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  1. Answered by @ColoradoCthulhu in a thread from March (forum search can help): So, if you don't have the PDF that sucks. I would contact Customer Support and ask them if they would send you the Handout. There are audio recordings of the Handouts posted at Blasphemous Tomes: https://blasphemoustomes.com/downloads/ @Mike M there is no reference to this issue in the Errata document for the Keeper screen pack.
  2. It is just a shame that, for some people, the idea of someone else finding fun in different ways than them is just untenable. Josh777 started the thread with a critical premise: That they/their players don't find as much fun in the rule of increased difficulty for high NPC skill. I hope they've found the discussion interesting, but if they ultimately decide to ditch the rule and their games are more fun, then it's a win.
  3. Interesting. Thanks Mike. I can see arguments both for and against being explicit about it in a "system."
  4. I love the idea of the work of our Polish authors being introduced to a wider audience. Thanks Chaosium!
  5. With the release of Does Love Forgive? (https://www.chaosium.com/blogdoes-love-forgive-a-special-surprise-release-from-chaosium-for-gen-con-2020-/) Chaosium seems to be releasing a scenario rating system. Interesting. I wonder if this will become a common feature moving forward? Will past scenarios get retroactive ratings? Here is a screen shot of the system: The first scenario in the collection is rated a single star and one session. The second scenario is two stars and one session. Discuss!
  6. @Fred every book has an errata/corrections thread. I don't think that there is an announcement whenever there is an update. Like most errata documents, the last date of update is listed. I reorganized the original post to put some short scenario collections right after the Starter. This includes the addition of "Does Love Forgive?" one-to-one scenarios. I haven't read them yet, but they were released with the Polish version so I expect that they'll be good. I think being explicit about a one-to-one option is important here for people trying to find any way to play. Folks in rural areas or who are very busy with jobs/family frequently seek out one-to-one play options.
  7. Flexibility is the key. Every table is different and every group of people have their own interpretations of what is fair and fun.
  8. And I don't mind people disagreeing at all. There are certainly aspects of CoC (any version) I liked from the beginning, grew to love, or have never liked. People hate change. That is an immutable fact. I've worked in a profession for 18 years now and no matter how logical or beneficial some changes are, there will always be people immediately opposed to any change. One of my favorite game-related quotes of the past: "If boosters were filled with hundred-dollar bills, people would complain about how they were folded." And that you all get to hear about that repulsion...over and over and over and over and over again... I don't come here to be people's therapists or punching bags. Which is why I have a hefty Ignore list. Back on topic, I'm really glad that @Josh777 posted this thread, because it gives some of us another opportunity to hear insight from a game designer ( @Paul Fricker ) about the hithertos and why-fores of the design process. Like the final decision or not, I find the discussion of the choices fascinating.
  9. The nerdly cultural obsession with "canon" is an interesting aspect of our hobby. I've gamed with a lot of people, and in that time I've met many an enthusiast that get visibly upset when they aren't "on the side of canon." They treat the RAW as a sacred thing. "If its in the RAW, it must be 'right,' and if it isn't my perspective, the RAW's wrong." It strikes me as a need for belonging. A need for the "official authority" to jive with personal perspective. People will sometimes take derivations that don't jive with their personal beliefs of fairness personally (that is not a comment on Joshua's original question...it is never wrong to question.) The truth is that there is nothing sacred about the RAW. It is what the human designers did with a human creation at a time when they decided they were finished with playtesting and editing. In CoC Paul et al decided to have a tiered difficulty setting system rather than strict arithmetic comparison of rolls. And it fits the setting. If you are "world-class good" at something, it should be all the harder for someone to avoid your experienced and skillful eye. What is the real surprise to me is the continual raging that some people continue to have over 7th. Its just getting so boring. We get it. A designer took a different direction than you would have. The ship has sailed. The complaining doesn't accomplish anything other than continuing to poison the well of the fandom. Its hard to justify why someone would be so upset about something that they feel the need to ruin it for everybody else.
  10. Can anybody confirm for me that the "Temperance" secondary characteristic defined in the rulebook is the "Willpower" characteristic listed on the character sheet?
  11. The Section marked "Part 4: Conflict" on page 138 answers your question. Initiating an attack in the same space as someone you are pursuing costs a movement action. The seemingly contradictory summary on page 414 is simply addressing the exception: firearms when ranged.
  12. klecser


    I thought I might address an elephant in the room this morning. Be civil.
  13. If you're interested, this video has me unboxing and giving overviews of the recently released hardcovers for Runequest and Call of Cthulhu. Time codes in the description if you are focused on one or two products. Smoking Ruins is up front for all the Glorantha fans in the audience!
  14. If you're interested, this video has me unboxing and giving overviews of the recently released hardcovers for Runequest and Call of Cthulhu. Time codes in the description if you are focused on one or two products.
  15. "Scene type" being the clearest example, I'd say. I personally find that labeling a scene a certain type from the start doesn't help me to manage encounters any better than I did before. But if it helps other people, more power to them.
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