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    I started in 1985 with red box D&D, then AD&D1 and since 1989 BRP in its many forms who has become my preferred system. Among the various BRP games I have a soft spot for Stormbringer (any and all editions) with which I run incredibly fun campaigns in the 1990s and early 2000s.
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    BRP homebrewed Lankhmar-ish setting (with bits of the Classic Fantasy mono)
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    Southern Switzerland
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    In real life I am an academic. A linguist by training. I am married with 3 children.

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  1. smiorgan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    If you convert it to d100. Any edition of Stormbringer will work. Including Mongoose MRQ Elric 1-2. If you go for Stormbringer 5. The Corum book has stats for Jhary a Conel and Whiskers. If you go for MRQ Elric 1. The Elric Companion also has stats for Jhary and Whiskers. If you keep it D20 (the scenario is for AD&D1), it might be interesting to use Dragon Lords of Melniboné and D&D3. I'd do this just for finding a use for the damn thing! It would work perfectly.
  2. smiorgan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Sure he was. He even contributed the plot for an AD&D scenario about Earl Aubec published on Imagine Magazine.
  3. smiorgan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    I agree Stormbringer rocks. But the songs were not written for ** Stormbringer the game**, rather for the characters of Elric and Stormbringer (the sword!) or, if you prefer, for **"Stormbringer" the novel**. In contrast there are a few songs about D&D that are a lot of fun...
  4. smiorgan

    Moorcock thanked in the new RQG!

    The comments by Moorcock I have read mentioned two reasons of discontent: 1) Chaosium not paying royalties (or not paying what was due), 2) ugly artwork in some of the books. Never read anything about changes to the setting. Recently Moorcock had commented positively about the French 'Mournblade' RPG - by Département de Sombres Projets, which has striking art. So he is not against licencing for rpgs in general. Unfortunately the lady who was the main creative force behind Département died leaving the company in dire straits. I am sure New Chaosium can meet and exceed Moorcock's art standards- and hopefully be able to pay the royalties. ☺️
  5. smiorgan

    Opposed roll clarification

    It looks like that. Botched editing away of a "highest roll wins" rule. They need to look into it.
  6. smiorgan

    Opposed roll clarification

    It seems to me that the correct version is that on page 368, because the wording of page 144 would leave a lot of cases unaccounted for. Apparently, the rule works as in Elric! / BRP/ Magic World (tie is a tie) and not as in RQ6 (higher roll wins in ties).
  7. I am one of those people who read all the credits... And I have found this in the new RQG book. Curious, isn't it? I don't read too much into it, but it made me think "Send the guy a copy of RQG! Maybe the sheer beauty of the book can convince him to license a full color edition of Stormbringer!"
  8. Sounds fine. LOL it reminds me of the old "killed in chargen" trope! But I've never played Traveller...😂
  9. A lot is happening in those few years.
  10. smiorgan

    Dark Glorantha

    On a tangent, The One Ring rpg captures this mixture quite well. And can be quite dark at times. Coming back to Glorantha, I think also that the tone of the game is also a matter of color palette. Middle Earth is a Nordic-Celtic fantasy inspired by the Germanic and Celtic roots of the Britain. Glorantha is vast, but prevalently Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Mesoamerican. Lunars look somewhat like Roman-Palmyrene, while Sartarites could be stout and stubborn Illirians (Albanians' ancestors!) or southern Celts (Celt-Hiberians or Insubrians from Northern Italy). If we compare the art of the One Ring with that of RQG (both beautiful books!) the difference in the palette is striking. Mists and subdued hues vs. sun and bright colors.
  11. Sorry if this has been already discussed. I have a (metric) ton of RQ2 and RQ3 Gloranthan material. A good share of it unplayed. The compatibility with the new RQG is high and it's very inviting to use it. The main issue is character generation, since the old material is set before 1621, while the new one moves forward to 1625. Is there an official/ semi-official fix for the family/own history? I have not seen it in the rulesbook. Smiorgan
  12. smiorgan

    State of BRP

    Clear. That was the original Chaosium approach - since it produced such great games as RQ, CoC, Stormbringer, Ringworld, Superworld, Worlds of Wonder, Elfquest, Hawkmoon, Nephilim...I have no problem with it. RQ Glorantha is the latest incarnation of BRP and is an impressive game. I look forward to playing it. Now, you just need to ... Do Mythic Iceland 2 asap... and convince Moorcock to let you do a new FULL COLOR version of Stormbringer! Send him the new RQ!
  13. smiorgan

    Packages - adapting the rules to your game

    Ouch! That one ended in a TPK!
  14. Congrats! This is beautiful! Leaving ballistic trajectories aside...this use of visuals is very modern on one side, yet it is somehow very true to the spirit of an old ruleset such as Rune Quest. I guess new players can relate with it and yet appreciate that this is the latest improvement of a 1978 ruleset...
  15. smiorgan

    Some thoughts after a first read

    Well, I think we largely agree, in fact. And, to be clear: I do like 13A quite a bit. It's a really fun game for experienced players and DMs.