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  1. I will do so! I am checking with Osprey on what can be shared and what can't be. I have some art I commissioned I can share, as concept designs for the game.
  2. That is a really good point. Plus, it is the BRP forum.
  3. I will see what I can share. I do have some early maps and art which are mine... Ooooh. The Springs does have a lot of Bronze Age Collapse gaming right now
  4. Dimbyd has it correct. I would point to the formats for Romance of the Perilous Land and Paleomythic for insight into the Jackals format. And both it and the campaign it will be in English. The touch stones for the campaign are things like The Darkening of Mirkwood (as a campaign set over many in game years) and the unification of Israel under Saul as seen in Samuel. Essentially, the goal of the campaign is to take the Luathi from city states to (hopefully!) a kingdom. Your campaign will vary of course! It has been suggested I start a sub-reddit for Jackals. I plan to engage with fans, work on new supplements, and interact as I am able. As for expanded fan material, that is something that will have to be discussed with the publisher in the future. Bakker's material - I hear you about the love to hate and hate to love them. The violence is raw and ever-present, and I think his commentary on violence in our culture and media is worth considering. Especially as you interact his philosophy and cognitive science background. For me, it is less the Second Apocalypse and more the First in Earwa which inspires me. The bronze age of his world is realized and deep and informs the future. Perhaps the reason it dug so deep into my writing is because I read it during my studies, so they are linked in my mind.
  5. Woah, that is a lot of responses. I will try to start sharing what I can! (Thank you for reaching out and letting me know about this and the RPGpub thread). OpenQuest is the core of the rules system. As for why OQ and not 13th Age, I love d100 gaming, and for Kalypsis—the setting of Jackals—the super heroic nature of 13th Age was not a good fit. I tried several other systems (d20 based) while developing the setting and none fit the setting and theme as well as my old love OQ! I ended up with some minor changes to character creation and combat options. Looking at the ANE epic poems, I wanted something that felt like the back and forth combat of Homer and others. So. I built a Clash mechanic. You have a pool of points to turn attacks into opposed rolls, which if you win, you deal damage to the attacker. Monsters have a smaller pool of points to do the same thing. There are also other ways to spend these points to affect rolls, damage, and other things. Playtesters seem to like all the interaction and choices. Magic is lower in Jackals and the rites (spells) are unique. They are tied to culture and traditions. The setting is humanocentric, with cultural skill bonuses for the culture you are from. The setting, the cultures, the religions are all very analogous to their historical counterparts: Luathi (Israel post-Exodus), Ger (Egypt), Trauj (desert tribes), and Melkoni (Greek). As for influences and origins—I have a love of fantasy and the ANE world & languages—so I wanted to blend the two for the setting. I also run a lot of Glorantha, so fantasy Bronze Age is in my gaming DNA. Thematic influences for the setting and campaign include: the Baal cycle, the books of Judges and Samuel, Gilgamesh, Homer, the Hittite cycles, and Bakker’s Second Apocalypse. I have never heard of Zenobia, but it is now on my radar! As for pdf options, that is in Osprey’s hands, but I know they are known for their electronic versions.
  6. Hey everyone, John-Matthew here. Someone reached out to the Iconic podcast about Jackals, and mentioned they heard about the game on this thread, and I came straight over. I wanted to say how exciting it was for me to see a thread about Jackals on the BRP forums. It was surreal to find it here! If you have any questions, I will answer them if I can. J-M
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