas.
  3. I am writing my gaming experiences and routines as a way of studying English and distracting the mind in these dire times. Yesterday I wrote a text about how do I create my own mystery stories in Call of Cthulhu. Any typos, grammar errors, suggestions, or criticisms, feel free to comment: http://invasiveprocedure.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-do-i-create-my-adventures-scenarios.html How do you create your own scenarios and mystery stories in Call of Cthulhu?
  4. Thank you very much guys. All of your words are important and motivating.
  5. Guys, you all are the best. I loved this whole thread. So many good ideas. I'm already using some of them and I'm going to write a post soon, on my personal blog, about how that experience went. Thanks a lot.
  6. Folks, I need some help here. I am very attached to the purist style of Lovecraft's stories, and I often use his works as a basis for my stories, even when I use a pre-made adventure. I usually change events and characters when I feel like it could be something more "Lovecraftian." However, I love introducing Call of Cthulhu to new players, and they don't know these Lovecraftian concepts and ideas well. This week I met a group of people, and they don't know anything about Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu RPG. They asked me to Keeper an adventure and created their characters. When someone creates an investigator, I usually look at their skills, to know what they expect to happen in the game (someone who spends 70% on archeology, hopes to excavate and evaluate some ancient objects). One of the players spent 80% on Occult (Tarot), and her character is a witch student of the occult. The Lovecraft universe is very distorted about mundane occultism, and I didn't want to disappoint this player by showing her that she spent 80% on something in vain. I'm trying to think of a way to connect her Tarot to Mythos. Perhaps it is an unholy item for performing rituals, or the very act of drawing cards may be part of a cosmic trigger for dreams and visions. I'm not sure yet. I would like to hear some ideas from you.
  7. Hi guys. In September (Dezember in English) last year I finally managed to make public a case of persecution I suffered in 2014 for playing Call of Cthulhu and how it affected my life, making me lose my job and ending some of my relationships. At the time, I had obtained a CoC Slipcase containing the Keeper Handbook, Investigator Handbook and Keeper Screen — my first original CoC books in years of play, since I only bought the PDF and printed it at home, in case need to throw or burn the books. Since then, I managed to play tables weekly (some weeks I even played three times, for different groups) online and in person, until the beginning of the quarantine in March here in Brazil, where we stopped all games (including online). Many of these tables had new RPG players or people already used to the game, but who did not know CoC. I received gifts from friends and players at my tables here in Brazil. One of the players who learned RPG with CoC bought the Investigators Guide. Since February I have been able to buy some original Chasoium books. The Coronavirus crisis in Brazil is getting more difficult every day, so I will have to stop buying for now, but I am really happy and excited. I started writing posts about my experiences and ideas with CoC, as well as reviews and session reports and what my preparation, writing and game routine is like. This is the first one: http://tiny.cc/dggnoz A close friend asked me to report this experience that has been very positive in my life. RPG (Call of Cthulhu in particular), today, keeps my mind healthy, my heart calm and gave me the opportunity to meet new people online, despite the chaos and tension that surrounds the world today. We will continue to take care of ourselves and those we love. We'll be fine.
  8. Thanks for the words, guys. Things have been more comfortable now, after the divorce, as I also moved away from religious activities. Although I still live in the same city, my work as a child illustrator and freelancer made me lose touch with 90% of these people. I have some friends with whom I play Call of Cthulhu, D&D 5e, DCC RPG, and Fate Core. I created a new routine, where I focus on work and have been fine. These days I am focusing on producing scenarios for CoC 7th and should start publishing soon. Thanks for the words and for reading my story.
  9. In some scenarios I have players roleplay pre-created investigators who will usually die, disappear or go through a mystery. Then, months or years later, they will investigate what happened to the previous characters (at this point they create their own investigators connected in some way with the previous ones). I've done some time-related scenarios, with players rolplaying multiple members of the same family over 100 years. It was a short campaign, but it was interesting because each new scenario was a prologue to the next and so on.
  10. Note: English is not my native language, please let me know about grammar, and typo so that I can edit the post, and everyone can better understand what I’m trying to say. Note 2: I thought a lot before creating this post. But an important person for me committed suicide today, and I decided to talk. I don't know how relevant this may be, as some people may have depression or live with others that have some mental disorder, but I've waited five years to write something like that. I won't go into the details, because this post will already be long enough and may compromise some people's privacy, but in 2014 an influential person in a Christian religion accused me of occult practice, based on social networking photos of me reading and get together with people for something related to "Cthulhu." In quick research, the person saw that "Cthulhu" is a cosmic entity worshiped by cultists who perform rituals and sacrifices to them. He forgot the part where it's just fiction and accused me of occult practice. I live in a country town and the people here are Christians. My wife and I are Christians. I lost my job, and some people walked away from me, but there was always someone on the prowl trying to prove that I practiced some occult. Out of a job, I devoted myself entirely to producing RPG content in Brazil and in English (for Fate Core, DCC RPG, and SS&SS) to pay the bills and bought food while trying a new job that never came. Some close friends and some publishers from Brazil know how many times I had to ask for money and advance to meet basic needs (buying food, for example). What hurt most was that I had dependents (my wife and some cats). I had depression and carried it with me until it began to affect my work with RPG production as the pressure of being watched continued. So to take their eyes off of my adult role-playing work, I created a children's role-playing game called Gatos Espaciais (Space Cats). I did it because I had no money left to care for my kittens (and I would NEVER abandon them) and I would use the money to care for my animals and donations to NGOs. Also, I did it because it is a child theme, and the religious persecution cloud diminishes. These are the links do the projects: Gatos Espaciais (first crowdfunding): https://www.catarse.me/gatosespaciais Gatos Espaciais (second crowdfunding): https://www.catarse.me/gatosespaciaisnovo Gatos Espaciais (third crowdfunding and printed edition): https://www.catarse.me/gatosjogo Space Cats (I tried to release the English edition): https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/space-cats-children-s-role-playing-game/ This is my Instagram account where I post my art and talk about my life as a freelancer: https://www.instagram.com/imfabiosilva/ Then I started having panic attacks. I changed my phone number, created a pseudonym and new email almost every time I had a crisis, thinking someone was stalking me and would accuse me again in an attempt to ruin my life. I have eight facebook accounts, four Twitter accounts, six Instagram accounts, and sixteen emails. Throughout these five years, I have had numerous phone chips with different numbers. I did it because I'm a fan of Allan Poe, Lovecraft, and Call of Cthulhu. I wanted to continue to brainstorm, play online and set up my weekly tables with the few people I knew I could trust my life with. This has strengthened my friendship with influential people in RPG in Brazil, but also abroad. It was five years of fighting depression, panic, and despair until I lost everything that I built for 14 years — my marriage. Things like this make you irrational. And it's at a time like this that if you don't have the right people around you, you do something irreversible. Sometimes it is not because you are suffering over the years that you make a terrible decision such as suicide. Sometimes it's because of those 10 seconds you saw or heard something that put you down. Today the sister of a friend committed suicide, perhaps not only because she suffered over the years, but because she didn't have what she needed to hold on for another 10 seconds before making the decision. Maybe a little action would be enough. Another five seconds and perhaps she had given up and stayed alive. With all this, I saw that everything needs its time. There is a time for war and a time for peace. I went through a war that lasted five years, I still fight, but today it is calm down. I lost a lot of things in this war, but I won it too. I have lost friendships and the trust of many people, including relatives, friends, and customers, and I know I won't have them back. I lost my marriage — but my ex-wife and I are great friends. But I gained new friends and new customers as well. A new life. It was enough for me to hold another 10 seconds and want to continue. I had a chance to go to a big RPG event here in Brazil and talked a lot about Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu with a lot of people. I made many friends at the event. I made many friends on the internet, in social networking groups. I met the amazing people from Brazilian RPG youtube channels, blogs, and sites, and we kept in touch over the net. I met about two dozen other people, and we talked a lot about RPG. They are all amazing. The release of Call of Cthulhu 7th in Brazil has strengthened my friendship with many other ones. I never had anything original from Call of Cthulhu because of this whole situation. I didn't want to risk anyone seeing my books and having to sell them (or burn them) in an emergency (I had to do this three times with some of my role-playing books). I also had no money, as I have no job (Brazil is a problematic country in this manner). I always bought the PDFs and printed them in my own home. This slipcase on photos was produced by Chaosium exclusively for the 7th edition Kickstarter. Only those who supported the Kickstarter in 2013 received it. It’s no longer sold. Some friends helped me get a sealed copy. These are my first original printed CoC books. The first of many, I hope. Chaosium is amazing. Today I want to extend my writing work to CoC as well. I want to write scenarios for the Miskatonic Repository. I want to do some illustrations too (although I am a child artist hahaha). And I will do. I have lost many things over the years in this war. But I won too. And I still win. It was worth not giving up. If you have thought of giving up, don't do it. Give life another chance. If you know someone who wants to give up, don't let that happen. There is a time for peace.
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  12. I love this topic. I am always looking for new lovecraftian games that could inspire me. Some games that I know, beyond the listed, it is: Realms of Cthulhu: a Savage World setting. I'm not into Savage Worlds, so I don't have much to say, but so much people have good things to say about this setting so I'm curious about it. Here there are some reviews: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7434203-realms-of-cthulhu Tremulus: a Apocalypse World Engine game. The system is knowing by its tools for improvised stories. There are playbooks, that work's as occupations. Each one of them has its own movies. Movies are something like the types of action that a player could do with that character. Font: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1227949612/tremulus-a-storytelling-game-of-lovecraftian-horro
  13. I'm curious. I'll research about it. I really liked this scenario and I do not remember playing it.
  14. Thank you Steve. I've been away from public activities and internet related to RPG because I suffered a religious persecution for owning of Call of Cthulhu RPG books. So I spent a long time inactive on the forum. But I will look for other scenarios too. I used to be part of the Cult of Chaos but I forgot my password to enter the forum of scenarios and competition (but I can still access the basic forum with the first password I found in my emails). I bought the starter set, but since I live in Brazil, it has not arrived yet. I'm looking forward to it.
  15. I loved watching this game. I'm not used to watching other Keepers because I live in a small town and there are few keeperss here (I have tried hard to teach others lately) and Mike mastering is phenomenal. Are there other games like this that I can watch? Also, my English is not so good and I have the impression that I could not understand (or Mike does not say), but what scenario is this that they played? Already published?
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