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    What is is about Stormbringer?

    If you convert it to d100. Any edition of Stormbringer will work. Including Mongoose MRQ Elric 1-2. If you go for Stormbringer 5. The Corum book has stats for Jhary a Conel and Whiskers. If you go for MRQ Elric 1. The Elric Companion also has stats for Jhary and Whiskers. If you keep it D20 (the scenario is for AD&D1), it might be interesting to use Dragon Lords of Melniboné and D&D3. I'd do this just for finding a use for the damn thing! It would work perfectly.
  2. smiorgan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    Sure he was. He even contributed the plot for an AD&D scenario about Earl Aubec published on Imagine Magazine.
  3. smiorgan

    What is is about Stormbringer?

    I agree Stormbringer rocks. But the songs were not written for ** Stormbringer the game**, rather for the characters of Elric and Stormbringer (the sword!) or, if you prefer, for **"Stormbringer" the novel**. In contrast there are a few songs about D&D that are a lot of fun...
  4. I am one of those people who read all the credits... And I have found this in the new RQG book. Curious, isn't it? I don't read too much into it, but it made me think "Send the guy a copy of RQG! Maybe the sheer beauty of the book can convince him to license a full color edition of Stormbringer!"
  5. smiorgan

    Moorcock thanked in the new RQG!

    The comments by Moorcock I have read mentioned two reasons of discontent: 1) Chaosium not paying royalties (or not paying what was due), 2) ugly artwork in some of the books. Never read anything about changes to the setting. Recently Moorcock had commented positively about the French 'Mournblade' RPG - by Département de Sombres Projets, which has striking art. So he is not against licencing for rpgs in general. Unfortunately the lady who was the main creative force behind Département died leaving the company in dire straits. I am sure New Chaosium can meet and exceed Moorcock's art standards- and hopefully be able to pay the royalties. ☺️
  6. smiorgan

    Opposed roll clarification

    It looks like that. Botched editing away of a "highest roll wins" rule. They need to look into it.
  7. smiorgan

    Opposed roll clarification

    It seems to me that the correct version is that on page 368, because the wording of page 144 would leave a lot of cases unaccounted for. Apparently, the rule works as in Elric! / BRP/ Magic World (tie is a tie) and not as in RQ6 (higher roll wins in ties).
  8. Sorry if this has been already discussed. I have a (metric) ton of RQ2 and RQ3 Gloranthan material. A good share of it unplayed. The compatibility with the new RQG is high and it's very inviting to use it. The main issue is character generation, since the old material is set before 1621, while the new one moves forward to 1625. Is there an official/ semi-official fix for the family/own history? I have not seen it in the rulesbook. Smiorgan
  9. Sounds fine. LOL it reminds me of the old "killed in chargen" trope! But I've never played Traveller...😂
  10. A lot is happening in those few years.
  11. smiorgan

    Dark Glorantha

    On a tangent, The One Ring rpg captures this mixture quite well. And can be quite dark at times. Coming back to Glorantha, I think also that the tone of the game is also a matter of color palette. Middle Earth is a Nordic-Celtic fantasy inspired by the Germanic and Celtic roots of the Britain. Glorantha is vast, but prevalently Mediterranean, Middle-Eastern, Indian, Mesoamerican. Lunars look somewhat like Roman-Palmyrene, while Sartarites could be stout and stubborn Illirians (Albanians' ancestors!) or southern Celts (Celt-Hiberians or Insubrians from Northern Italy). If we compare the art of the One Ring with that of RQG (both beautiful books!) the difference in the palette is striking. Mists and subdued hues vs. sun and bright colors.
  12. smiorgan

    State of BRP

    Clear. That was the original Chaosium approach - since it produced such great games as RQ, CoC, Stormbringer, Ringworld, Superworld, Worlds of Wonder, Elfquest, Hawkmoon, Nephilim...I have no problem with it. RQ Glorantha is the latest incarnation of BRP and is an impressive game. I look forward to playing it. Now, you just need to ... Do Mythic Iceland 2 asap... and convince Moorcock to let you do a new FULL COLOR version of Stormbringer! Send him the new RQ!
  13. In the podcast on ‘What’s happening at Chaosium’ there is interesting info on Mythic Iceland. They said that Pedro Ziviani has turned in the mauscript of the second edition. It will be a standalone game. A large campaign across the Viking world is in the works. http://www.mu-podcast.com/mup-special-report-whats-happening-chaosium-2016/
  14. smiorgan

    Packages - adapting the rules to your game

    Ouch! That one ended in a TPK!
  15. Congrats! This is beautiful! Leaving ballistic trajectories aside...this use of visuals is very modern on one side, yet it is somehow very true to the spirit of an old ruleset such as Rune Quest. I guess new players can relate with it and yet appreciate that this is the latest improvement of a 1978 ruleset...
  16. smiorgan

    Some thoughts after a first read

    Well, I think we largely agree, in fact. And, to be clear: I do like 13A quite a bit. It's a really fun game for experienced players and DMs.
  17. smiorgan

    Are we there?

    I may be completely wrong and I do not presume to know how Chaosium are thinking , but if I were Chaosium I would not announce RQG until 13G has been out in print for a week or two. My basic reasoning would be that each Gloranthan rpg deserves its moment in the spotlight. But again, I might be completely wrong.
  18. smiorgan

    Some thoughts after a first read

    I have not read 13G -- yet, but I'm thinking about perhaps getting it, but I have played 13A in its standard setting. I can understand the original poster's disappointment about the lack of out of combat crunch. But it had to be expected from 13A. In short, 13A is the bastard son of D&D4. Mechanically and thematically 4E is the single biggest influence on the game. Like its predecessor, 13A is a game about telling heroic action stories through vivid and dynamic battle scenes. If you read D&D4's Dungeon Master's Guide 2, you'll find these things very nicely stated (btw Robin D. Laws was one of the authors!). In contrast with its ancestor, it throws away the battle grid, but it also throws away whatever little out of combat crunch D&D4 had, putting icons, backgrounds and unique things in its place. D&D4 had a (not very good) system for out of combat contests (skill challenges). 13A has nothing in its place. Zilch, nada. Maybe if one wants more structure out of combat should create a HeroQuest-13G Hybrid of some sort. Or better port in the excellent contest Rules of Revolution d100. It should not be too difficult to create a d20 version of them. Very interested in seeing how 13G gets used.
  19. smiorgan

    32 years ago... (#IWD2018)

    I hope you get to do a new of edition of this little game. A worthy companion for Stormbringer and a great game in itself for simple escapist adventure.
  20. smiorgan

    Bright Shadows

    I have to pick it up again and have a look at it. One good thing I remember is that it builds upon the Elric! Chaosium sourcebook adding more detail. There are no major inconsistencies between the two books, starting from the map. So you don't have to choose which version of Melniboné you will use and can use details from both sourcebooks. As far as I can remember it does a good job in making the Dragon Isle gameable and outlining a few campaign ideas. Binding of my hardcover copy is atrocious, as the previous poster said. However, when Mongoose stopped their own silly binding plant they re-did most of their titles as softcovers and the softcovers were fine. I have both Elric and Hawkmoon as softcovers and they are reasonably nice and without issues. Looking online I see that also Bright Shadows has two versions. So, be sure to buy the paperback and NOT the faulty hardcover.
  21. smiorgan

    RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    Good that there will be both. ☺️ (My post was about clean sheet not being a grognard thing, but I let the matter rest ☺️).
  22. smiorgan

    RQ:G character sheets - too much art?

    My printer likes the clean sheet. And yes yes comments here are made only by a non representative bunch of old grognards as you have often reminded us. This may well be true, but for instance the D&D5 sheet is quite clean. Probably D&D5 is a game played only by a bunch of old farts. 🤔
  23. It was one of the most promising settings for the BRP BGB. Did anyone get to play it? What did you do with it? Did you adapt it to your homebrew campaign or played it RAW?
  24. smiorgan

    Chronicles of Future Earth

    AFAIK Loz said that Sarah Newton now has other plans for the Future Earth universe.
  25. smiorgan

    Resurrecting RuneQuest (Black Gate)

    And let me say that during Mongoose's tenure of RuneQuest we were inflicted art even worse than the darkest AH days.