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    This setting reminds me of the Terran Trade Authority books that I absolutely loved when I was a kid. Spacewreck (Catastrofi Spaziali, in the Italian translation), in particular, used to scare the heck outta me. I'd stare for hours at the terrific art. The setting and incidents would make terrific rpg material. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terran_Trade_Authority Am I the only one who fondly remembers that stuff? Smiorgan PS Sadly, I don't have the books anymore.
  2. Should we hold our breath for a 2016 release?
  3. In the podcast on ‘What’s happening at Chaosium’ there is interesting info on Mythic Iceland. They said that Pedro Ziviani has turned in the mauscript of the second edition. It will be a standalone game. A large campaign across the Viking world is in the works. http://www.mu-podcast.com/mup-special-report-whats-happening-chaosium-2016/
  4. New RQ Design Note #18 - New Logo

    I must say that I do not like the new logo very much. It's fat and caramel-like. It reminds me of the D&D3/d20 era and a little bit of the RQ Mongoose era. That said this is not very important to me. Judging from the RQ Quickstart, the rules are truly excellent, and I will certainly NOT be deterred from buying the new edition by a so-so logo.
  5. Organic Skill Trees

    Revolution. That is the way to go if you want skill trees. More complex / variable trees really become an headache, at least for me.
  6. RQG QuickStart - Parry questions

    Lovely, it looks they have picked up the old Stormbringer rule. Sorry, I obviously cannot answer as I'll have to wait July 1 for the
  7. Today I ran SB4 for the kids. It worked very well for a very narrative session. We weren't playing it "old school" - just playing and running with the story. Sometimes I think new editions and rulesets may be cool but are really not needed. A barebones BRP engine and there you go.
  8. YOUR PURSE OR YOUR LIFE! Robyn Hode is here.

    Downloaded! Looks like the best version of Merrie England!
  9. Any news of this title? It made a brief appearance around GenCon. The last I heard from Rick Meints was How soon is soon enough? How worked is worked on? Is it more like getting another editing pass to catch the few remaining typos and layout glitches or more like totally rebuilding it on the foundations of the new RQ-BRP to and combining it with enlightened-not-nephilim-magic to become the definitive urban fantasy rpg of the next decade?
  10. Today straight Stormbringer 4e session.

    SB4 has its own Demon Summoning system, by Ben Monroe, which supersedes the demon rules of SB 1-3. The rest of the magic system is more similar to SB 1-3, but not identical (there are no sorcerer ranks based on INT+POW, for instance). It was my first Stormbringer. I have played it a LOT. It's a great game and it was reasonably well supported with 4 good supplements.
  11. Glorantha Second Age

    Very true. The setting was fun. It may not have been canonical, but playing those rationalist imperialist Spanish Melnibonean-Numenoreans intent on destroying the very essence of mythical reality was definitely a plus. Plus, they were clearly the good guys, given how desperately rotten was the opposing multi-level marketing Ponzi-scheme mystic Dragon Empire.
  12. Glorantha Second Age

    Nope. The snippet I quoted is from an official PDF from Mongoose, well after the game came out. As for the infamous playtest forum, it disappeared overnight after a somewhat heated exchange.
  13. Glorantha Second Age

    Yes. That story is hilarious. Actually, if you play by the example (with the two attack rolls) combat works just fine. You may not like it, but it works. I can say that because I played a few sessions that way. If you play by the rules as written, though, the Attack and Parry table makes no sense at all! For instance, the entry for Attacker (Failure) / Defender (Failure) is "Attack succeeds as normal". Hilarious. The two attacks rule had evidently been edited out at the last minute without thinking of the consequences. At least this is what I stubbornly think. Because Matt Sprange was vehemently denying it on the Mongoose forum, and instead proposed an evolving series of alternative "clarifications". I think I still have a clarification document from Mongoose... Found! I must post this excerpt because it is hilarious: Q: Matthew Sprange said on the forums that you can react to a failed attack roll. Is that true? A: Officially, no – there is no provision for that in the rulebook. As an optional rule, sure, you may find some use for it. The combat tables allow it out of a sense of completeness – this is a kind of ‘placeholder’ for us, allowing us to introduce new rules in the future. For the basic rulebook alone, however, there is nothing ‘official’ to permit this. What you do at your own gaming table is up to you though!
  14. Advanced Combat Video Example

    Uh, the temptation is strong! I'll drop you an email / PM.
  15. Advanced Combat Video Example

    Where can I get the FG Rd100 module?
  16. Glorantha Second Age

    Strange as it may seem, I remember the idea of "physical runes as drops of the blood of the gods" was floated by Steve Perrin during the ill-fated online playtest of RQ1. Many strange things happened during that playtest. I still have a few docs on my hard drive...
  17. Glorantha Second Age

    I totally agree.
  18. Combat Cards and Advanced Combat

    [OOT question already answered in PM where it actually belonged]
  19. CoC solos?

    I enjoyed quite a bit Alone Against the Flames. Are there any plans for further solo scenarios? Reprinting of old CoC solos?
  20. I've been for a long time a proud member of the Resistance.
  21. Upgraded Rock Lizard

    Same for me. I'm not a huge fan of the lady's grin.
  22. Upgraded Rock Lizard

    You know, I went on for DECADES thinking that the monster on the RQ2 cover was a Slarge. I was probably influenced by the Griffin Island cover. I should have thought that Slarges don't live in Dragon Pass... By the way, the authors of RQ6 seem to have had the same misconception when they name "slargr" the creature in their tribute cover: "Anathaym didn't hear the slargr - a massive, old male - until it was upon her." But now, let Slarges remain in far away Pamaltela. I'm happy to swear by the new and improved rock lizard. Rock lizards rock.
  23. Congrats Jason! I really look forward to the new RQ line! And yes, the Slaves of Fate adventure is a little known gem of a scenario.
  24. Combat Cards and Advanced Combat

    Received my Revolution d100 copy and combat cards in the mail yesterday. It all looks great. It's great to see how compact and packed with content the book is. Just 256 pages and you even have the starting scenario. Very nice to see this in an age of bloated* RPG books. The cards are great. *Whoever is thinking of the pretty but ponderous 7th edition of a famous horror rpg featuring several pages of car chase rules and a crippled chargen is too naughty and does not have my approval.