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  1. Alternatively, it could be published via the BRP SRD and sold via Drivethrough rpg... Have you considered that option? Kabouter games is doing to that with their Toxandria BRP setting.
  2. Speaking as someone who owns Elric! and has played the heck out of it, my dissatisfaction with Magic World is that it was a very good idea badly executed (for reasons that I understand to be largely independent from the will of the main editor). The bad execution amounts to 5 things, in order of importance: 1- Typos galore, and editorial inconsistencies. E.g. The weapons table makes me cry. 2- Flabby layout 3- Inconsistent reused art, and some new art which is quite bad 4- A few (not many) small ill advised rules changes (spell memorization and free INT, changes to High Magic/ Eastern Magic) or bugs resulting from combination of sources (unclarity about summoning elementals). 5- The setting could have benefited of a bit more space and of an introductory adventure.
  3. I don't know: Magic - RM has a limited number of spells, think more of the original Magic World from Worlds of Wonder, than the Elric derived Magic World, which certainly has many more. Moreover RM has a very specific assumption about spells: spells are only in magic objects from before the cataclysm (The Superflux), which you find in dungeons (think RQ spell matrices). Monsters- RM has 15 monsters, classic creatures, with a few variants. They are well done, but Magic World has many more. A RW bestiary is being kickstarted now. EDIT: RM however has a huge (Elric! style) table with about 90 "simple monsters" (e.g. giant animals, vermin swarms) and non player characters. Competent Characters. RM characters have much less characterization than in MW. They are quick and simple and ready to go to the dungeon.
  4. It could remind you of Magic World, yes. And in some ways it's what MW could have been but never was: clean layout, evocative art with a classic fantasy feel, a fully developed setting. But it's much more streamlined than MW (6 skills only!) and with a pretty limited magic system. And it's in many ways its own thing: it's geared towards sandbox play and offers pretty extensive hexcrawling rules. Better to consider it a separate game in the extended BRP family...
  5. If you're critically succeeding Devotion you're willing to sacrifice yourself for your deity. So, I'd have no problem with that mechanic.
  6. It's great that we are all so excited for this product. Still, I propose we all relax and maybe play RQ in the meantime (I'm sure nobody here is waiting for the Starter Set to start!). I'm sure Chaosium are doing their best to make the Starter Set available to everybody asap. Why on earth would they want to do otherwise? 😄
  7. 😢 Is there anything we can do to support Luise Perrin? Does she have access to the donations that Steve had collected to cover healthcare costs? I hope she is now receiving proper care. Best, Smiorgan
  8. I have posted this in the Out of the Suitcase thread but it's relevant to Stormbringer:
  9. I would love to have insight and inside info from @Rick Meints on "Castle of Eyes" - both the Gormenghast inspired novel by Penelope Love, which Chaosium published in 1993 and the Stormbringer campaign book with the same title, which was announced by Chaosium but never materialized. The idea of a tie-in between an original work of fiction and a Stormbringer campaign was pretty exciting and ambitious and could have brought the game in an interesting direction: was it to be a Morcockian pastiche or an alternative non-Moorcock setting? The novel as it was published is not set in the Eternal Champion multiverse. Yet it clearly has Stormbringer-ish details (summoning and binding demons). When the topic has surfaced in online discussions in the past I was able to get only very scant info on the rpg side of the story. I remember reading that everything originated from Penny Love's own Stormbringer campaign. Or was it a RuneQuest campaign?
  10. In RM criticals (perfect rolls) are fixed at 01-03 and fumbles (critical failures) at 98-00. There are random tables of effects for both in spellcasting. Damage rolls have their own "crit" mechanics with explosive d10s. Roll again and add on a 10. I don't speak Swedish, but I've found enough scraps of info in English to understand that some of these mechanics (explosive rolls, spellcasting tables) were first introduced in Drachar og Demoner 2016. In the Swedish game these were on top of a more standard BRP engine, which ultimately derives from the original Magic World (Worlds of Wonder). When they set to develop Ruin Masters for the English speaking market they left out many legacy aspects but kept these "new" mechanics.
  11. I agree. These are the supplements worth reprinting. Personally, I'd buy Sun County and Strangers in hard copy. For the others I have the originals in good enough condition. I might well get the PDF of Shadows to better run those awesome adventures. On the other hand, I'd gladly pay for a sturdy RQ3 hardback. I don't play RQ3 anymore, being quite happy with the current edition (RQG), but I gladly go back to reading RQ3 rules, for the sake of comparison, rules tinkering, houseruling and mere idle speculation, just as I do with RQ2. However, while for RQ2 I have the sturdy RQ Classic hardback so that I can leave my fragile originals alone, for RQ3 I have to pick up either the flimsy booklets of the "Deluxe" (?) boxed set, or the 1993 softcover with the weak binding falling apart. So, if someone manages to find the time to put together a nice and sturdy RQ3 hardback I'll be grateful and buy it.
  12. You are correct. And, in fact, I did roll 2d10+10, but I was quite unlucky with Physique (3+2+10) and a bit below average with Intelligence (3+5+10).
  13. Behold Furfax the Rogue, my first attempt at a Ruins Masters character. Strong willed but physically weak, Furfax is a local con-man. Since he does not have the required Physique of 18, Furfax wields his dagger and throws knives at -3%, for a grand modified skill of 17% and 19% respectively. Honestly, Furfax reminds me of the puniest Stormbringer characters I have ever rolled - you know those Orgien peasants, Nadsokorian beggars or Yurite tribesmen...
  14. An this is a review on RPG.net: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/18/18979.phtml
  15. Here's three blog posts that I've found about Ruin Masters: About the Kickstarter (not very interesting as of now): https://yawningportal.org/ruin-masters-by-riotminds/ About character creation (quite informative): https://yawningportal.org/first-look-at-ruin-masters-by-riotminds-character-creation/ About modes of play (also quite interesting): https://yawningportal.org/ruin-masters-modes-of-play/
  16. OK, I got this one - reading the PDF and waiting for the hardback: https://riotminds.se/ruinmasters/ I am quite pleased of what I am reading and the art is gorgeous. Since the discussion around the Drachar och Demoner family is usually quite confusing (at least for non-Scandinavians) here is some info on this particular game: - It's CLEARLY a game in the BRP lineage: it's d100 roll under, classless, armor absorbs damage, rolled hit locations, it even uses the Resistance Table. But it's not pure BRP. - WHFRP is also a declared influence. And I do see some similarities with WHFRP2: it uses only d10s, characteristics are 3d10 (edit: 2d10+10, in fact). - It's not an English translation of Drachar og Demoner 2016 (a look at the character sheet is sufficient to see how different the two games are), though it's somehow a sister project to it, apparently. - It's not related with Trudvang Chronicles. -It's very minimalist. 4 characteristics, 6 skills. - It's designed for hexcrawling and dungeon crawling (it uses hexes in dungeons as well). It has lots of tables for random exploration. - It has its own setting (Caldarox) which is a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where the secret of magic has been lost, and it makes a lot of sense to go dungeon delving in search of magic artifacts. The setting is quite detailed.
  17. It's fascinating but I think can imagine how it could work. Boxed sets will feature all the basic rules and offer a parallel entry point into the game. People interested in emulating Randolph Carter could just pick up the Dreamlands starter set before buying fully into the Cthulhu rpg. After all, Dreamlands are quite a separate thing also in HPL in tone and content. Veteran players would still pick up the starter box to get a beautiful Dreamlands map, more scenarios and more dice (you always need more dice). If I have understood correctly the main Dreamlands book will expand not only with more scenarios, more critters etc. but also by exploring different tones and different ways of incorporating the Dreamlands and dream themese into a regular Cthulhu game. So I guess one could imagine a buying trajectory like that: Dreamlands Starter -> Dreamlands Book -> Cthulhu Corebook. But that's pure guesswork. For Gaslight. I imagine the starter set will be focused on Sherlock Holmes against the Mythos, which was a theme in the very first edition of Gaslight. And it will feature a beautiful map of London. Again, I know nothing: that's pure speculation.
  18. "Another couple of titles I need to mention are Gaslight and Dreamlands for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition. Both of those settings are getting the full color treatment and should also be going into final manuscript form soon. Each of those would also feature a boxed Starter set as your entry point into those realms of the Mythos." Rick Meints on Grognardia http://grognardia.blogspot.com/2021/07/interview-rick-meints-part-ii.html?m=1 😍
  19. Correct. It's a boardgame. What is true is that Department des Sombres Projets are dipping their toes into English language publishing. They are going strong on their home turf: the Hawkmoon crowdfunding was a smashing success. And I am really looking forward to receiving my books. So, I think that seeing Mournblade + Hawkmoon in English one day is very possible. But this is not the day.
  20. Gaumata's vision is great. I don't think this could ever be a discussion point. I would love to run it but my current game is in Sartar. Would it work in the Sun Dome County of Dragon Pass? I fear the feeling of isolation could be lost. And hazia and stuff ... Is it something feasible or I am going to regret it for the rest of my gaming life?
  21. I the dark age of BRP monographs (some may actually see it as the "golden" age, but whatever) among several valiant efforts that mostly failed to make a lasting impression on me, I think Val-du-Loup stood out as a flavorful and well grounded medieval dark fantasy setting. I would still play/ run it with gusto. Does anyone know what the author (Guy Dondlinger) is up to nowadays? Is there any remote chance of a Val du Loup revival? Either for CoC or under the BRP open license? PS The main monograph was for BRP, but some of the earlier scenarios were for CoC Dark Ages.
  22. I cannot be more hyped than that...can I? One thing I'd love to have is a blank/ fillable version of the character sheet. I think it's a great design for novice players which could be intimidated by the standard sheet.
  23. Same map as 2e, but the board is different. The map is mounted on a hard thick cardstock board, and the cosmic balance tracker to the left of the map has a different design.
  24. Never heard of anything Thomas Covenant related. I wonder how fit for an RPG adaptation the books are, but I'm intrigued. I have a strange relationship with the books. I was immediately sucked into the first book of the series but then I never managed to finish the second. I found the character of Thomas Covenant quite interesting - not necessarily likeable, being a deeply flawed individual - but interesting for sure. In contrast, I did not like the world building, which seemed pretty weak and did not really come alive.
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