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  1. Thanks for all the input!
  2. Hello, was wondering if Cthulhu Dark Ages and Cthulhu Thru the Ages would provide some Cthulhuian goodness to Magic World? Want to try Magic World and have a fantasy based Call of Cthulhu game. Thanks. Mike
  3. Thanks David!! I have PDF's just re read Page 17 😀, Im going to pick up the Slipcase hopefully next week.
  4. Newbie to RQG, was wondering if I could go a sword and sorcery route? Im re-reading Howard's Conan books and was wondering if that kind off the mark for this setting? Thnanks. Mike
  5. This looks great! Will definitely give it a try. Thanks. Mike
  6. Would this be good source material for a sword and sorcery setting? Thanks. Mike
  7. rustorod


    Nice! Thank you for posting.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'll probably get the PDF of AA for points mentioned. There were a few older COC supplements I was looking at down the road, but will wait till Im more comfortable with the game. Thanks. Mike
  9. Hello, I was going to pick up Pulp Cthulhu and was wondering if Astounding Adventures would also be a nice supplement to have too. I'm a COC newbie and picked up the 7th Edition rules. Thanks. Mike
  10. Thanks I'll take a look at Enlightened Magic. Mike
  11. Hello, I was wondering if I purchased Advanced Sorcery then would purchasing the Magic Book be redundant? Thanks. Mike
  12. Thanks Rod you answered it. I just wanted to be to run old school characters. I have a much stronger D&D and AD&D background, very light with RQ/BRP systems (minus a few session of Stormbringer in the past). I like using the old TSR modules, had a good time with Keep on the Border lands with CF. Thanks. Mike
  13. I just wanted to say that I am very pleased with CF and Rod's support has been great. The Yahoo group has spawned lots of content for CF and Rod was even took time to write me up some creature conversions for my Keep on the Borderlands night. Thanks Rod, I'm an avid old school role player and still play first edition and advanced D&D. I love dungeon crawls and old TSR modules. This product has allowed to reintroduce old school adventures to my kids and introduced me to BRP/RQ. Thanks again for your efforts Rod. Mike
  14. I'm getting ready to run a small adventure with my daughters and a couple of their friends. I was wondering if the characters from Classic Fantasy would be an option for them to choose from as a profession, along with the one detailed in RQ6? We will be running around The Known World "Mystarra", and eventually going through a few of my classic AD&D and D&D modules. I'm relatively new to RQ/BRP, I've played Stormbringer a few times in the past. I'm just wondering if it conflict with the mechanics of RQ or the CF characters would be a bit more advanced than the RQ characters? Thanks. Mike
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