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  1. Every time. My players know about a half a dozen spells between them and they haven't cast a spell in over ten sessions. 😉
  2. Remember, Nyarlathotep is known by many names, and one of those is The God of a Thousand Forms. My personal opinion is that it would be influenced by Cthulhu Mythos score. A low-level cultist likely would see the Bloody Tongue as an entity in of itself. But a high-level cultist or major Mythos villain may very well know that Nyarlathotep is an Outer God. And that Outer God avatars are influenced by the perspective of the snivelling meat bag viewing it.
  3. I kinda respect the audacity of you running Masks as your first go. But I also fear for YOUR Sanity.... 😜
  4. Nice product at a great price point. I did not expect this one to be full color.
  5. As mentioned before, I don't have the expertise to answer that question. I fully acknowledge that you are the one in the driver's seat. I fully acknowledge that there may very well be diminishing returns on proof-reading costs. I also don't buy into the idea that role-playing proof-reading by small companies should be expected to be fully on par with proof-reading in other industries. I'm gonna buy the books because, ultimately, content and ideas matters more to me.
  6. This is a great list. Can I have your permission to quote you and paste this, as is, to the "Are You A New Keeper?" sticky?
  7. And their profit is in the resell market. Cards and miniatures. That's how they afford to sell the rest at a discount. Pretty cynical. For the record, I haven't made a purchase from them in years. Chaosium's perks make it worth the extra cost. 😉
  8. Yeah, I was suspicious when they were suggesting that someone was selling at a 50% discount but clearly they were talking about Horrors on the Orient Express. I don't know if Miniature Market's retail store offers Bits and Mortar? I've never heard of anyone getting pdfs when they purchased something online through Miniature Market and I've been shopping there for over a decade. I've never bought a Call of Cthulhu book from them because I'd rather support Chaosium and know that I am getting the PDF with the product. Well, and because I get it immediately upon release. And because the Chaosium
  9. Chaosium is also a small publisher. I can't tell you how to feel, but by ordering from them direct, I also view it as small company support. I'm willing to bet that Miniature Market might actually have more employees than Chaosium in the US.
  10. So this is really more about you saving money than supporting small stores or publishers. I get it. The price of saving money is distribution time.
  11. Order from Chaosium. Cut out the middle man. Get it sooner. Links are open folks. Update: They've disappeared again, so they may have needed to fix something. I ordered my hard copy of BTMOM! After four years of collecting CoC supplements I finally have access to this campaign in hard copy.
  12. Hoping we don't crash the system when they go live. 😉
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