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  1. David, your post reads like you are rolling against the difficulty number. I thought the gm rolls against the difficulty and the 2 outcomes cross-referenced? But if that is the case what was the success level outcome of the gm's roll?
  2. I hope there is some examples of Flaws. I dont think I am doing them right. I got the impression that they are the Resistance or Difficulty rating against witch the player is rolling a suitable ability. Is that correct? Or They are an abiluty like any other and the gm still sets a difficulty level to roll against?
  3. Major yes to the examples and not the short story stuff in HQG. But multiple examples and then some more. I have playtested a few board games and war games etc and the one problem between the developer who is imbedded in the system and knows what he is reading without really reading it and a noob trying to interpret what is going on.
  4. So I could go with the idea that even with a player defeat, I can still rule it’s a victory but just not the sort of outcome the players may have had at the start. Maybe some important gear is damaged in the melee etc. Need to come up with interesting complications.
  5. My confusion came from page 58 of HQG that states the GM also Frames the outcome - secretly. I have seen other advise by veterans of the system that does not match the as written rules. Which is fine but leads to confusion when you read threads that don’t match the text. So in my original post and following that rule; the ghoul - me - thinks that eating the players is a good outcome. But still no one as really answered my question about what happens if the ghoul wins the extended competition. Is it a total party kill. The advice seems to be no, you twist it narratively to the story t
  6. I always liked the Harn system for skills, development and rolls.
  7. A visual ‘how to play’ recording would be brilliant.
  8. Sorry for the thread derail, but with so many vets on hand it’s great. So my problem with all this and I am very much a novice. So I will try to explain in short hand so as not to write a thesis. When you read all these threads for this system and the system its self leads to confusion. We have system that as written and as I mentioned before delivered a consequence of defeat at odds with the desire of the players, so the advice is to just give them the outcome to greater or lesser extent, that was the frame, but what if the tables are turned and this happened to 2 of the 3 play
  9. We just did our fist EC and it seemed to be a total balls up. 3 players v's a ghoul. In the end only one player left standing and if I did it correct with the point score difference between him and the monster the monster only came out with a Hurt condition. The Frame was to defeat the thing, so now I am really confused as to how/when/why to use a EC. Probably operator error, but much confusion. What is the point of the 'Frame the outcome' if the system then gives a different result.
  10. No expert, we have not got past simple contests yet. But for longer exchanges if Corvantir your players want to wearing down feel, but you don’t want bookwork, could a morale or momentum modifier work. It’s only temporary and will be lost or gained as the exchange plays out.
  11. Has anyone experimented with more injury levels? It just seems by dice rolls to go from hurt to really messed up quickly. Maybe its not possible with the resolution levels as is. Regards Allan
  12. And we don’t use Hero Points in our game, so I suppose 2-3 XP would work.
  13. FYI; our corruption house rule. With minimal play testing and even less grasp of the rules. Base corruption is set a 6. As a flaw it’s been set to copy his heightens ability score after char gen mods. Can’t remember what that is. At this stage we are thinking the flaw is static, so as he gets better at magic his corruption will get less. Rolled by me the ref against the players magic occupation keyword. Using the resolution points as a +/- from the roll. ‘So if the player gets a success to my failure that reduces the base to 4 and this is added to his current corruption.
  14. Ok, thanks. Just leave the dice as rolled.
  15. How do I rule on this situation. Success but the ref. Failure by the player, bumped up by mastery, to a success. How do a work out highest dice roll on a tie with the degree of success/failure, from a bump up/down? Thanks
  16. My HQG journey only started 18 months ago. That was also my introduction to Glorantha. Not really understanding the setting from HQG, especially the magic and creatures - powers of both. I thought I would have to delve into Runequest and along came the latest version. So I dived in and then started seeing masses of errata clarifications all over the place, so a few voices started calling for a official thread in one place and that was like pulling teeth. I don't understand a publisher who knows there is going to be errata, not starting an official thread day 2 after release, instead we all had
  17. I thought about that but figured this SRD thinky is effectively HQ3.5
  18. Just an FYI and may have been covered already. @Ian Cooper pg 74 HQG, part 3, confused my from my first read until today, so a long time... That section mentions 2 lasting consequences determined etc. I then tried to make sense of the bits that followed like parting shot, and thought I was so dumb that I could not match up the part 3 with parting shots and asymmetrical exchanges. And now I know it was the publisher doing a poor job of cut and paste, thanks to HQ2. Please fix this and either marry the text up or put a page reference to page 82!
  19. How dare you, come in here with your zombie boots and muddy up the place. Take your ravenous rpg hunger elsewhere mister... Bloody barbarians!
  20. Thanks for all the help, we brainstormed a possible system for the corruption and just need to see how it works. My follow up question is about flaws. Is the value as suggested on page 47, after char gen and all points have been spent? All contests in HQ are rolled against a difficulty/resistance, so what ability do you use if there is no obvious one. Compulsive for example or blindness? There are no attributes to roll against. I really wish the HQ book line had more examples throughout, its a real turnoff having to interpret even what sound like basic rules. Please ple
  21. This week we had a tie on a failure - failure roll. Seemed odd that the higher roll still wins. Is that correct?
  22. Thanks everyone, gaming tomorrow, when we will port over the other 2 characters and work out the corruption. Looking forward to using HQ and keen to see the new version.
  23. Thanks. How does it increase? Is that a mechanic in the Flaw system? Sorry very new to HQ, with only a one session one off played a year ago and then we shelved it as I tried to digest Glorantha and felt I had to digest Runequest and whilted. Maybe if I could be so bold; a working example of a creeping corruption from every spell cast. That eventually overwhelms and turn you into a abomination. My player loves playing spell casters and I need to get over this speed bump as fast as possible, incidentally one of the reasons I felt I had to play Glorantha with RQ first to understand the magi
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