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  1. azrooh

    Favorite Heroquests

    They're Sartarites currently based in Dorastor. The two Orlanth worshipers will probably take the 'lead roles,' a god-talker of Thunderous and a weaponthane of Allfather. The other three worship Elmal, Humakt, and Kolat. King of Sartar has a whole bunch of myths that could be run as heroquests.
  2. azrooh

    Favorite Heroquests

    My party's going to be participating in their first heroquest soon, during a One Day celebration. I've got to decide which one (or two) they'll go through. Which are your favorites? How did they go when you ran/participated in them?
  3. azrooh

    Money in Orlanthi Society

    Specifically in rural areas. I figure in most pre-modern rural areas exchange would be handled on an informal system of credit ('I'll scratch your back now, but expect me to ask you to scratch mine later'), but then most pre-modern rural areas don't have a god of commerce - much less a god of commerce that holds weekly markets. How do you handle this in your Glorantha?
  4. azrooh

    Dorastor Campaign

    I appreciate the input, soltakss. Lots of great ideas there, and your website's a fantastic resource! Darius, the sociopath angle is very interesting. Ralzakark should be a master at this sort of manipulation and I think I'll have a lot of fun integrating it into the campaign.
  5. azrooh

    Dorastor Campaign

    Thanks for the responses! My players are pretty set on Orlanthi culture, and a couple even have favorite cults they'd like to play picked out. I do want to run a Lunar campaign with them eventually though. Right now my thought is to involve the players, whether directly or indirectly, in some sort of struggle between the various aspects of Ralzakark. Maybe the scorpion-arm aspect thinks the unicorn-head aspect is becoming too impure (i.e. orderly) and orchestrates a coup, maybe one aspect wants to seize whatever's in the Cleft of Dorasta while the other thinks it's a bad idea, maybe the human-like aspect wants to manipulate the PCs into turning the other aspects against each other... lots of options. My question now is - if it came down to it, would a follower of a storm tribe cult (assuming no Uroxi) support the 'orderly chaos' of the unicorn-head aspect over the 'chaotic chaos' of the scorpion-arm aspect? Assuming they were forced to choose one or die, would the 'typical' storm tribe cultist prefer death or would they be open to adopting a 'lesser of two evils' rationale? What sorts of situations would force their hand when it comes to supporting something as evil as Ralzakark?
  6. azrooh

    Dorastor Campaign

    I'll be running a Dorastor campaign in a month or two with a group of players very new to Glorantha. Has anyone here run a campaign in Dorastor? What was your experience like? Do you have any advice for others planning to run games in Dorastor? My group wants a focus on the 'chaotic horror' aspect so I don't think they'd be interested in the Risklands campaign as written. How did you tie all the various factions in Dorastor together? What was Ralzakark's end game? What was in the Cleft of Dorasta? How did you play up tensions between the Exiles and the Bilini? What were some 'less obvious' plot hooks you centered adventures around?