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  1. If you're having a good time gaming, I'm happy. 😉
  2. No harm no foul Michael! I understand and am patient.
  3. I am very picky about the Actual Plays that I actually think are worth a watch. I prefer ones with trained actors. They are conscious of performance and that they have an audience. Most Actual Plays are boring to watch.
  4. Yes, ducks are awesome. Runequest is not pseudo-medieval. It is Bronze Age. What makes it really interesting is that the base "rules" of culture are completely flipped on their head. You can offend NPCs in RQ in ways that would impress them in medieval fantasy and impress RQ NPCs with things that would offend a pseudo-medieval NPC. RQ is not about killing stuff and taking treasure. It is about brokering alliances, trading, feeding communities, prestige, and ransoming foes instead of killing them. If you are interested in Pendragon for what makes it unique, you might like RQ for the same reasons. Now that I've found Runequest, I find other Fantasy RPGs boring by comparison. RQ is fantasy role-playing for adults (but could be played at any age assuming table understandings.) But, if your answer is still "no" for the many reasons you suggest, I support what is right for you! 🙂
  5. What put me on Runequest is that it's a sophisticated world with an amazing religious pantheon, Creation Story, and interesting cultural framework.
  6. Sounds like James made a mistake. It was listed as "Unlisted," but I'm not sure he expected it to be visible to subscribers? Or he changed it to unlisted after many of us saw it? Just in case Chaosium has any doubt that we're watching... 😜
  7. I don't know who at Chaosium is responsible for all of these unbelievable high-profile Actual Plays we've been getting over the last two years. But they deserve some kind of marketing medal. Or a fat raise.
  8. It's a shame more people don't know Greg Stafford...
  9. Thanks for the additional examples. I was reading this and thinking "this person thinks how I think about role-playing." If Gygax didn't want it altered, he shouldn't have published it. Especially for a game intended to be creative. I've never understood the Gygax worship. Yes, he was involved in the creation of something great. A lot of nerds, young and old, treat him like he's some deity. And there are plenty of examples from his life that should make one question idolizing him. You ask a lot of nerds WHY they love him so much, and when you get past the standard "he wrote DND" (which is only partly true), most of the answers boil down to "because reasons" and "because I'm supposed to." He DMed in it's infancy, and he just wasn't very good at it, by modern standards. Everybody defends his style as being common with his players, but there are many modern gamers that would feel absolutely retched at his table. I think if I did it would be in putting the factions and NPCs into Mythos contexts first. And then make the environments less serious threats and more of exploration. It screams Yig and Tsathogghua, perhaps, with Serpent People and Ghouls and replacing Aboleths with Dholes or sentient Shoggoths.
  10. Excellent point Joe. The classic example of this is in the medical field. Increasing our detection methods for disease finds more instances of disease, but it isn't evidence that disease is spreading in the population more. Likewise, humans not knowing how to recognize a mental health challenge in the past doesn't mean that when we recognize more of it now that it just didn't exist in the past. PTSD is an example. It was called "shell shock" in WW1. And people maybe didn't explicitly identify it as a consequence of war at all in the distant past. But that doesn't mean a human empathetic response to seeing death didn't affect them in the past. Absolutely. I didn't mean to imply that the "losers" just disappear. The Germans have done a spectacular job of leading a mutual societal response to Nazism post WW2 within their own country. They are the ones who vowed to actively try to not let it arise in their space again. It wasn't the occupying forces who did that. In the modern age, with increases in communication and much more free press, it has become much harder for the "winners" to suppress the voices of the "losers." I think this discussion has been central to what level of realism people want to portray in Call of Cthulhu!
  11. I don't get this from your posts. But I also think it noteworthy that neither veteran experiences nor PTSD are monoliths. So, I will always respect your perspective as a person who fits both of those categories. But I will always also listen to a full breadth of opinions and data on both of those. I appreciate your perspective of having a realistic view of history. History is initially often written by the people in power, or the ones who "win" conflicts.
  12. QFT "Perfect timing" is another example of a common RPG element that is completely unrealistic, yet we all agree to suspend the realism sometimes, because the story might be more interesting.
  13. Links for pictures are broken for me, but I'm wondering if it is the work filter. Can others see the pictures?
  14. I really appreciate references to games of the past that people really liked. The core box set rules are available by the original author on DTRPG! I hear what you say about sailing realism in games. And I don't begrudge anyone a target for enjoyment. If sailing realism is a target for people, I really doubt that the New Comet Games product is going to have that.
  15. Personally, I'm glad that they are pursuing a supplement that features a combination of two beloved genres.
  16. I contacted Spence via PM and gave him my opinion a few days ago. But, he didn't like my opinion and proceeded to badger me. I guess that translates to "no one has an opinion." 😐
  17. Page 405 Keeper rulebook: "(i) - Indicates a weapon category or specific weapon which can impale." The entire category is marked!
  18. Purchased in PDF. Now purchased in Print. Spectacular scenario. I recommend it.
  19. Would Six Seasons in Sartar be a good read for new players to understand cultural interactions in Glorantha and the basic logic/execution of Heroquesting?
  20. Yes, this. An important clarification! Big difference between a reprint and a 7E conversation with updated layout, art, etc...
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