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  1. I have a general question about time for the campaign: The campaign establishes standard travel times between locations within a city location of one hour. Many location entries that have research specify a time for research so the entry tells you how much time to tick off. What about locations where no time is specified? For example, and without spoilers, let's say that I decide to visit someone at Miskatonic University. If no time is specified for the location description, does the travel time account for my time there, or is there always a standard one hour that happens at a location? One hour Travel to MU Talk to X person, no time listed in entry, so no additional time? or One hour Travel to MU Talk to X person (no time mentioned, but tick off an hour anyway) Not trying to nitpick, just trying to play in the spirit of the original author's vision. And then how does this extend to eating in the middle of the day? If the more conservative way is the expectation, eating lunch is an incredible waste of time: Travel to Bee's Diner (One hour), Eat at Bee's diner (one hour), leave Bee's Diner to go to another location (one hour) By the literal rules, you have to spend three hours eating lunch, not one, because of travel time. Or, is eating included in the travel time? I know I could probably just "house rule it" and decide what is reasonable. I just don't think three hours to eat lunch in a small town like Arkham is reasonable.
  2. Wow. Did not expect this. Immediate purchase for me, as someone who doesn't have a group to play with and who enjoyed Alone Against the Flames. So few companies produce solo works.
  3. It sounds like you are mocking my use of the term sale. I was not trying to take advantage of Chaosium by reporting on this. I didn't know any better. I simply noticed something and shared it with the fan base.
  4. Also Masks of Nyarlathotep 4th Ed. PDF 1.99 USD. Obviously about to get a new edition, but a great price for completionists!
  5. I don't know why (maybe because they're releasing a new one?), but Cthulhu by Gaslight (2012) is 2.49 USD on DriveThruRPG right now. If, like me, you are late to the party, that is an absolute steal for the PDF of a book that is nearly impossible to find without dropping a few Bens on eBay.
  6. Worth noting as well that he just got the books in hand and is preparing Kickstarter orders for shipment.
  7. Yeah, that's more my perspective. Given that CoC is more setting and story driven, the amount of conversion is always minimal in my mind.
  8. Harlem Unbound has both GUMSHOE and Basic rules. I'm not sure I agree with "no compatibility." Or are you referring to compatibility in a business-sense, rather than a game-sense?
  9. Well, rats. C7 produced some of my favorite CoC sourcebooks. Business is business and better to go out on a high note maybe.
  10. Didn't realize it was going to be that big, given that the 2010 release was 248. They're really doubling the page count?
  11. Thanks for the added info MOB. I don't want to be "that guy", but I'm sure you understand that a lot of people's gut reactions to splitting a product is "cash grab." If they are coming together in a slipcase, then the division is clearly more a practicality thing.
  12. I explain to my players that 1) Call of Cthulhu is a quasi-realistic game and so they need to consider seriously whether their player would actually carry a weapon. Most people don't. 2)Any weapon they do carry is probably pretty useless. It's your game, so you can do whatever you want. My favorite CoC weapon is my brain.
  13. Pleased to hear this is being released in hardcover. It sounds like it was the right choice for me to hold off on the PDF. I prefer physical media.
  14. MOB, please continue to post Kickstarters on these forums. I came back to CoC after many years away and missed a lot of recent Kickstarters. This is the place where I get information about new CoC Kickstarters.
  15. Thanks Dean. And just to clarify, what I'm really looking for is fantastical images of the monstrous train cars of the Dreamlands. Exterior and/or interior. Some may argue that Investigator imagination should do for that. I'd like at least one or two image handouts.
  16. I am prepping to do an Orient Express-inspired game for my players. I plan to make the Dreamlands Express a significant part of their journey. The module lacks artwork for the exterior and interior of the train. I'm sure that this was due to a need to finish the module for the Kickstarter and there may not have been an artist or the funds to pay at that time. Does anyone know of any artwork for the Dreamlands Express that you have used for your game? Google image searches haven't turned up anything. At worst I can just use descriptions in the actual module. I have a player group that very much enjoys visual aides. At least, for some of the train.
  17. If people have followed the game industry as a segment of society for a while, there is definitely an uptick in Lovecraft stuff. Just nobody names it. Stranger Things was a complete smash hit and it is very clearly Lovecraftian. The Thing poster in the background, for example, and the creators have named inspiration that is all Lovecraftian. Part of me wonders if HPL's xenophobia and racism is the main reason why people tend to not name him. That's ironic given that there are plenty of racist authors of the past that people have no problem naming. I think that another factor is that when the world gets crazy, people turn to crazy fiction. The good news is that it only benefits us longtime fans in terms of product availability and media consumption opportunities.
  18. I know that we are likely trying to keep this spoiler free, but if I am looking for more source info on "Villain F" in Orient express, would I find a lot in this module?
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