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  1. This one contains campaign spoilers for both Shadows over Stillwater (major) AND Two-Headed Serpent (minor). Watch me be needlessly reckless with the utility knife! Enjoy!
  2. Hey folks, I'll be visiting a friend in Vegas in mid July and I'm looking for shops that are good for old and new RPG stock. Call of Cthulhu is my main game but I am also interested in shops with strong variety and curiosities. Any recommendations?
  3. Coupon received and book ordered! Check your inboxes!
  4. Mark Morrison's afterword is a very pleasant addition to the scenario!
  5. We rescheduled for June 22nd and we have Call of Cthulhu on the 29th, so I'm using the extra time to get some wicked planning done for that game. Library ship on the seas of the Dreamlands that will encounter a dream variant of the Mary Celeste!
  6. If you find someone with Rune magic that can cure any type of migraine, you will be swimming in L.
  7. Update: Well, the sad news is that we had to cancel due to multiple migraines of participants. But we have rescheduled for June 22.
  8. Sorry, you're right, I was unclear. How does a healing potion work? It just heals whatever number of points it is rated at and applies to any location? Edit @Joerg got it! Thanks! And just to be sure I understand: Arm has lost three HP. First aid applied to arm and heals five. Arm increases by only three. Total hit points increases by only three?
  9. My first game in six hours! While I was reviewing the basic rules last night, I surprised myself to find that I didn't quite understand healing as well as I thought I did. I think part of it may be that I am reading the text as every single word mattering, and maybe it doesn't. Question 1: Do healing sources heal BOTH location hit points AND total hit points? The Heal Rune spell specifies that it heals at a location AND total hit points. But the Spirit Magic Heal does not. Does this deliberately imply that Rune Heal is more powerful because it ALSO heals total hit points? The example on page 149 describes how Sorala heals 5 hit points to her arm but only 3 are applied since she only lost three in that location. Does she recover 3 hit points to her total hit points as well? Question 2: If Spirit Magic only heals location hit points, how does one go about healing total hit points besides a Rune spell or First Aid/Natural healing? Question 3: I've heard people reference healing potions and they appear on one of the QuickStart characters. The box on p150 RRIG references healing potions, but a search of the index shows no entry under "Healing Potion" or "Potion" or "Craft" for the ability to craft potions. Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Thank you Crel and Bill for giving examples of how to make it come alive!
  11. Thanks for the update Michael! Really looking forward to Shadows. It has a lot of great material that could be used in any era, IMO, in addition to DDT.
  12. Not quite what I'm asking. I'll clarify. Is the level of detail of mentioning the Dragonrise doing more to risk overwhelming at a starter table than just jumping right into an adventure?
  13. Do all of the Starter adventures take place after the Dragonrise? I'm going to use the opening text from Broken Tower "introducing" Glorantha to my players, even though I will be running Cattle Raid. Is it even worth mentioning the Dragonrise on the first adventure or is that too much information early on? This is NOT an invitation for you to muse about your favorite nuances of Glorantha lore. I am asking a practical GMing question. 😜
  14. Usually four to six months after the PDF depending upon timing and shipping. For example, Shadows over Stillwater PDF was released in January and we should get the hardcopy in June, at most recent estimates. Of course, there could be unforeseen delays that could mean later.
  15. Plus the added bonus of having to chase them under dire circumstances. It just makes sense. So many opportunities for varied conflict. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  16. Honestly, I don't know what any of that means. There is no Idrima in Cattle Raid?
  17. Do you think the intent behind giving him the Multimissile matrix is to compensate for that? I'm most concerned with my players getting an accurate impression of the flavor, and having fun. I'm certain whoever chooses Nathem will have a blast.
  18. I noticed this for several characaters, but I'm not sure how they'd use it? What do you use Spirit Combat for? The rulebook in the Skills entry says: "Spirit Combat covers contests of psychic energy, such as when a spirit tries to possess (or intrude into) a corporeal body, or a shaman tries to bind a spirit, or when two magicians enter a trance, discorporate, and do magical battle." And the Spirits chapter says: "Spirit combat may be initiated only by a discorporate being. A normal corporeal being may not initiate spirit combat. A shaman wishing to engage in spirit combat must first discorporate to begin spirit combat." Nobody in Cattle Raid seems to have any options for summoning a spirit. Is there some obvious way to engage in Spirit Combat that would be relevant in Cattle Raid?
  19. Do you think it would be wise to pre-mark their character sheet with the Rune that each weapon/spell is associated with so that they have some pre-hints for Runic Inspiration, or is that stealing autonomy too much? Or print pages 48-49 of the core book? I know my group and I feel like if they aren't told options they won't take them.
  20. Ok, that is pretty easy to play.
  21. Some general questions about some pre-gens for GMing my first session. I’ll be running Cattle Raid. My group of five will be: Harmast, Yanioth, Vasana, Vostor, and Nathem. I am jettisoning Sorala and Vishi Dunn as options cuz Sorcery. My perception of what everyone is good at: Harmast: Sword plus utility spells, plus you get to ride a Zebra as a vanity mount. Bargain skill strength. Yanioth: Priestess Magic user that can summon and control a Medium Earth Elemental. (Not sure why they tease the Large one? Bait a player into spending three of four Rune points on a big one and then not being able to have two points left to control it? Seems like kind of a snide way to tease/"gotcha" a new player.) Orate skill strength. Vasana: Good general combatant, can charge with her Bison (with a capital B). Battle skill strength. Voster: Diverse combat skills (weapon and spirit magic) plus small fire elemental. Battle and Scan skill strength. (I noticed he has entries for both Medium and Large shields. Does that mean he carries both at the same time? Obviously he can only use one at a time.) Nathem: Clear scout with kitty cat, plus tricked out magic bow. Lots of scout-y skills. Lots of utility Spirit Magic. What else did I miss about what each character is good at?
  22. I think the final judgment is that, if we are talking about RQ3, you nailed it. If we are talking about RQG, you boned it. But hey, you tried really hard and I'm no worse off. 😜
  23. Bill, we have confirmed that you are not crazy! Thanks @EpicureanDM. I will print that guide to have handy, but will avoid showing it to my players if at all possible, lest they run for the hills. I think I have the basics. I'm still a bit confused about "Engaged," but I'll do some reading on that. I mean, I get the general concept and comparison to AOO, but not sure I understand yet when it applies in this game. I'm a bit worried about introducing my players to too much too quickly.
  24. I see, and that makes sense. You draw your sword as you walk 12 meters. Rather than paying 4 MOV + 5 Ready = 9, you just pay 5 because you are doing those two things simultaneously, correct?
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