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  1. To be fair, I get a "database error" when I try to access sixtystonepress.co.uk.
  2. I just want to check to make sure this meets community guidelines before signing up. @MOB?
  3. Edited above to include PDF links to Deadlight and Other Dark Turns and Gateways to Terror. I think both are fine new Keeper options. Also, added a link to CJ Leung's excellent videos.
  4. Oh my gosh I completely forgot that they're making a movie of Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff! That is a great read for anyone in the audience who is looking for a mashup of human and Mythos horror. *further checking* Rats, HBO exclusive.
  5. Great post Agentmax7! It can be very difficult to read intent online. This helps to clarify what your goals were. I'm all about that aesthetic tradition discussion! Let's discuss in another thread.
  6. A "yes man" agrees with whatever someone else does, always. I don't meet that definition. If one were to read my comments, what they reveal (in my opinion) is a desire for people's arguments to be grounded in a logical framework and supporting new players to the community. "There shouldn't be art in these books because quality Keeping shouldn't use art" is not a logical argument and it doesn't nurture or invite new players to the hobby. It's a bit asinine to have your first post be a lecture to experienced publishers and Keepers of "how to do it right." Can you imagine someone walking into a restaurant, having never shown up there before, immediately giving the chefs bad tips on how to chef? It's not cool. We don't do it IRL. We shouldn't do it on forums. Just like "art isn't subjective" isn't a logical argument. Art is subjective. I challenge you to talk to any number of professors of art and honestly expect them to agree that "art isn't subjective." I'd love to watch those conversations, honestly. Chaosium has been making a lot of sound business decisions as of late. They understand their markets. And I happen to respect a lot of the decisions they've made. Because I respect excellence. And inviting lots of people, no matter their art perspective, to the table is a good thing. Breadth of art style is a good business practice. That doesn't make me a "yes man." I think we have several people determined to "gotcha" Chaosium and their decisions at every turn. I have criticisms too, but just stating my criticisms publically isn't a productive enterprise, especially for a recreational activity. I don't write, draw, or edit for Chaosium. I'm not so naive as to think that me coming to an online forum and complaining is going to get Chaosium to change their art commissioning procedures. The cover of Gateways to Terror was recently changed, granted, but the original cover art is still right at the front of the book. I don't expect those kinds of changes to happen frequently. Honestly, as Fallingtower recently said, we are in a Golden Age of Call of Cthulhu. And some people seem incapable of appreciating that fact. I think it is important for people to recognize the balance of posts that they have on any forum. If you have mostly positive posts, or even a mixture of positive and some negative, your presence is generally welcome. But if your posts are largely negative, largely combative, and are a source of drama from the moment you walk in? Don't be surprised if people struggle to respect your contributions. Or ignore you. Don't want to be ignored? Give people reasons not to ignore you.
  7. I fear "golden age" is being interpreted by some as "my sacred personal space," and the grumbling is a symptom of having to share said space. Regardless, the rest of us are benefiting hugely from this state of affairs and will be welcoming new players with open arms. I need to get to my FLGS and run another game in January.
  8. You created an account to say that? "Well, back in 1st Edition, we knew how to do it! Uphill both ways!" You think art should be kept out of books because you don't personally find it useful. Art in books doesn't need to be shown to players. It can give Keepers descriptive inspiration though. So, since you don't find it personally useful, no one should have it? That's your argument? Come on. The hobby is more than just you. My current hypothesis is that there is one small group of fans that are creating accounts and posting these contrarian posts about the art. Because the world would be righted again if 7th didn't exist and members of The Club get to play CoC. Folks, if the cover or internal art is making or breaking your Call of Cthulhu games, your problem isn't the art. And if you don't find something valuable in a game, you are entitled to your opinion. You are not entitled to your opinion preventing other people from getting useful things.
  9. Hey TR, it will take me some time to get you detailed feedback, but I fully intend to do so. Thank you for making this available to the community!
  10. Should players of any game system get a refund when a new edition of anything comes out? Especially if the product is enhanced from it's prior iteration?
  11. @MandilarasM, yes it's grayscale. I'm expecting that the print copies will be grayscale to to keep print costs down. They did that for Shadows over Providence as well.
  12. Lots of value here. The original Deadlight, released at the beginning of 7th, was light on art. I really like the "two short scenarios" model of RPG publishing because it is just more options/ideas in an economical package.
  13. As a new GM for Runequest, all of that information seems like it would be really useful for those of us that do not have practiced knowledge of Glorantha. My biggest barrier as a Runequest GM is descriptive capability: I can't describe effectively because I don't know enough. And this SEEMS like it would be really useful to help with that.
  14. I'm deeply intrigued by AaEoDP, but I'm a bit worried about getting it because all of the reviews I've read seem to emphasize that it "isn't for beginners." Can anyone here summarize what they find most appealing about the book? If I have a general interest in Bronze Age warfare, equipment and tactics might I find it attractive? I looked at the "Full size preview" and found it interesting, but that seems to before the book gets into the specifics.
  15. The distinction between Occult and Cthuhu Mythos is pretty well explained in the full text, IMO. Whether or not you personally consider that useful is up to you. It's your game. You can do whatever you want.
  16. Starter Set adventures. Paper Chase in particular. Edge of Darkness and Dead Man's Stomp with some revisions. I'd also recommend the forthcoming Gateways to Terror, which is available in PDF right now. Any of those scenarios could potentially be adapted to one player. Deadlight could be adapted to one player. Finally, the free scenario The Lightless Beacon could easily be adapted to one player.
  17. You're right Cloud, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That doesn't mean they are above criticism. You made a jest, and I jested back. You feel my jest was more harsh. That's fair. My humor trends to hyperbole, and that isn't always well-received on the internet where tone and facial expression aren't available. To answer your question, you can join Cult of Chaos regardless of whether you intend to run those scenarios outside of your kitchen table. There is a LOT of content there. Drinking from a firehose level. mdomino, there are other parts of my MO that you may have missed: like helping new players. Feel free to Ignore. You're not forced to read what I write. Heck, I've been ignoring YSDC for months now.
  18. Except that you really aren't. There are updates (yet to be disclosed), new art, and an added scenario. You don't even know how much it's going to cost. I don't see this as any different than purchasing Masks 7E or Terror Australis. People technically bought something they already had. With new art, an update on text, and some new material. Deadlight was one of the first (the first?) scenarios released for 7E and it is a great scenario that was lacking in the art department. Are you buying Gateways to Terror in PDF or hard copy? We've had the text of those for a long time.
  19. Investigators with higher credit ratings: -Can get access to transportation methods that others can't. -Can potentially bribe NPCs for information or their lives. -Can pay for newspaper clipping services and other luxury items that allows them to focus their in-game efforts on other endeavors. -Can get clues that destitute Investigators may lack, because of social connections and status. -Can hire contacts to work for them. -Can easily obtain materials that can make for more exciting solutions to problems. Investigators with lower credit ratings: -Generally have to work harder for all of the above. Many players prefer playing characters with lower credit ratings because they like the challenge. Many players don't like playing characters with lower credit ratings because they don't like the-challenge-of-the-mundane. If you want a mechanics-focused answer, consider this: Why should a "rich" character with all of the advantages listed above not be required to pay for it in character creation? Wouldn't everyone just choose to be rich? My group used their wealth to gut the Chapel of Contemplation and rebuild a Sanctum Sanctorum on top of it. They now have a home base on a "place of power." That would not have been possible if they played financially-challenged characters. It made sense that if they were going to spend points in character creation on it that it was going to result in some cool benefits in game. So, rather than assuming that a mechanic is a "penalty," it behooves all of us to spend some time thinking about what the advantages could be.
  20. Thanks for pointing out the "glass-half-full" that seems to be so frequently lost on some. No, folks, Chaosium is not destroying your life with their decisions.
  21. Here is the process for joining: https://www.chaosium.com/join-the-cult-of-chaos/
  22. Usually 4-6 months after the PDF, depending upon manufacturing, shipping, and customs.
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