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  1. Chaosium has never (to my recent knowledge) provided "official" release dates on their products. Nor can they, with the variables involved.
  2. klecser


    There isn't much that I like about Lovecraft himself. He was racist and anti-Semitic and not really a positive role-model for anyone. What draws me to the style of writing that he is famous for is the heavy reliance on verbose description and an unknown and overwhelming threat. I enjoy Horror because, like science fiction, is a genre that has been constructed around the concept of confronting very difficult issues in life safely and with acceptance. You can talk about issues around the frame of science fiction or horror that are socially unacceptable in "polite" conversation.
  3. Hey all, I'm getting close to putting my first scenario up on the Repository. It is called Test Subjects and my goals are simply to contribute something to the Community, celebrate the game, and accomplish something that I've thought about doing for a long time. Here are my questions from a fan to fans: 1) I've done all the maps and handouts for the scenario myself. I'll be crediting myself for "maps," but one of the Handouts is a bit of graphic design. I'm not sure I feel comfortable calling myself an "artist" for the credits. Does doing art, no matter the medium, qualify me fo
  4. No, I don't expect it to need to be a linked document. I'm just an amateur trying to get my content out there.
  5. Can anyone offer me any advice on how to get page numbering to work in the Word template? None of the advice I have found online is helping. I foolishly thought that I could insert my own cover page and page breaks without consequence, but I've managed to completely mess up how Word puts in page numbers. I obviously want the first page of my scenario text to be "1," with no numbering on the cover page, credits page, or table of contents. These are all labeled as "Section 1," but the document is inserting page numbers on these prior pages and doing weird things like: 1, 4, 2, 3, 2. I
  6. Grabbed me the template, thanks!
  7. Does anyone know what the standard scenario font size is for Call of Cthulhu scenarios?
  8. This is an incredible amount of content and history for the price. I will give it a thorough read later, but I was very impressed by my skim. Congratulations Bridgett and thank you for contributing this to the community!
  9. I snagged a 1st edition copy of SoY-S recently. That prompted me to make a short video about it's contributions to the hobby. Enjoy!
  10. I really appreciate you posting all of these here. I can check this thread daily without extra clicks. And that just increases the chances I'll make a purchase or two!
  11. It's TOME. https://www.yog-sothoth.com/wiki/index.php/CoC:Scenarios
  12. Here is my Overview of Apocthulhu Core Rulebook PDF and Quick Start POD! Spectacular work @kross! Congratulations!
  13. Added links to two of James Coquillat's showcase games that he ran at digital Cons recently. I think that he is also an excellent Keeper model for any CoC Keeper, new or experienced.
  14. I don't have any of my copies readily available this instant, but the biggest change is that the support documents in the originals are basic text boxes and typed in most cases, with very basic and limited maps. GTT has professional quality handouts. I also think that the text is expanded with more tips for running it and a box to help new Keepers with SAN thresholds, IIRC?
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