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  1. *thunderous applause* This is amazing. I am gonna have to pick your brain, cause trying to develop your own clan is hard.. ( though maybe I have too many competing cool ideas and not enough Gloranthan knowledge). This is a wonderful fleshed out read.
  2. Did we hear any word on VTT for Glorantha, yet or Runequest? I Know I know.. its probably never gonna happen.
  3. I just realized that Chaosium has a 'Free fiction' section, but I realized that Glorantha, one of the coolest worlds, doesn't have any 'free fiction' outside of "Why My Mother Told me" style stuff. I want to introduce some things to new people, but I wanted to find some fiction for them to read.
  4. Yeah I just want something that'll roll my dice and augments and tell me whether I success or fail... Cause trying to that manually is tricky.
  5. I just use theatre of mind, with no maps, but sometimes visual aids, or audio aids are nice. I don't know how you'd set up Glorantha in Foundry in terms of mechanics.
  6. Yeah I am looking at Foundry, but I 'd like to see something on there for it. Fantasy Grounds isn't my cup of tea...
  7. More More More! I must have this!
  8. I don't know if people have been thinking about it at Chaosium, but what about official 'basic' rules packages for the various Virtual Tabletop rules (Foundry,ect)? So that way the basic rules for Glorantha are there so people can enjoy their tabletop online? I am not exactly sure how that'd work (IP content wise) but... its thought.
  9. I like this. Good job! It gives me more aof a sense what things look like, when they should be happening for my story ( which is happening during both Sacred Time & Sea Season).
  10. I havea heard of a few of theses, but not all of them (well not the Glorantha ones). But now I am curious how that works in Glorathan. Tefa Woolvoice- The Koza Mother, is an Ernalda, and her daughter Kevashala- was conceived on the herquest to get the Koza( apparently). So while Keva maybe being set up to be the next chief of this clan, ( and going to probably marry one of the native men-folk of their Tula) I struggle to understand how to push her toward being a leader. I do like it thought, Kevashala growing from outsider girl, to the first woman emerging on the Tula (and there by cementing how they do their Female Initiation rites). Should be interesting. My head visually has some kind of 'flower shape made out of people, link interlinked rings or something, able to ever expand (the way water can fit into any container), but also forming a wall (Earth), the space between the people allows Air to flow(covering theirrune) I am not sure how to mix and Fire Rune & the Moon Rune?
  11. Well to your last point: The clan making cannot revolve around one person. Great point, I am still sort of transfixed how do things, for my Star Hearth Clan. The young girl-child who created the flower path ( she's somewhere between 9 and 10, maybe as old as 11), too young to be any kind of leader as she is not yet even a woman. The Tula itself is a mystical place- Voria's Garden, cause it some kind of beautiful Green Age/Dawn Age like ferility, and yet also facing Time's ravages, as these women and their livestock step into it. This clans first chief will most likely be the flower-dancer's mother- Tefa, Koza-mother- The Heroquester who brough the tribe their sheep- she is an Ernalda, was never a Vingan, though now I realize that she'd also become the Wyter's Priestess and suddenly realizing that handing essentially a sheep sheering housewife- they 'keys' to the White lioness (a Yinkin Daughter), who's 'pact' with the big ram Chief Bronzehoof- to be her first sacrifice as she hunts him to push the clan to the Tula and then make him her first sacrifice as the clan's wyter) is actually kinda awkward. The proto-clan has basically been watched over by the Lioness, for the entire time its been gathering strength. The Lioness was a hunt-sister to Vinga, and Ernalda adopted the lioness as a daughter(or maybe into the earth tribe), so she's a little more than local nature spirit. This clan making dance might happen at the next sacred time- at this point ,since they'd be arriving potentially during say The middle of Sea Season- and putting down roots and learning the lay of the land is going to take them several seasons, I suppose. I do wonder if because I had puzzle elements in isolation: The Proto-clan, its various female heads, for their Water, Fire(Velka Starhoof- Grazer), Earth(Umeka & Tefa), and Air groups, but the build the cool idea for lioness as Wyter -t to help reinforce the idea of a Pride of a Lionesses doing things for themselves (mostly).. So ostensibly I've tried to give as many people as I could some cool space.
  12. Do we know what the Clan making Dance ritual actual entails? We know Ernalda and Orlanthi did it at the Dawn to make the Storm Tribe.. .but what about Earth & Fire, and Darkness tribes?
  13. Welcome to Glorantha. As a newbie myself, I say to you "Talk to the Tribe", read the old books, like Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe, Read Heroquest Glorantha, and Runequest Gloratha. I think for me Glorantha isn't about high commitment, its about /feeling/ the setting. Your not walking through a market place-- your walking through the largest section the Greand Market in Nochet , the great city of the Goddess Ernalda, and many other Earth Goddesses, where the GrandMother's rule is LAW. But you're also playting with adorable alynx kittens in a sleepy taven in Nochet, where a man sends a dog to spoke the little cat and you box his ears for it. So buy in is how youl ook at it. Glorantha is mythical, so its hazy sometimes. Nothing is purely concreate. You want to invent a Goddess of the people who heard.. muskoxen-- sure do it ( there is a great thread about the muskox folk on the forums.) You have to put D&D or conan asside.. you have to think like Studio Ghibli's Miyazaki-- Naussica or Princess Mononoke.. you need to be able to look at the characters and stop and.. breath. Glorantha is like a Bob Ross Painting (if you do not know him, google Bob Ross, Happy little trees, or the Joy of painting) There are no mistakes in Glorantha, just new discoveries. Nothing is 'contradicted' so much as shifted in the light to reveal something else- at least to me. And thats one of the joys of Glorantha perspective, and experience- I haven't played a single game of Glorantha in any system really- but I have a Clan- The Stjarnharda -The Star Hearth clan, which is a fusion of Lunar, Orlanthi, Grazer--- peoples who normally would be at each others throats, but these women came together out of need and forged a sisterhood- like a pride of lionesses- who move and work as one. So Glorantha is all about exploring. Finding new ways out of the old. and dreaming big. Do not be afraid of it, read much ,and ask questions no matter how silly they maybe. Or wacky, or unusual. Glorantha has bad ass ducks-- the DRuluz- as a source of interesting. Yea, think Donald and Daisy duck, only... warriors. If Daisy Duck were Xena- there we go!
  14. To the Tribe, So a friend pointed out to me that that GM Screen PAck, has a non player character sheet for NPCs. Do we have digital form fillable versions of this? and rules to make NPCs, or generate them quickly? Or is it just the standard character creation rules with some some things loppped off? Also what about the Squad Sheet is the PDF, fillable of that? Please and thank you, Heart.
  15. The only problem with marrying one way into a bloodline is that it dictates who can marry whom. And defiantely cuts off some avenues of intermingling. If blood A only marries from Bloodline B, then at some point B will have no one else avaiable, and B->C same thing . Which will eventually create a bottle neck. But is there a way to work an Esrolian House style system in? Considering that some of these Orlanthi maybe Esrolian by birth? Admitedly Esrolia relies on its cities, much like the Lunar groups, to help to build upon these Houses and the like, which is something a small clan can't actually do. So I am still struggling with that. OR this whole Triarty thing, is just making my head hurt.
  16. Reasonable- also everyone recommend Resurrection Ertugrul... hopefully I can find an subbed version. But back to The idea of clan creation from an in universe perspective. The year is 1625, as the Glimmer clan is leaving they watch the Dragonrise--- they watch as the Lunar Empire is a delt a bad blow. Surely the Lunar continigent with the group who's been with them for a decade has some feelings about this. THey've basically been left alone with little to no contact with other Lunar folks because- they're living with a bunch of Orlanthi. How does this effect the Heroquest for the Wyter.. The White Lioness wyter is /white/ giving her a tie in some way to the White Moon of PEace (I think). Though I do wonder if the New Immortal/God, of Glamour maybe buffing her appearance a little, to help the clan cement itself as something 'bigger' feeling. The more I started to think about exogamy, how would the clan because they're living in this weirdly temporal/physical valley manage to marry in or out of other groups. They're tiny (probably less than 100 people, since they were on borrowed land).
  17. Reading about the this question of Queens, does me make think about how groups other than the Orlanthi, deal with the female rulers, now. Dara Happa is unlike to have them (since the Ten TEsts of Kings requires a male body apparently?). The Lunar Empire probably does (though with Moonson as Emperor we'll never have a MoonDaughter... running the show since he just.. body steals? But this is a good point, that there are other alternatives.
  18. Now its question of colating these many many ideas: I think the problem with the Tardis effect as you've said is the potential to 'break' the space they live in., a failed heroquest, could undo years and years of work. And I don't know if they'd take that risk. I think they's solidify their land as much as possible only undergoing the heroquest for more land expansion... when it was nessacery. I guess after reading the Imperial Handbook, I loved the Anime-inspired visuals, but I was like new clan like this couldn't support the trade network and city building--- nessacery evoke those vibes. But now I wonder, if their little Tula has pre-built structures on it. If it was used before the Dawn in the Lesser and Greater Darknesses, and then got sort of disconnected from the world, and is only being slowly brought back through their heroquesting. But I think this point above might be too much. I imagine their Heroquest, has these women, defending their lands with all the powers at their disposal, their ancestresses known in name and deed, but I should find out what the Spike explosion is and how it effect the world, before I can say these three sisters who'd been married off some how defend lands that are not 'theirs'. Can these women exist when the Spike explodes? Or is that not a possiblity? My knowledge of Gloranthan time and events is bery wobbly (I have the source book and the Lunar handbooks ( as 'non current cannon as they can be, I even have Thunder Rebels and Storm Tribe, to flesh out my knowlege.) Thaenya Suren Estara - I feel like she might be a daughter of the Red Goddess, not a famous one, but just one of the consequential ones from all her flings, tying the lunar Contingent into the blood that so plauges the Orlanthi and Grazelanders, but like the Moon herself, they all balance each other. Eneela Ring-Mother - Grazelander horse breeder, (though they wouldn't have been grazelanders at the time of the spike, I expect she'd been descendant of Yelm's Bright Court maybe a daughter of Yelm's wife, or a handmaiden.) Irvarnestra The Shepard - The standard Orlanthi steadwife,Ernalda worshiping and scary with a spoon. But honestly I think they current memebers of The Glimmerstone Clan, do 'fix' their Tula slowly, bringing it back into the world, though it must keep some of its tardis-esque qualities. I do feel like the way to the lands, are weirdly 'implausible'. Like(and I'll write about the journey in the story). They're following Koza Rams (big golden/yellow fleexced ones with bronze hooves), and a Lioness who seems to be hunting them (they don't realize that she's actually stalking the Rams). I think the other problem is that Lunar contingent of the clan will have to change- they're literally away from much of their source of power(in a sense), and probably over the last 10 years have some syncretism going on. I don't know if any of this makes any real sense, as my knowledge of Glorantha is... sparse. Am I just trying to do too much, too quickly and its a watery mess, because of it? I mean I wanted Orlanthi, but not Orlanthi in the Dragon Pass, I didn't want the Lunar empire to be 'evil', in their eyes (because its really cool, but yeah a soul eating bat as your mascot doesn't say 'good guys' persay). And the grazelanders are neat, but hear so little about them. Maybe my problem was trying to tie them together as a clan, where their elements are so different. But forging a new solid whole to survive is the point of a clan isn't it?
  19. Actually She is a White Lioness ( so she may have eyes of Glimmerstone, or her tail tip, eyes and claws are made of the lumouns stone). So much better, hmm the Lunar Priestess (of the white moon? Not the red moon, that threatens all with consumption and obliteration). I can see Lunar and Earth Priestess working on concernt with Air and Fire Priests work to turn the earth and make the sun beat down upon it where Heler's waters feed it.
  20. Thanks for your really interesting ideas: I should preface the posting with : The Glimmerstone clan, actually moves out of dragon pass in 1625, in Sea Season of 1625, on the first day of Season season they've already packed up, and left. art of the reason they move out of the Pass is that it to them is 'too crowed' ( also the mystical pathway is leading them out of the Dragon Pass. So they're connections to the socio-political things are probably going to deteriorate as they leave.) I mean it may not, but I haven't figure out where their Tula is completely. It should be probably closer to the Esorlia/Lunar Tarsh, type , but I've indicated that its a massive valley/plaetu, that's clearly got a foot in the Other world, and may just be emerging into Time properly ( so we have some 'Tardis' it's bigger on the inside going on. It is possible, but the more I considered where the "Voria's Garden" - which will probably get a new name when the clan is founded. Does indeed lie outside of Dragonpass, and would probably be realitvely unknown until they establish themselves and start making trade agreements with other local communities. I do think their warrior groups have and use Maran and Babeester Gor initiates and priestesses far more often. Because they took in so many, they probably didn't expect them to give up being who they were. Many of the intial founders became Vingan because they were Orlanthi- and that was how they delt with it, putting away their fertility of green Earth, to pick up Vingan's spear. The clan probably has a few groups of Maran and Babeester Gor, weaponthanes. The men are taught to hold their own against them. The Earthshakers shaking the soil- I like that, but they couldn't do the entire fields on the Tula- that'd be so much - and the men need to do something 'useful'. I imagine that the fields that get the Earthshaker power- are the First field of year- maybe it how you 'open up' new fields after making their boundaries. The First tilling is the Earthshakers not plow, and they probably rotate years ( field 1, year 1= earth shaker, in year 2 its tilled with a plow, and in year 3 back to earth shakers.) I imagine that most of the clan, balances trying to take in women and men from other groups who may not be happy- a Nadan born and raised among Yelmites is going to struggle, with who and what they are in comparison to what their society tells them. You're example of of Uz-gifted Sun-worshipers being called traitors might be a good point, they might be called traitors, but then again. much of the clan is considered traitors in some fashion- they've contingents of Hsuchen among them (mostly horse via Redala, keeping their not-golden eyes strongly tied to their clan.)
  21. I do envision my clan as Female Led, but they're not male hostile. They just are not. Their real female lead and oriented leadership structure reflects their earliest years in 1613 ect. And the fact that they never truely had a enough adult men. So they've had to sort of deal with it. Their first protofyrd, all women (Vingans, Babesteer and Maran Gor worshipers). And they seemed to gain more women with each passing year, simply because they too people in who needed it (didn't make the clan who's land they were living on happy hence telling them to leave) Actually I guess the Koza's existance on the Anwyth's land would be pretty bad- but maybe the Koza +cloudsheep were a good thing. Good herd genetics. @jajagappa - The question aire, sure. I think coming up and creating a solid question aire might be worth it. For this clan, since we can spice it up with 3 times the questions.
  22. I like this plan, but now this means I have to understand what in the Lozenge any of this actually means? Like what answers are correct? I don't have a group to do this with (I don't know how to GM or the understanding).. but dang would that help in form things. But that does make me think about the world that must exist.
  23. Well all of this is super informative. I definately think this clan is more Peaceclan, or a Balanced clan. From their outset 'There is ALWAYS another way' has helped and held them together. I think male Exogamy is what I was going for originally, that the men marry out more often, but if/when the women do marry out, they always make sure to leave a child or two with the clan.
  24. So then I suppose I can turn to you all to help me peg down this ideas, I am scratching these out as I go so feel free to feed into them, or comment: 1625 is also the Dragonrise, which probably would have been relayed to the Clan in some form. So we're looking at invented traditions, and they're doing that rather wholesale: The Lioness(Alynx) Wyter- is the White Lioness, her hunting sisters form the bloodlines of the clans alynxes, and the Wyter herself was a hunting companion to Vinga during the Lesser and Greater Darknesses, Ernalda adopted the Lioness making her not a spirit persay, but not quite a godbeast either (?) But I do agree that ultimately the clan thrives on that idea:Of old our peoples were one but split apart, but now we come together again and recognize each other as kin through our shared ancestors once more." The idea about the Companion's Lawstaff quest is something I'll have to research. Their Ancestresses include, each of the big bloodlines anyway Lunars: Thaenya Suren Estara Grazelander: Eneela Ring-Mother Orlanthi :Irvarnestra The Shepard So I guesst the question is how does one weave together a mythos that's perhaps been untold for ages, and pull it back into the light. I find that the clan draws from all of its groups to create something visually unique- like adult women wear their hair a certain way and advertise their williness for lovers or husbands with ornaments (rings woven or braided, so a girl's first set is important.) I feel like the Lunar Empire needs to contributed polish- but since they're no long in big cities its a little hard. Suggestions?
  25. Ok,. I like this. and now I've got to figure out how to apply it to the Glimmerstones, who because they're new- (which is apart of this exercise), is something I am struggling with. I guess I'll type up the short synopsis so I can show people what I am working with because my Glorantha Clan Folder notes are a mess. Glimmerstone History
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