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  1. I'm a scientist, and a Christian, and I've never gone to either group to explain to them the error of their ways. If you are making a faith argument, I have no problem with that whatsoever. You asked what seemed like a direct scientific question. And I gave you a scientific answer. If you didn't want a scientific answer, that is perfectly ok. Just so we're clear...I'm not saying that a scientific answer to the Big Bang is the only viable answer. Faith answers exist as well. You framed your question/humor in a scientific manner. So I responded in kind. Methinks you're making some assumptio
  2. You seemed to be asking a serious question, and you got a serious answer. Which, if you've studied Physics longer than I've been born, you should know the answer to that question. If your goal was to bring it up in a humorous light, there isn't much in your message that seems to indicate that humor. You used the "surprised" emoji. Which would tend to indicate that you have a more serious take? Whatever, dude. You asked if the Big Bang violates the Laws of Conservation. It doesn't. I don't know how you wanted people to respond to that, whether a serious or humorous question... I'm interest
  3. I expect that this is the case as well. It is important for people to continue questioning and to be skeptical. The style of science education that teaches people that science is about memorizing answers is doing them a disservice. Science is a system of questioning. But it also has rules that define the parameters for fairness for that questioning.
  4. I teach physics. The conservation laws apply to the Universe as we observe it now. Not as it was before or at the moment of the Big Bang. We don't know what existed before the Big Bang. The microwave background radiation that we measure shows an origin point of the Universe, and it reveals a very rapid change of a radiation-dominated Universe to a matter-dominated Universe. At no point during that transition were matter and energy not conserved. Light effectively collides in a very dense state, slows down, and becomes the first sub atomic particles, which organize into the first hydrogen and h
  5. I'm not a Brexit expert, but I recall UK Backers refuting this claim when it was made. Of course, opinions will vary on hot button issues.
  6. Both you and groovyclam have made some good points. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be paid. My impression has been that when gamers start a supplement Kickstarter, they often factor in labor and physical material cost to the price of the book. Regardless, I think there are problems when someone says that they don't have the capital to produce the physical copies of a book that a Kickstarter supposedly paid for.
  7. What I've learned over the last 24 hours is that there is a difference of assumption between some Backers (myself included) and Stephanie. Stephanie has used funds from Kickstarters to fund operational costs for her business. We now know that for certain. Backers have been under the assumption that when you Back a project, that money will be used for THAT project exclusively, to make sure it gets done. No where in any of the SF Kickstarters does it say "funds will be used to keep SF going," and had we known that in advance, some of us never would have Backed. That is where some of us perceive
  8. I think it is important for people here to understand what the current situation is with Stygian Fox Kickstarters. They've had a rocky last seven months, and things didn't really get any better today. The good news is that New Tales of The Miskatonic Valley 2nd Ed. is out in PDF. The bad news is that, in the most recent update (#53), Stephanie admitted that Stygian Fox does not have the funds to pay for physical books to send out to Backers for this Kickstarter, and that they will be using revenue from releasing the PDF on Drivethru and from Bundles of Holding to ship the books a mon
  9. Great to hear you having fun together!
  10. My answer to this is always the same. The Keeper makes a judgment call that places both MGF before RAW, and mutual communication with players above isolated Keeper decisions. In this particular instance, I would weigh the other factors of the game and decide whether it "feels fair" for a player to be "double dinged" under the circumstances. Heck, maybe the best thing is to ASK the player, OOC, what they think should happen under the circumstances. Making decisions like this is less about what the "right" call is for the Keeper to make and more about what the best call is, in consultation
  11. I've always played it as they get a telegram and start off on the next available travel day. Solo adventures need to be a little flexible with the rules. I do find that AAtD does leave out some key "what if this happens" guidelines. Don't shy away from taking on the role of Keeper and crafting whatever story you deem interesting. Alone Against the Dark is REALLY hard and I found my experience to be a lot more enjoyable by fudging the rules every so often when it suited me.
  12. And just so I'm clear T.R., these are really minor things in my mind. But it doesn't mean we can't strive to improve! Thanks for leading them in this endeavor!
  13. It actually happens more than once. Page 25 too. The only reason it bothered me is because I printed black and white and the sidebar's color was indistinguishable from the main body text in black and white. Sidebars just need a bit more contrast with the page.
  14. Review: Refractions of Glasston for Call of Cthulhu When I first heard of a group of college students working with faculty and Chaosium mentors to write a scenario I was simultaneously hopeful and skeptical. On one hand, anyone who has played role-playing games for an extended period of time knows that writing content for a wide audience for a game is challenging. My head spins a bit when I think about taking quality writing and needing to support it with art, handouts, editing and layout that makes for a truly professional-looking package. That isn’t easy. On the other hand, Miska
  15. You don't need to appease me. Keepers can do whatever they like. Your package links personal belief system directly with a professional perspective. I'm not saying they're mutually exclusive. But, I also read emotional contempt for science in your comments. The most important part of our exchange here is that Keepers consider options.
  16. To be fair, that's exactly what you did to me. My time spent in a relevant field doesn't seem to matter to you.
  17. Ok, you and I aren't going to agree on this one. I think your perceptions are influenced by widely-held stereotypes. Shame. Are you a scientist?
  18. As a scientist myself, the one thing that bothers me about the Science rules is that they pretend like the sciences are not interconnected. For example, the suggestion that an engineer knows nothing about Physics if you don't put points in it, or that a Bioligist would know nothing about Chemistry or Geology is just ludicrous. So, what I do is that if you put points in a primary, you get half those points in a secondary automatically. For example, someone who puts 60 points into engineering is going to get an automatic 30 points to put into physics. I also think that there is this odd as
  19. I'll be posting my review sometime this week! Been doing a deep read of the scenario while on vacation. #morningcoffee
  20. @Nasty_Mi-Go (CJ Leung) just posted a new video. It is, in my opinion, a tour de force of quality Keeping advice/philosophy. It is my personal favorite video that he has done. Check it out:
  21. Nearly the entire filmography of John Carpenter. Many (myself included) consider The Thing (1982) to be the the most well produced and executed Lovecraftian film. I also wholeheartedly recommend the other two in Carpenter's Apocalypse trilogy: Prince of Darkness and In The Mouth of Madness.
  22. To be fair, I get a "database error" when I try to access sixtystonepress.co.uk.
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