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  1. Minor typo; page 28, 2.9.2, if the resistance you used in the contest, should be ability maybe.
  2. Hi, not sure if you are looking for feedback or not here. My first stumbling block was section, third paragraph, second and third sentence. That just left me hanging, I really felt like it needed to continue the example to show what the story obstacle might be, to then hightlight why the evasion is not the obstacle. I am probably missing something.
  3. I was mainly worried about being consistent in my rulings and mechanics, from one scene to the next.
  4. Hey, I did think to look in my copy of Hero’s Book - Heroquest. Page 23 does list percentage penalties, that could work. Now I just need to find some info that another poster sent me concerning default resistance values. I don't seem to have that info on my gaming tablet. It was something like - average person had 16, guardsman was ...
  5. Hi, I don't have the Russian Book. If I understand it correctly, and run a series of Simple Contest. At the end of each roll, the outcome gives a wound level to the defeated. Do you keep stacking these wound levels? And do you give the victor the Benefits of Victory? How do you treat injuries at the end, if a person has a heap of -3 wounds (assuming the above is correct)? Or do you lump them together as more serious. Or any other advice on how the numbers work with this sort of mechanic. Or a personal level, I never understood when you have a fluid difficulty level, an
  6. It only made a difference if there was some reason for doing it like that - the display on the chart. It was a simple and innocent beginner question, but your tone has made me feel suitably chastised, so well done. I was only looking to see if there was a reason for it. I was only reading the QuickStart rules, and was thinking, maybe the full rules had some ruling like; you can’t critical if you have a certain injury level or some other relevant impediment to a ability roll. Moving around and stepping over the mess.
  7. Maybe not clear enough. I understand the difference in system description. But why does the table not list these numbers as per my example. On the chart. Why show the overlap in numbers between the different results.
  8. Sorry, very noob question. Why does the listed ranges for results not take into account the surrounding result range. Ability 50, Critical on a 1-3, Special 4-10.... Why does it show 1-10 for special? Are there times when a critical is not possible.
  9. With my Symbaroum hack, I went with no HP’s. Not sure if it was the best call, after reading some threads here. But I was going for the gritty vibe.
  10. My biggest problem, and I don’t know why I never expressed this before, except I did not want to appear to stupid or whiny, and this is after reading many threads and posting myself in oblique terms. My problem, as a beginner to the system, was the framing. ‘Player states outcome and ref states outcome if player looses’. Now in a life and death struggle, the way I read that was on a defeat, the player could die if that was my failure outcome; eg - player kills enemy or enemy kills player. And then how do you read those success and defeat levels, as the system has this Consequences of Defe
  11. This assignment of success or defeat levels is one of the major hurdles for me as a beginner. How to narrate the outcome. I have noticed that many of the fine people who answer nooby questions here with examples, don’t seem to go that little bit further and show the possible outcomes. The ‘yes but’, and ‘yes and’ qualifiers seem to indicate that a Minor victory is the default base line, but the original rules are no so helpful in expressing this - if I recall correctly.
  12. No, once I have set the scene and a map is on the table, I generally don’t need to refer to the text. Stat blokes imbedded in text are ok if you are selling a produced that a ref is reading, but not if running a game. They distract and muddle the content. I think the gaming industry should present gaming modules for play not collectors books to read. Stat blokes imbedded in text, just mean I have to cut and paste to get them all in one place. This is not so easy on a iPad, as it does not copy stat blokes without mucking up the layout. So then I have to use a computer. Myself, I don’t have a ho
  13. Chime in on the formatting with stat blokes in the text. The Conan 2d20 suffers badly from this, and you have to constantly page flip and then some of the stat blokes are not even on the same page. Back of the book, all in one would be so much cleaner.
  14. Hi, not the right thread, but I don’t think it needs another. Is The Rattling Wind part of this? It mentions The Pegasus Plateau, was there a name change or is that another product? Thanks
  15. This talk of the meta plot; where do you find these future event nuggets. For example, I would not like to start playing and then read about some plot event that I had missed that could have been really good. Windstop and other events named for example. Not saying I would feel constrained to use them, but handy to get a feel for possible events without player intervention. Are they buried in different books, or collected somewhere? Thanks
  16. Weekly Symbaroum game, although I did start reading the new Runequest rules book when I learned about this exercise and thought it could be fun to do something in Glorantha and then I saw the pre-made PC’. My head started to swim looking at all those stats and abilities and powers. My enthusiasm waned at the learning curve.
  17. I introduced this last week at the table after the great insights here and my players face lit up. He started looking over his characters (he has 3 - fighter, thief and wizard, he plays whichever is core to a scene but mostly the wizard - remember it’s Symbaroum), to see what could be evolved.
  18. Thanks all, I needed the last suggestion to really fix my understanding. Clear consice, what a great forum...
  19. So, a secret identity ability. That is no longer relevant.
  20. What happens in HQ when an ability becomes obsolete? What can a player do with the points invested? thanks.
  21. Yea, the Tekumel Foundation seems to keep it tight.
  22. Thanks. My purchase is from the mother ship so to speak. But I don't know what changes to look for so maybe its as BWP says - it is the latest version just missing the annotation to show it. Where do I find RuneFixes please?
  23. When is the main rule book PDF going to be updated? I saw a physical book that was 2nd printing with a version number something like 1.02 My PDF download from the store still comes in as First Printing
  24. It’s the wording with the implied effect I was thinking about. Are you showing the chance of scoring such a hit by rating? Sorry high school drop out here! A starting character with 20 for example in a ability is -6’d and the term Impaired. So now they have dropped to 14 ability. A veteran with 2M2 (42) is ‘impaired with -6’ and 16M, does not have the same percentages impact and terminology wise does not sound the same. Roughly they should be suffering a -11 or -12 to get the feel of impaired. Just spit balling.
  25. The systems default values don’t change. Is this odd? A starting character is going to feel Impaired a lot more than a veteran. With our recent combat at the climax of a adventure with only starting level characters (as I have been holding off rewarding XP waiting on the SRD and what it may have clarified), a player was -6’d early on and this became a big deal. But if they were more experienced maybe not so much. Would it not be better to have some floating amount of Consequences. Just as Base Value Difficulty is supposed to increase with session time (again waiting on the
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