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  1. Switzerland is digitizing a lot of their manuscripts (over 2000 so far) and there is some great art in there if you are looking for inspiration. http://e-codices.ch/en If there is not a kingdom of the bears among the fae, I will be very disappointed.
  2. Are there any plans for a community content site for Pendragon once the new edition is out, similar to the Jonstown Compendium (RuneQuest) or the Miskatonic Repository (Call of Cthulhu)? Or should such concepts be sent in as "Other RPG" submissions directly to Chaosium? I've got a new idea for a Pendragon adventure that I'm working on. thanks! jared
  3. In just one week, Bayt al Azif 3 got Silver Best Seller level sales! Plus we got 5 star reviews from two people: "This is the first issue I've picked up, but I will definitely go back and get the first two once I finish this. It's a very strong magazine!" "...a great Mythos Magazine for both new and veteran players/Keepers." Thanks Evan and Bridgett for your reviews! If you love Bayt al Azif, posting a rating and/or review really means a lot to all of the creators, and helps raise our profile online. We really appreciate it! jared Editor, Bayt al Azif A ma
  4. Ah, I think I was assuming Moon Design had taken over Chaosium rather than the two companies sharing officers. Updated it, thanks for the correction!
  5. For a look inside the issue, here's a post by one of the writers, Dean Engelhardt, about writing a comprehensive overview of Cthulhu Mythos RPGs released in 2019! https://cthulhureborn.wordpress.com/2020/11/21/psst-wanna-buy-the-al-azif/
  6. The time has come... Your sacrifices have appeased the Great Old Ones! Issue #3 is now for sale! PDF: US$8 Softcover: coming soon Hardcover: coming soon https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/333682/Bayt-al-Azif-3-A-magazine-for-Cthulhu-Mythos-roleplaying-games Issue #3 includes: 3 adventures dual-statted for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and GUMSHOE (Trail of Cthulhu/The Fall of DELTA GREEN) A mysterious murderer stalks the industrial workers of Berlin (Classic Era 1920s, 19 pages) A military team is sent to investigate a radio signal in the
  7. What makes a good Cthulhu Mythos scenario? All good scenarios from any roleplaying game have certain aspects in common, but Cthulhu Mythos scenarios definitely have certain elements that set them apart from other games. When comparing the many "classics" and "favorites" Cthulhu scenarios from over the years, most of them are very distinct from each other. These variable elements are often points on an axis (like the level of Cthulhu mythos in an adventure can range from a werewolf to Cthulhu himself, but neither extreme of the axis precludes a good Cthulhu scenario). In additio
  8. Correct, I mainly put it if there is a female Knight as the mother, but it makes sense to make it the most Glorious Parent. And if you are using female Knights, I have no problem with women inheriting as well. That's probably how I'm going to play it. Use whatever rules you want!
  9. Right, I changed Son Number to Child Number. Most of the changes I made were on the second page, so it's gender neutral across all the generations. Wife to Spouse Glory to Son to Glory to Children Lineage Men to Lineage Members Father's Name to Parent's Name
  10. Ok I changed Lineage Men to Lineage Members. Totally missed the regionless sheet at first, so this is the new Regionless version. King Arthur Pendragon regionless character sheet.pdf
  11. I finally got KAP and the Great Pendragon Campaign, and in GDP it said you can have a knight of any sex, but the character sheet in KAP is phrased for only a male knight (though amusingly, the Woman sheet refers to "Spouse" instead of "Husband", where the Knight sheet uses "Wife"). So I tweaked the format and made a gender neutral version. The only things I left on (since I haven't played it yet!) is the reference to Other Lineage Men (any suggestions for a neutral phrase for that?) under Army, and I wasn't sure if the Chivalry Bonus marks for Personality Traits should be left on there, s
  12. We will go that extra step to make sure you buy the next issue! Here's a quick run-down of some of what is in issue 2: 3 adventures dual-statted for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition and GUMSHOE (Trail of Cthulhu) Royal agents investigate the murderous Beast of GĂ©vaudan (18th century, 12 pages) A party celebrates the return of an adventurer from his latest expedition (Gaslight Era, 17 pages) Parents worry over the disappearance of their daughter at college (Classic Era 1920s, 12 pages) A overview of every Cthulhu Mythos RPG release of 2018
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  14. Hi again Michael! Looking forward to hearing about it. I agree, putting it out in print was a must for me!
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