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    I work as a writer and illustrator, I live in Brazil and I am a big fan of Allan Poe and Lovecraft.
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    Call of Cthulhu, Delta Green, Changeling The Draming and The Lost
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    I'm 6 'tall, black hair and brown eyes.

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  1. I released a new Pamphlet Adventure called When They Come. It is on Miskatonic Repository for just $2. It is a five pages PDF with a pamphlet adventure, four pre-made Investigators, high-quality handouts and extra (a random table with Random Events at the Village). The PDF files have layers with the options to hide the background (friendly print) and add fold marks. Include files to print it on Letter and A4 paper sizes. Here is the link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/345990/When-They-Come-Pamphlet-Adventure
  2. Door to the Sky, a one-shot adventure pamphlet is available at the Miskatonic Repository. A few minutes of reading, several hours of fun — print, fold, and play. I recreated the layout of the first adventure I wrote and added a new PDF. If you already bought this adventure, just enter the link and download the new version. If you haven't already, buy now and have fun with your group. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/331394/Mythos-Explorers-1--Door-to-the-Sky-Pamphlet-Adventure An astronomer from Miskatonic University disappears while making some lun
  3. Hi guys, thanks for your messages. I was taken aback by this unforeseen. But Chaosium has already managed things, and they are working again.
  4. It's Friday the 13th! The Ballad of Thirteen Deaths, a one-shot Friday the 13th special adventure pamphlet is already available at the Miskatonic Repository. A few minutes of reading, several hours of fun — print, fold, and play: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/335943/The-Ballad-of-Thirteen-Deaths-Pamphlet-Adventure
  5. Thank you very much for your support. I am happy that this material helped and inspired you. Thank you, Allan. I'm really happy that you liked it.
  6. Rising from the Stars, a one-shot adventure pamphlet, is available at the Miskatonic Repository. A few minutes of reading, several hours of fun — print, fold, and play: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/335432/Rising-from-the-Stars-Pamphlet-Adventure A group of scientists from Miskatonic University camp in the mountains near Arkham to study an astronomical phenomenon of lights never seen before. What was supposed to be an exciting discovery becomes a nightmare. This scenario can be used by the Keeper to introduce a new group of Investigators that have their first contact w
  7. Hi folks. I wrote another one-shot adventure in a pamphlet format. A few minutes of reading, several hours of fun — print, fold, and play. This time there are three pamphlets: one with a complete adventure, one with four pre-made investigators, and one with high-quality handouts. This is the link to the product on the Miskatonic Repository: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/333950/The-Cabin-in-the-Woods-Pamphlet-Adventure
  8. Oh, thanks for pointing this out. I will fix and update the files. I hope to be able to hire a native English proofreader soon, to avoid these gaffes.
  9. Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. The idea I had was to be compact (some minutes to read) and quick to run. I worked for a few weeks to think about how to summarize a scenario in "one page adventure" and maintain the essence of Call of Cthulhu. On the character sheets, I managed to put a different sheet per column. But the character sheet has only essential information: player and investigator names, occupation, Characteristics, HP, MP, Sanity, and Luck, 10 skills, DB, Build, and Dodge. There is no room for information on weapons, backstory, gear, possessions, cash, assets, and so on. I
  10. Hi folks, I'm from Brazil, and I started writing my ideas for CoC, and I'm going to publish them on the Miskatonic Repository. This is the first of them: http://tiny.cc/mi0zsz MYTHOS EXPLORERS #1 - DOOR TO THE SKY (PAMPHLET ADVENTURE) This is a pamphlet with an adventure structure for Call of Cthulhu 7th. Print, fold, and play. This is an ideal adventure for a short game, lasting an hour or two. The text presents the idea of a complete scenario, with scenes and clues and a new alternative rule for skills. Keepers can add their own ideas to create a bigger adventure or start a campaign.
  11. I chated with some folks who read the blog and we talk a lot about how we started our adventures and how important it is to tie and motivative the Investigators at the beginning of a scenario or campaign. I thought I deserved to post the ideas in the blog. How do you do? Lovecraft-style, throwing investigators into a whirlwind of strangeness, or in other ways? http://invasiveprocedure.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-to-start-lovecraftian-adventure-in.html
  12. I liked the way you tell your stories. This is the best part of talking to other Keepers. You made me imagine several ideas for my next sessions. The best part of improvised games is the players' decisions and the unpredictable paths in which anything can happen. Even when I use a pre-made scenario, I tend to improvise or find places in the plot where I can include my own ideas.
  13. I am writing my gaming experiences and routines as a way of studying English and distracting the mind in these dire times. Yesterday I wrote a text about how do I create my own mystery stories in Call of Cthulhu. Any typos, grammar errors, suggestions, or criticisms, feel free to comment: http://invasiveprocedure.blogspot.com/2020/05/how-do-i-create-my-adventures-scenarios.html How do you create your own scenarios and mystery stories in Call of Cthulhu?
  14. Thank you very much guys. All of your words are important and motivating.
  15. Guys, you all are the best. I loved this whole thread. So many good ideas. I'm already using some of them and I'm going to write a post soon, on my personal blog, about how that experience went. Thanks a lot.
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